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  1. What custom folder do I put it in? It normally just saves under documents, I tried making a custom folder for it with it ending in .map but I still cant find it in standard in the map list?
  2. I made a couple maps for Yuris Revenge with Final Alert. Yet I can never find it in the map list when I host a game? How do I get this to work??? Appreciate any help, I dragged the map I made under this mine your business.yrm
  3. I made a map for yuris revenge with the Final Alert program. How do I play it online with people? I can never find it in the list of maps whenever i play a game?
  4. Jake007

    I need help !

    I’m trying to download the file I need to play yuris revenge. It’ll get to the very end of the file download and fail giving me this message saying the installer failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) and just tells me to hit ok to terminate. Can anyone help ???
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