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  1. Hi y'all, I would like to ask if there is any way I can host another lobby server, as well as the current one located in Europe. The reason why I would like to do this is that my friends in China are constantly complaining about the connection to CnCNet Lobby. They like CnCNet but it is really frustrating for them to connect to the lobby every time. The connection often fails. I wanted to help them by hosting a standalone lobby server in China so that they can have a better multiplayer experience. I also believe this benefits lots of other Chinese C&C fans as well. Thanks for any suggestion or idea!
  2. [CN] BUPTRA's Server www.buptra.net v2 0 / 50 Owner please contact CnCNet Yes I restarted but looks like it still doesn't work.
  3. Hi all, does anyone know what I should do to remove "Owner please contact CnCNet" from that web page? This is the first time I saw this status at my server. My server worked well before. Thanks for any help!
  4. Greetings commanders! I am a big fan of YR. Very recently I realized CnCNet ladder implements some really cool features I want. For example, https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/11-2019/yr/games/111800, this is a typical ladder game stats page that shows which type and how many units/buildings bought/killed/left in a game. I was wondering how all these statistics were acquired technically. The reason I want these data is that I need to do the same thing. I'd like to develop a game bot for YR, but I find it difficult getting in-game data at runtime. Last time I had to do pure image processing and recognition, which is ineffective(You can see how badly it performs at https://www.bilibili.com/video/av23553421) Please let me know if anybody has an idea about how I should get these data. Appreciate it! Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I'd like to host a v3 server but the pinned post is of v2. Could anyone please tell me how I can host a v3 server for YR? Thank you!
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