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  1. I cant login to ladder page to choice a log for the month? is it down?
  2. There is a huge unbalanced between gdi and nod, and the vet patches aims and hits correct fixing this. (Original game developer, said they never finished the game and for instance tick armor upgrade is great, since tick was never meant to be as weak as it is) Vet maps also distributes tib pretty even and fair on maps, so one player wont have more benifite econ wise compared to the other. (origianl game developer, said they often just toss around tib, measuring eye wise, and never did think to make it fair, which is a mistake from their side). This new cnc ladder with random selected teams and player you face, is fair, and so is the vet fixes and maps. Anyone who claims otherwise, do not know what they are talking about. I have seen no valid reasons not to like vet fixes and maps. As for winning the pc corpsmakr, you won by 6 points vs me, and i waited 1½ hour for a game and didnt get one. (unlucky on final day) Also you farmed some newb 10x in row for pts, where i actually played different players, i would never play 1 rubish player 3min games just for points. Then again thats the difference between me and you.
  3. I think fire plays fine on WW, his gameplay reflects his giant style. Tiger tends to beat him alot and he is not a modder. Just an example. The issue with giants is the majority is "2nd class players", and therefore fire will excell there. He basically only face them, I cant think of a good modder except fire, but i think fire has decent ww skills, ive played alot of 2v2 with him vs ww players, and his gameplay is not top level but its decent enough to compete and play with WW players. The main problem with giant players / modders is they will never really learn how to play tiberian sun on WW maps, due to the fact they are dependent on fast harvs, cheaper units, modified units, maps etc. Where a WW player knows how to use the units correctly, build without having fast harvs etc. and will therefore have better gameplay then a modder, in general. A modder wont control harvs, watch the econ etc but most likely spawn units. A ww player will control harvs, watch econ, beware of what he builds and spawning units anyone can do. But thats just my personal opinion. Tiger, tropper, me can handle any mod maps and rarely lose on them. (1v1, not taking 4v4 into consideration as teamplay tend to lack in giants games)
  4. Modders have no chance vs WW players, once the ww players figger the maps out. I dont even play mod maps, and have no issues owning other players on mod maps, if i have tried the map just once...... Mod maps shouldnt be in the ranked tournement anyway. It does not reflect the game as it was meant to be played. And yes you can add hotfixes to maps and units to balance it (especially when you got original developers backing you up), like cc accuracy (doesnt miss as often). Thats why VET is viable for tournement ranked games. But you cant adjust units like getting faster harvesters, cyborgs shooting emps, and other rubish. As not for playing vet, with no valid reason and wanting giants in, i see no logic to this.
  5. PM the original team / people of “vet” work, they have the info you seek. Also most likely they are going to use some of the vet fixes in the remaster.
  6. Wrong. They aren’t suppose to be like that, they just never finished fixing the game, confirmed Westwood source. (for the record a vet tick loses vs a Titan undeployed but it’s a close battle, deployed it has 1 bar left).
  7. These minor buffs, changing tick armor (when bombed only), cc accuracy, would have been implementet, and will be in the new ts remaster. I will laugh my ass out when TS remaster comes with new fixes, using code from vet patch. What then?
  8. Keep vet maps. Keep ladder as it is, ts has been overall slow, changing ladder wont change it. Also you saw how active it was all the previous months since the vet patch came. Also everything Avesta said is on point, no need for me to repeat that. ** Note red alert etc remaster have just been launched, taking some players to that.
  9. Weaponx


    destroy3r been on lately.
  10. Some newb mentioned my name and cheating, lmao. Which was your main log anyway, i dont recall sexbomb 😕 Anyway come online and lets see how well you do
  11. Its good to dream big bro, keep it up
  12. As for the borgs, they are not OP as a unit alone. You do pure borg rush (borg + inf), vs basic inf, they will lose unless you fight on tib. However they can seem OP or very hard if you send a harvbomb with borgs, so its the combo which can be seen as "OP". And i have to say it is a hard combo to defend but its possible, but remember if this attacks fails they player will be behind econwise and with 1 harv less early game. it is the same concept wihout vet borgs, if you send them with a harv bomb, it is hard to kill. Another thing which makes borgs seem OP, if peoples inf control is just bad or lacking.
  13. Shredded, & WeaponX
  14. I see why you always die so easy in 1v1 and 2v2., your logic fails in several aspects. Check the video where toprush comes to me with titans, even if i used rocket inf they would die by the bomber, where do you want to deploy ticks on a hill? You cant. All your brilliant ideas doesn't not change the fact, that west wood wanted to change and fix the ticktank, and therefore the vet armor upgrade when deployed is a fair and valid upgrade. But ill let you in on a secret, i dont need vet to own anyone, i do it all fine without, but i prefer fair game play and hot fixes to nod on the areas where its clearly needed, and should/ would have been fixed at the time but didn't.
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