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  1. borring, BL played the game without an mouse.... HE had a track pad, thats why you killed his disr and he died.. No control what so ever Not even worthy of calling it a game, he might aswell have gone afk as he didnt do anything but die : ? Im pretty sure i got a game where we 2v1 due to 1 afk player, like i said borring
  2. Weaponx

    GDI is OP.

    You are pretty clueless of what the changes effect anyway, you shouldn’t worry.
  3. Weaponx

    GDI is OP.

    Implement VET changes to the entire server. End of story. Its a minor FIX.
  4. Damn man it was a cyber attack, 1 eng was sent into your cy, which caused it. hahaha
  5. Weaponx

    GDI is OP.

    I know, but some players calling the minor vet fixes for OP. I just find it laughable. I still give everyone a beat down, but its getting old the imbalance. A fair game would be more fun 😕
  6. Weaponx

    GDI is OP.

    To who ever thinks nod is OP, clearly lacks knowledge of the game, skill set etc. GDI has all the advantages of offensive and defensive play on basically all maps. 1. Bomber, Rpg, Titan is all you need for a solid defence vs nod. Used and placed correctly and youll stop all eng attacks. 2. Mk + carrier due to speed of carrier and power of MK, they can harv hunt all over the map, and basically unstoppable, only reason a hijacker would get a mk, is if you are not focussed. 3. Expanding as GDI couldn't be easier. Ref, titan, Ref titan and a single sensor, and your set. A sub comes up, you sell the ref, and sub is destroyed due to titans and nod gets nothing out of that attack. You get 1k a harv and place a new ref. Now look at nod expansion? Ref- PP- Sam, and we can keep going on. So each time a ref or 2 is placed you need to make PP and a few sams or youll lose your expand, on top of that you need to make some defensive units for your expand, rockets, bikes, ticks, art a mixture of all. So nod is already behind while expanding, compared to gdi. 4. The Titan, offensive and defensive unit. Best unit In-game. So GDI while expanding, and using titans for defensive, if means they are stacking a huge offensive army aswell as the same time. 5. Higest Tier unit , CC (Req Tech and a ton2 to build) misses targets like moving titans, disrs and harvesters. While the MK(Just req tech to build) always hits, no miss at all. 6. Nod units like ticks, art, etc die to 1 bomber round, 5-7 ticks deployed even. So if you as a gdi player cant beat a nod player, it has nothing to do with nod being OP. The fact ism your gdi skills are lacking. These are the facts. *Final note. Nod goes banshee and most of the time half way true, youll lose banshee to map bug. They get stuck and you cant retrieve them. You notice losing a banshee when there is a hole in the shroud, and a banshee 1500, so if you lose 4-5, think about how many titans enemy making for that cash.
  7. The day you stop your bullshit and toxic lies, we can talk. Wait, no, I don’t waste time with kids like you. That said Apparently you lack the knowledge of law & lawsuits. Perhaps you should look into this instead of playing games, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about lawsuits. I am still for a chat ban on you, due to constant lies, and your toxic personality. I am not the only one. Anyhow you are on ignore, don’t talk to me. this topic is derailed and still on going. Feel free to close it admins.
  8. I think you been taken to much drugs son. I suggest you stop with the lies and grow up. * I don’t mix politics, religions and gaming. I just play the game with all players of all nationalities, races, religions, colours, and have no issues what so ever.
  9. No one cares? Admins delete this useless topic, made by compulsive liar and a toxic person to the game
  10. Can we close this useless topic, about 3rd class toxic player and his homemade rules, which of no one cares about. Clearly it’s gone off the rails and all we hear is his lies, and delusions.
  11. They are not tier1 players, but nice you mention them. Just shows where you skill level really is Win against me? lies upon lies. Never have i lost to you, noor will i. Tiger to strong? Yeah ask the specs who been watching last few days, you just nothing but a delusional retard.
  12. Exactly watch his Chanel, nothing to see there ? He simply plays unskilled players, I haven’t seen one game on TSA where he played vs tigers/ toprush / me etc on high level gaming? Enough said, he ain’t skilled enough to play high level players, stick to the 2nd rate players Mike, that’s where you will stay son. btw. Your favourite player(until he boots you like I did) got massacred last night with watchers, 10-5. (Half games with Gdi half with nod). “The best ever”. Laughable.
  13. Can we get the option just to disable it, or remove it, so hitting space does nothing? I tend to do it now and then as well.
  14. Your right i "threats everyone like an asshole" (Tigerr, Nme, etc), and yet they do "my bidding" and play with me? That made a lot of sense..... lol.
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