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  1. No one cares? Admins delete this useless topic, made by compulsive liar and a toxic person to the game
  2. Can we close this useless topic, about 3rd class toxic player and his homemade rules, which of no one cares about. Clearly it’s gone off the rails and all we hear is his lies, and delusions.
  3. They are not tier1 players, but nice you mention them. Just shows where you skill level really is Win against me? lies upon lies. Never have i lost to you, noor will i. Tiger to strong? Yeah ask the specs who been watching last few days, you just nothing but a delusional retard.
  4. Exactly watch his Chanel, nothing to see there ? He simply plays unskilled players, I haven’t seen one game on TSA where he played vs tigers/ toprush / me etc on high level gaming? Enough said, he ain’t skilled enough to play high level players, stick to the 2nd rate players Mike, that’s where you will stay son. btw. Your favourite player(until he boots you like I did) got massacred last night with watchers, 10-5. (Half games with Gdi half with nod). “The best ever”. Laughable.
  5. Can we get the option just to disable it, or remove it, so hitting space does nothing? I tend to do it now and then as well.
  6. Your right i "threats everyone like an asshole" (Tigerr, Nme, etc), and yet they do "my bidding" and play with me? That made a lot of sense..... lol.
  7. Nme, pence just don't get it, brain damaged i guess. Always making up stories, as usual. Also i said good players, not mediocre players like lost?
  8. I cant stop laughing at your delusions, ive never lost 1 game out of the 1000 ive raped you. Also 2v2 is not 1v1, its funny you need to count that as a win, when its your allie who carries you hard. I mean if you played NME 1v1, youd lose 10/10 games. Fact. "I arent good?" - this statement just proves to people you are full of shit, and delusional. The only ting Tigerr agrees on, is your shit and a waste of time. Ask him? Anyhow, you losing to wonder, makes me laugh so hard. (Just like when DGT raped you and you cried emp hack, Priceless.)
  9. You clearly are a moron? I never run out of players on this half dead game? I play the games I need to play vs real skilled player for pro 2v2s or 1v1. You seem to think you are in that category? I consider you and your skill level a waste of time, and just used to tolerate you in games. You simply aren’t gameplay worthy. Energy, tiger, top, black, nme, cambria, tight. trooper etc that’s gameplay worthy. Games vs you and the likes of you, is just amuse the pet. understand son ? But it’s cute, you think you are good, you just lack perspective to see how carried you get, and have no clue to how play, lacking in all areas, defence, attacks, long games, short game etc. You rely on small maps and Borg rush, which is easy to defeat, but it seems lately even the newbs been raping your Borg rush. That said I’ve never seen a idiot who sells a cy to make 2 extra Borgs in their rush, until I meet you. It’s simply put, idiotic. It does not work vs gd players, unless they go AFK. Anyway. you are not relevant, or skilled. You are just a child , who cries about “bugs. Seek help.
  10. Who cares Mike? You and your "bugs" bullshit is a joke. More or less you are banned from our games, that's what is amusing. Wonder, nice job bro, Good win. wp.
  11. I don't waste time on kids, who are compulsive liars and mentally challenged. Everyone knows he is full of shit, and no where near my class of gameplay, its a fact. No need to prove it.
  12. Bro your delusional and need help. You think your a good player, but your actually pretty shit, its kinda sad. The fact you only can compare me to Tigerr says enough, he plays just as good as me, and we are pretty even, i have a higher win % vs him depending on position, that said, you cant even beat either of, unless we go afk IG. Me and Tigerr have no issues with each other, and play well 2v2s and 1v1s. So i find it hilarious you making up stories about us? Nothing better to do? I don't blame allies, you lose some you win some, and players like tigerr, energy, cambria, red, trooper etc we all know where we fucked up when we lose. I do however, suggest to idiots like you, how to play better. I mean its a 2v2, where you would go 1-2 ref rush and fail, and i have to deal with double inf, slowing me massively, because you lack concept of team play and assist. If i go fast builds i make sure my allies have flamers, bombers, or anything to help counter a double. Don´t try to educate me about gameplay, you aren't close to top tier and your knowledge of TS gameplay is limited, and lacking. If we made a poll right now, asking how many people think your a ; Clueless retard lacking basic ts skills and moaning about bugs, 90% of the player base would agree. No one wants you in their games, trooper, dazireland, tiger, redrum, black corpsmakr, and we can keep going. 1) You lack IQ for basic gameplay 2) You cry to much about made up bugs and 3) You lagg and refuse to remove the malware on your shity pc. ** BTW your an idiot if you think i am a 1map player, look at ranked ladder stats, get your facts straight. << All maps, vet and none vet, gdi and nod, not an issue for me. (It was hilarious you made a topic accusing me of cheating on ladder, it just shows how bad you are). Anyway i am done wasting my time on children like you, and your pointless comments.
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