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  1. Im just going to host VET maps from this point on, Tiger is on ignore for being slightly retarded.
  2. Lmao, asshole. Tiger: Terrace 9/10 Other maps 7/10 Nod 4/10 Crybaby mode 9/10 Ranked performance on ladder 6/10 Winning vs better players with lesser skilled players 5/10. My personal opinion. I never said he wasn't a good player on terrace, but the endless crying about VET maps gets boring, especially when we play gdi v gdi on a fair map like throwback, and he loses. (I only played focussed gdi for a month).
  3. Tigerr as a player, please vote.
  4. Does your Quote have any relevance ?
  5. If you are a 1 map wonder, playing terrace and 1 fraction all the time, and on top of that plays 70% of your games BL (blue tib) in 1v1s, you simply put,. AREN'T SKILLED enough. A good player plays all spots, as for 1v1, more fair 1v1 would be TL vs BR in 1v1, or a map like Throwback. This message is for Tigerr, who claims to be the "best player", which i find laughable. We play vet GDI v GDI (I hardly played gdi until this month). He have no valid reason, not to like vet gdi v gdi especially since, IT makes no difference short game, or in any games we played since i don't get STAR MK (value to get it original 10xkill value, vet 7xkill value) and i don't make ion cannon. All other units remain the same, since none of use wolverines. So as said NO VALID reason to complain about it. That said he also fails to understand VET fixes for NOD. The inf are the same, and subs are exactly the same, nothings changed. Ticks have better armour when getting bombed but only when they are Deployed, so 1 bomber cant kill 7-8 ticks in 1 run, you need 2. This is fair fix. Cyborg commando has better accuracy, so it wont miss as much on moving targets as normal, which is also a fair fix, considering the cost, and buildings to get it. It do not have more firepower, speed, armour or anything else. It just has a better HIT rate. Cyborgs, stealth tanks are a tiny bit better but never used in pro matches, fact. Sadly the German player, who claims to be "the best" seems to lack basic understanding of English, and do not understand this. Can someone translate this into German, so i can avoid the endless crying and moaning from this player. My personal view on tiger, based on gameplay of ladder (I wasn't impressed by his ladder 1v1 skills with over 50% lose rate), 2v2s and 1v1s. He seems to only be able to play terrace and Gdi (which he no doubt is gd at), and fails hard at other maps with horrible excuses. THE GAME ISN'T CALLED TERRACE SUN- Tigerr learn to play other maps, humble, NME etc put a lot of effort into it, and made a large set of fair 2v2 and 1v1 maps.
  6. Sorry, I don't waste time with mentally disabled people.
  7. Who can wreck me exactly you clueless idiot? Read what i wrote, people lie and claim they beat me.
  8. Admin feel free to close and delete this topic.
  9. Its hilarious you got to lie to feel good.
  10. Keep up the lies , it suits you. The topic isnt about me, but you we all know the truth, it’s pointless for you to write anything. That said, your a shit player really, even rami who is more new then you owns you. I didn’t play for 4-5 years at all, get your facts straight or learn to do basic maths? nme saying opposite of you, and I trust him, unlike you, also I have two other witnesses. go cheat some newbs so they think you are good that’s all you good for. Don’t make me laugh kid. That statement just tells me you are delusional and a liar. I know pence he just troll/joke now and then , he also just called you out on yet another lie lol. You lie and can’t admit it. Anyway it’s pointless we all know you are uttter shit and need 50k cash cheat to win,
  11. You must be thick or just have low IQ. I dont care if you created the map or not, thats besides the point. The point is, you joined NME suggested a map for a 1v1 contest game, well knowing there was a 50k cash cheat in it, and didnt tell him of it. You played an entire game as if was normal and the specs and nme was thinking how the hell you had so good econ and so many bombers, it did not add up. = poor sportsmanship, asking for a challenge, where only you benifit from it, because the other player has no clue. As for maps, you can play any shity map you like, but dont expect people to join your games, as they now how "fair" you are. As for tons of other trolls maps, who cares? You dont see nme, me, tiger, ray etc asking for a fair competitive 1v1, using a cheat map. And if there is something like a CASH bonus, we let each other know. I logged off tibsun? I havent been online much lately, just newbs like you online, so its a waste of time. Face the facts: 1) Your a shit player 2) You need to cheat to play with better players 3)Your a liar. 4) I have 2 witnesses who confirm NME´s side of the story 5) Nme never lied to me or other players, you have. And Yes you deflect avoid answering anything valid when asked, bring in nonsense which has nothing to do with topic. I dont really care if you "cheat", you will still be a shit player. At least now players will know, if they join your games, you might "cheat" them, without telling them, and then lie about it.
  12. I did no say you created a map? I said you used a cheat map. This has nothing to do with humble , or what he added to your maps ? ita funny how you deflect from my points above, with something that has nothing what so ever to do with topic. I have 3 people who were IG saying the same thing, maybe We should get them to post here? Xme and nill will confirm what nme said and what I’m saying. Anyhow it doesn’t really matter, I know nme pretty well and he doesn’t lie.
  13. 1) I have witnesses do you? 2) Ive caught you in lies before, nme have never lied to me. 3) what sounds more logical? You join nme game, suggest a map (looks like vet) knowing there is money hack, and want to 1v1 to show ur better. Or your bullshit story? Claim what ever you want, nme plays 10x you, so it makes even more sense you want to cheat to win. Fact.
  14. Its pretty simple, NME didn't know about the "cash buff" trick you did, and you used it in a proper 1v1 to win, without telling him, also you wanted to "prove" you was better. So that's poor sportsmanship, no matter how you turn it. It isnt cheating as the map clearly says "mods might be added", but its sad you need to "cheat" in order to win. So cut the horseshit. N1 noob you rekt hitman? which according to him never happened.... He has great stories y0.
  15. That’s an elite game name hosted, I think it should be hosted for rest of the year ? Fun fact: the statement is true
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