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  1. 3 weeks down, he is back
  2. Well said trz, good points! And its true we all have off days, where we can play so bad, it happens. Steel is a top contender, so is Rich, their game-play has improved a lot over the years. As for you being mid-range i disagree i think your a top player as well. One factor is 1v1 and 2v2, some players are much better at 1v1, while others are made for 2v2. While a select few are great a both.
  3. You are right there is not enough/less players at the moment. But we can still put the current players in brackets, like i did. There is still a current top 10 players. That´s what the topic is about, current top 10, not if you think there should be one or not, who has been in the past, or stopped. Ive made my suggestions of where i placed current players in TIER groups.
  4. There is always top players, even if people stop new people come. That said, the gameplay has changed from 1999 to 2019. Some players have evolved their game play and styles. Dach / kapa might have been good in the past, but doesn't man they can keep up today. And its funny you out of all people talk about the past, because you was none existent in skill level that time. You became decent/gd many years after. Personally i had the best and most competitive games vs kapa and dach, but today its a new time. Kapa was on 4-5 months ago, and he is still decent but not on level with current top players. Anyway the topic says. CURRENT TOP PLAYERS.
  5. Topic is "Current best TS players" and not "Rest of the community"....... You monkey.
  6. Nigga please, You got 1-2 game vs Tiger on random ranked map. id like to see some terrace games. You need to look again ive got toprush, tiger, carnage, ray, corpsmakr etc. You don't? That said, look at my 2v2s compared to yours? Enough said. Besides that, i am not the person claiming top players are "overrated", you are, which i find funny since you rarely play 2v2s or 1v1s with top players. Even your YouTube is proof of that.
  7. Top players overrated? right, cause you know since you play them a lot? ...........lol. No they are not overrated, they are the actual top players, and unfortunately a bit better then you in 2v2 and 1v1. Id like to see some recorded Terrace 1v1s vs Toprush/ Tiger/ Cambria / Humble, but i guess they will never hit your youtube?
  8. Rob is on same level, he might be the better player out of the bunch, but not yet on same level as Tier 1.5. "higher middle class" none of them can really play an official map.
  9. Tier 1 players: Tiger, Toprush, Trz, Humble, Cambria, Energy Tier 1.5 players: Nme, Rich. Greyhonda, Black, Steelcore, Finecigar, Tro0pper Tier 2 Players: Rob, Johnzpro, Wuss Tier 2.5 players: Mox, Lostsouls, Hitman, G, Bud, Emo, Ssgohan, Spyder, Hassan Tier 3 Players: Wonder, Blue, Battlized Inactive good players: Ray, Red, Corps, Dareeta, Carnage, Skylegend, Avan, I0nstorm, = (Tier 1)
  10. Trump: its always Fake news !"
  11. played a game and hit 302 at highest* 258-239 average i think.
  12. Weaponx


    Find 2v2 and lets play tonight 10/9, 22-02 Europe Time.
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