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  1. I still want a GOLD STAR for being rank1! I also vote for 3 months rank1 = Diamond on your login screen.
  2. Why would i want to make a cy, when my opponent can make an silo and ref? He will be ahead econ-wise and ill be behind? That makes no sense. It would be easier to edit the map, so i can expand just as fairly as he can?
  3. Map - Pit Or Plateau Fix this map please, you cant expand from TR without an CY, while BR can expand easy.
  4. 😗 TS has been dead this summer 🙄 And we still like Pineapple on pizza!
  5. The teams should be pretty even, and a "underdog" does not mean your cyborg should miss 3 out of 4 shots on a low level unit like a titan. That make no sense at all. Look at what you have to build to make a cyborg, Tech, temple of nod and the waiting time just to build them. While gdi just have to tech and build an MK. So that´s 2000ton2 + 2000cc = 4000 to build an CC. MK = 3000. The cyborg should just miss less, then it would be pretty balanced.
  6. Corps just whining cause he gets rekt, its normal he rages a lot. The majority of his loses are me owning him, and im ahead in wins like i was the last 2 months. It makes no difference if you play a player on Nick A,B or C, cause you really dont know who you are playing, except the team. It only make difference in points and not by much, i mean if you play a top ranked player and lose 40-50 or an un ranked and lose 55-65. You just like to know who you are playing to bunk with 4 rpgs, bomber on guard and 5 titans + inf. Then people send in 2 harv bombs and you panic and shit blows up, while a sub or 2 reks your base. Ive played you with 3 logs before you start crying in ranked and all of them are top RANKED, so no reason to cry about it.
  7. Nah i demand shit, and making fixes is still TS based, and EA/WESTWOOD would have done it, had they not stopped so early. They fixed Alt, and bug build and V, so why not fix the rest of the things. To less people play NOD because its just to hard, the VET upgrades fixes that a bit.
  8. 3 logs, One for pure nod, one for pure gdi and one for MIX. Elite. One log is just boring, minimum 2 logs should be fun. Especially since its all random maps and players you face. One log for messing with corpsmakr, highlight of the game. He wont make rank 1.
  9. No offense but Zenetursken is a newb, but nod is weaker, that's a fact. The MK carrier combo will always beat CC sub. (MK autoshot instantly without targeting is OP, yet it is seen as "OK", which should be nerfed) CC should simple not miss so much, and the vet aimed to fix that. It should just be implemented in normal ts. As for ticks deployed having a tiny bit more hp then a titan its all fair, it wins deployed (also vet). It loses Un-deployed which is fair, so I don't get gdi players who complain about it, since it has limited range deployed takes time to deploy, meaning it isn't flexible like a Q titan. Deployed it does not get as much damaged bombed, while un-doplyed it gets pummeled. There is basically 4 changes in vet, and players like Tiger and Toprush cant handle this, is just a joke for me. - Ticks upgraded a tiny bit - Cyborg commando miss less. - Cyborgs has a tiny bit more range +1 - Sub takes 2 hits from a mk, 175hp normal in vet 210. its minimal upgrades and the whining from decent/ gd players is a joke. Adapt and play, and these small buffs do not make NOD OP, and should just be implemented in TS general. Not to mention medics are a lot more useful and stronger in vet, yet i do not see nod players whining about this. Make the changes and people should just adjust.
  10. There is still a number of bugs, but if no fixes? then revert ALT, i can use that. Sub dives and can be damaged while moving underground, that´s bullshit. CC is weak and misses way to much for the price, time and buildings required to make it. Where GDI just requires a tech center to make an MK, nod has to make an tech, and tempel of nod, which cost more then an MK combine, and more time to build, yet low price units / 2 titans can kill and CC. Where is the logic in this? Nod has limited units to attack with unlike GDIs titans which works defensive and offensive, thats why the CC has to be buffed and not miss 3/4 shots on a titan which Qs. GDI is simple OP, and thats a fact, so buff up nod a bit.
  11. Is it not time to buff /nerf and fix the game a bit ? Instead of just "vet maps", they should just upgrade the game? Nod is weak, has weak units and weak attacks, take the "vet patch" and apply it to the game, so we dont need "vet maps" and its just a part of the game. Westwood / EA would have done it if they didnt cut tiberian sun off so fast back in the days. I mean you fixed ALT, bugbuild etc, so why not fix the units, and buff NOD for a change.
  12. Can rank1 players get a GOLD star token or something ?
  13. You don't even play black, what concern is it for you lol? I like to have more then 1 log, one for nod, one for gdi and one for both.
  14. I want a 2v2 ladder, that would be fun.
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