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  1. The only one, who is allowed to say Fake News, is the VP ;).
  2. Wow, you did many things as a kid :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.
  3. Hi! I am Mike Pence and i have my own TD/TS channel. You will find many funny noob roasts, but tough and serious TD and TS team, ffa and 1vs1 matches as well. Follow my hungry engineers in TD, how they ate base after base; watch my hungry Arnolds brake one GDI neck after another . Very very rarely, i even upload a Ra1 game (when noone is on on TD and TS). So have fun and watch my Arnolds making breakfest with tasty human soldiers :). Heres my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJxo9nQIbI4&feature=youtu.be
  4. Which are the best strategy games of all time for you? For me: C&C TS (because it has a better campaign than TD; other than that, they are both equally as good) C&C TD Civilization IV (no multiplayer, other than that, equally as good as C&C) Age of Empires (I+II+III) Hearts of Iron II Railroad Tycoon III Stronghold Crusader Empire Earth (I + II) Cossacks (I+II) Warcraft III Port Royale 2 DynastyGeneral Knights of Honor Rome and Medieval Total War Roaler Coaster Tycoon Zeus: Master of Olympus C&C "III" Kanes Wrath (Campaign was beautiful and good, although with some parts of it being a bad story and not as good as the old WW games, didnt play MP) C&C RA I (The Campaign was superb for me as a kid) Tropico 2 + 3 Blitzkrieg Sim City (any TS player knows this game, because anyone, who bunkers, gets called a "Sim City player" xD) The Sedlers III (just a nice beautiful calm game for a kid back then) Anno (1603/1701) (This building simulation was calm and annoying at the same time lol; mostly relaxing and just a great flair ) Capitalism II (Mike Pence has to love that game ) Die Völker (My first game, i was 4 or 5 years old ) Warhammer Heroes of Might and Magic III (Never played it, but saw it on YT: Great game)
  5. Haha thx Holland ;). You trolled me well :P. Grrrr . Will be fun for GSO :D. This unrepairable thing is annoying tho. But i have to live with it :). The Superweapon thing sounds perfect! When the 10 plagues fall from the heaven... xD.
  6. Bro, if you are not willing to do anything substantial, just dont claim to do it. Making it possible on giants is a joke, due to the no-building-past-middle-rule (and the map setting). Instead, you even made them unrepairable. I thought i can rely on you, but thats not the case ;).
  7. Thx for the map! Giants is very fun and hard tho; you should practice it more, Holland (;P) To your mod map: 1) Make Obelisks repairable 2) Nice that you can fly them. 3) Make it possible on, lets say, GSO or Terr. You choose Giants to troll me, because of the building past middle rule ;).
  8. I cant wait for the Obelisk-Deploy Map :D.
  9. I have 20 or 30 nicknames. Because sometimes, Pence is hungry, sometimes hes greedy, sometimes my Arnolds are hungry or greedy, and so on... . Dont take that fun away
  10. Black: If you think a spot is unfair, just change the position. Make a best of X game. If its too unfair to be fun, then make an alternative map, so people can choose. What you feel is too unfair to be fun, others can tolerate. If you think the vet system is unfair, then make how differences got made in RA1 and TD: Let it be optionable. Dont force people to use it. Make your own good, fun, fair maps! Change something on the unit balance, if you want. But dont destroy the original game. Its holy!
  11. 1) If someone uses fake noob name, its a rule braking (he tries to get bonus with it = cheating) and he loses the game instantly. If his opponent is a REAL newbie tho, he doesnt lose (because the noob doesnt suspect him to play a certain way, so it doesnt give a bonus), but its bad etiquette. 2) The current system is good. Let the players use the names, they want. And identification sounds so much like a sowjet police state, we dont need that. 3) Black: Whoever faces you, gets butchered. Very, very rare exceptions .
  12. OnePostPony


    My Arnolds are HUNGRY for a tournament :D. But not WW maps only :P. Maybe make TS league? We could do that in TD too.
  13. Holland, wasnt our best day yesterday xD. Was fun tho!
  14. SO TRUE! Very nice idea! I am all for it!
  15. I agree that patches shouldnt be forced, but mods should be allowed to make. So i dont like the vet balance "patch", but as a mod, its ok. And, WeaponX: Any decent person with taste, with a heart would love to see Obelisks being deployable. It would be fun :D. As well as changing the colour of the laser shot into the player's colour.
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