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  1. We dont need standards of competitive play, White. The best standard is watching you lose (joke). Let them play, what they want. The same for this mod: If they want to make a mod, if they want to play a game with these settings, let them do it. Just dont call it patch, call it mod or alternative settings. I only hope, that people wont use these mods to force others not to use engies or helis. That would be heresy to Kane, the Brotherhood and C&C TD. Maybe tell in your lobby advices that the mod is not there to create a new rift and that the original game is still superior and should be played, when people argueing about playing the mod or the original game.
  2. Apcs are fine as they are. A good player can defend them; its hard to learn, but its a special TD skill. I see no point in slowing them down. If we argue with logic, well, why Chem warriors not die to Tiberium? Why does Nod only have light tanks, when they are the heirs of the Sowjet Union? Apcs are needed to secure poor little engies, who want your base! No changes needed. The only real good change would be to eliminate Viscs from 1vs1 games.
  3. Nonsense. Apcs have to be fast. Otherwise, they are useless.
  4. As for now, the most unliked point of the patch are the anti-engi settings. Isnt it nice, that more and more people care for the human rights of poor little engineers, who are so sweet and innocent? Free the engineers!
  5. I wonder who voted against anti engi changes...
  6. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    XD. Well, maybe rule braking is fun for some people
  7. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    Yeah. Hes just an rule braking a**! Nice to hear that. Was he ANGRY, after you trolled him? Hahaha
  8. What Black said, is so true. But why does this challenge have to be about money? You can take my money, but there is one thing a saiyan always keeps... his prooooooooooud xD (WW maps suck btw :P)
  9. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    No, ffa doesnt mean they are free to decide what they do. Are they free to use cheats? Are they free to use bugs? Are they free to outlag the game on purpose? Are they free to team up, despite playing a non-teamgame? Please explain me then, why ffa doesnt mean diplomacy game. The answer is no. FFA doesnt mean no rules, it means no teamgame. If you play teamgame, you therefore brake the rules and LOSE the game. Its simple. But maybe you need legal knowledge to get that. 99 % havent got that kind of knowledge, so that explains the painfully wrong remarks here. Its sadening tho to see that even you guys feel free to team up against others on FFA. Maybe they should teach people basic law in school these days, so they can atleast use basic logic on things like that.
  10. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    False, FFA isnt a teamgame, because you would call it teamgame then. FFa isnt a diplomacy game either. FFA means all vs all, not all vs X. But some guys dont have legal knowledge, so i get that. Not anyone sees the things as clear as i do
  11. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    False. If its a team game, you would call it a team game. FFA therefore doesnt mean no rules, it means you play all vs all, you of course can focus on certain players to win, if there now the strongest, but you cant just simply team up with others to single out players, that would be a teamgame.
  12. OnePostPony

    Rule braker

    I want to inform anyone of a player called Nike. He brakes rule consistenly by 2vs1ing players in ffa. Ffa doesnt mean team game. He doesnt get that. Any decent host will ban him for life.
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