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  1. I dont see a toy right there, i see an absolutely serious looking mcv, only in high graphics. A "toy" would look like in RA3, but thats obviously not the case. And i dont care much for that stuff, i just want that they stick to: a) 1 Engineer + apc as we know it in TD b) 4 Helis as we know it in TD c) Units are the same as in TD - NO changes, but maybe some additional units (wolverine and cyborgs?) d) !!! CHANGE HARVS TO HIGH IQ HARVS WITH HIGH REACTION TIME !!! e) Make the "t" buttom available, just like in TS, to select any unit of the seleted unit's group in range of the selected unit f) Make sure we can select an higher amount of units/buildings to be built. g) An easy map creator, to make high tib maps h) Let the game be as it was! No C&C 4 failure intended please!
  2. GDI Orca: Giants: 1) Use frequency: 2/10 Very rarely used. 2) Efficiency: 3/10 If your opponent has no engineers and doesnt know whats comming, it can be harmful. But most of the time, atleast an engi survives. But if you can get Warfac and/or Mcv, it will give your team an adventage anyway. Other than for a rush at start, its worthless. The Bomber is just much better. GSO: Use frequence: 6/10 Gets used time and time again. Ender and DGT like it. Efficiency: 7/10 In early steps of GSO, noone will suspect an Orca rush. Anti Aircraft and engies wont be there most of the time. So its much more efficient here. Question is: Is it cost effective compared to Diss rushes or Titan assaults? It leaves you pretty defenseless. Terr: Use frequency 0,5/10 Efficiency: 1/10 Too cost ineffective and weak compared to bombers, wont be used in 99 % of pro games because of that. FF: Use frequency: 3/10 Sometimes used. Efficiency: 5/10 If your opponent has no engies and AA, you are far far away and your defense is ok/you are not scouted, an orca attack can be pretty good. But they need so much reload time, that you need time to use them again. Bomber: Giants: Use frequency: 9/10 Gdi player = Bomber Efficiency: 7/10 Perfect for defense, can wipe out devils, even devil masses, inf and cyborg mass attacks, but can stop C&C from getting a building only with more bombers. Pretty weak for offense tho, can bomb the gate free for apc scout assaults or titan assaults, but for direct base attack, Nod will have too much Sams; compared to Banshees, they are not good enough for attacks. GSO: Use frequency: 7/10 Used in later game. Efficiency: 9/10 Very effective to take control over the main front by bombing the shit out of Titans, Tanks, Inf, Art, Lasers and Towers. The more sams, the less effective they are; but they have a good chance to get a Mcv, because there are not that much sams in the middle game. But very cost intensive. Terrace: Use frequency: 10/10 Efficiency: Very effective: They can take control over the battlefield by destroying or weakening Titans, by destroying Mammuth MK or Carryall, Sams, Refs, Emps, Mcv and so on. If your opponent has emp: You just need Bombers. If your opponent has too much towers: You just need Bombers. If your opponent sends disses: You just need (many) bombers. If you fail in a titan attack: Build bombers and crush the incoming Titan asault! Ah: And if your opponent has too much bombers: Destroy his helipads. Bombers are extremely important, as you can see, but only, in middle or late game: Because in the time of a fast diss rush, you wont have 2 or 3 bombers to defend. Thats one of many reasons why, all of that said, they are not any more important than Titans, Mammuths or Disses. It depends on the playerstyle. Rob loves bombers, but any Terrace Pro likes them, i guess. Ah: And Bombers are very important for fast techers to get an inf rush under control. FF: Like Terrace Vulcan Cannon: Giants: 1) 0,5/10 2) 0,5/10 Weak. GSO: 1) 7/10 2) 8/10 Very good for defending a base against inf rushes and attacks! Other than: Forget it. Terr: 1) 1/10 2) 2/10 Only good for getting back in the game, after you failed in an inf fight. FF: Like Terr. YOu will need extra time to build the tower and the cannon. RPG Cannon: Giants: 1) 9/10 2) 9/10 Very good defense against C&Cs and especially Devils, because they can hit 2 or 3 at the same time, weak against disses, when they land right to them. Weak against massive inf attacks. Any Gdi player, who is decent, will have Rgs to defend his base. GSO: 1) 8/10 2) 8/10 Good to defend against titans, better than lasers for that purpose, because they can defend the tiberium zone with their range as well. But a good mix of tits and inf, and rpgs will shot inf and become a waste. So it depends on the situation. Good for base creep. Terr: 9/10 7/10 Good for titan defense, but has his weaknesses against a diss rush, when they land the disses right next to the tower. They will shot probably inf, if you send an mix of inf and tits. Black/Titanjoe loves Rpgs. FF: Like Terr. You need to build the tower and then the cannon. Nod Harpyies: Giants: 1) 3/10 Most of the time, noone uses them. But if you hear the name "Fantazea", you have to hear one name as well: "Harpye" xD. He married them a long time ago. 2) 4/10 They are the quickest scout, even faster and - with good control - more effective to scout ONE opponent than buggies. They can be ok for Defense against C&C and some devils, but you will lose atleast one building, if your opponent is good. But it works for Fantazea, dont ask me how. Weak for an attack, only with sheer masses you can get some buildings. GSO: 1) 2/10 2) 4/10 Good for killing naders and holding gdi back in an inf fight: But they cost 1000 $, which will ultimately missing for your inf. It is cost effective for that purpose most of the time, because it forces GDI to attack and go straight to your base defense/harvs. Ok for sniping some arts at start, as well. Weak for anything other than that; exception: Fantazea xD. Terrace: 1) 1/10 2) 2/10 Only purpose: Getting naders or helipads. FF: 1) 2/10 2) 3/10 Again: Like GSO, but not that efficient. Banshees: G: 1) 10/10 Giants = Banshees 2) 10/10 Banshees decide the winning team in many games. Its important to micro them well. Extremely good for getting big buildings (Refs, Mcvs, Warfacs) or emps. Good for defending as well, if you have many helipads. If you have only a few, some opponents only attack to let you waste banshees. Important is as well to find the best path for attack, since almost any base will be surrounded by sams, but many have their weak spots with few sams. Dont forget to check that you have enough banshees to oneshot a building, IF opponent has engies; if not, you dont have to care. And there is the nasty banshee suicide attack, which will help getting "wounded" buildings by the sam fire. GSO: 1) 5/10 2) 5/10 Too expensive and late. Cabal loves to use them on GIants, tho. The time you have them is the time your opponents have sams; can be good for getting one mcv out tho and thus be a game changer. Important for late game. Terrace: 1) 9/10 2) 6/10 If you have Nod on Terr, you need Banshees to survive. But they not near as good as bombers: Your opponent will have engies, you will need money for ground units, and so on. Weak against titans, because you can hardly seperate your banshee forces to get more titans; their shoot is not that strong for titans as well. Worthless against inf. Good for harv or Mammuth attacks. FF: 1) 9/10 2) 8/10 Good to attack, if you are on a save spot. Not that good for defense against titan assaults, but if you have enough helipads and time, they are ok even for that. Lasers: G: 1) 4/10 Used for anti scout defense. But most players dont trust them and instead use rokets, arts, tanks and so on. Stylewarz and Momo are a big fans of them, tho. 2) 6/10 Lasers can be annoying for anybody and anything. But they wont stop C&Cs and are easily put down by them. Devils on the other hand wont attack them, but lasers wont stop them from getting a building, as well. Inf rushes are good to defend with lasers, but not Cyborg rushes, as long as you dont have many lasers. So after all, lasers are weak, take time from building more important stuff and get replaced by ground units. But if you build them over and over again, they can be good (Stylewarz). GSO: 1) 10/10 2) 7/10 Good to defend against inf, if you have other inf. But lasers alone are sweet cakes for Naders/Inf. You can build laser after laser tho to try to get a bad inf situation under control; harvs are more efficient, and if that dont work, lasers wont work either. Good for base sneaking. Weak for tit defense in the tib zone, because they have not the range to get tits, if they attack harvs - and if they attack refs, they could get tits, but it wont be too late. Together with Rokets, lasers can work. If you place them well, they can be good for the inner base defense against tits. After all lasers are needed for defending GDI and cost very few (300 $) money, but they are not that strong. You need ground troops, as well, then they can be good. Terrace: 1) 9/10 2) 6/10 Ok for defending any ground attack, but not that efficient. Pretty weak against tits. FF: 1) 10/10 2) 7/10 Good to defend against inf and needed to try to be competitive with GDI. No match for disses or Mammuths tho. Obelisks: G: 1) 2/10 Almost noone uses them, rarely used for defending Gdi. But if you hear the name "MikePence", you have to hear the word "Obelisk" as well. 2) 8/10 They are good for defending against Disses or C&Cs, with 2 or 3 good even against devil hords and anything else. And Energy is not a problem on Giants. Banshees wont take them out as well. GSO: 1) 1/10 2) 7/10 They take much energy. But if you have one of them in the base, you can defend diss rushes, engi attacks or C&Cs pretty easily. Good against Tits as well (3-4 tits will lose against one obelisk without even needing any help). Good for base creap and for getting control over the middle. But easy food for bombers and it makes you energy dependent. Terr: 1) 0,5/10 2) 0,5/10 Weak. Costs too much energy, is easy bomber fodder and not needed. FF: 1) 0,5/10 2) 4/10 Costs too much energy, but can work for defending Gdi rushes. Nod and GDI: Sams: Any map: 10/10 10/10 Whats to say? Anyone needs them in any game regardless which side you play. Take many shots to get a Banshee or Bomber. Cant hold their own in 1vs1 against bombers.
  3. Pros can defend it. Chem does quiet well. And if the opponent fails, he has a high chance of losing the game, so he has the pressure. Bluysy once told me, 20 years ago many people used it. If you cant use it as good as your opponent, you are responsible for it, not your opponent. I would say: With noobs: 0,01 %, medium skilled: 4 % of time, "pros": 20 %, Chem: 35-70 % based on gameplay of his opponent...
  4. I was first against it, but then saw myself to be a bit hypocritical. Because i am for free speech and free market, i am as well for people making their own mods. Its their right to have fun; and its the purpose of the game to have fun. So if they have more fun with these settings, they have any right to make a mod, as long as it is optional. Its like when people change a original work of Bach: Many complained that that would be even heresy. But any thing X is thinkable and therefore IS without a thinker thinking it; a Bach on another Earth may have made another Passion with exactly the notes we are complaining about here. Not that Bach made it, makes the work great, but that it gives us joy; because we dont listen to it for mathematical purposes. So: I dont get all the hate for the work some guys did to enjoy their game, even tho i may dont like these particular guys. But hate should not drive my thinking skills (even tho it does on certain games...). I was against it, because i thought it was against a certain type of player or gameplay and to harm them, and that may be true for the intention of some of these moders, but it is not able to inflict any harm whatsoever, so therefore, it is not a matter. That said, what has to be criticized is the wording ("patch"), the information to all players that there is a "patch" and that the same people, who are defending it, proposed ideas of sorting maps to categories like "competitive" or not. Because it isnt a patch. A patch would be finally giving harvs atleast the iq of flies, stop commandos move through mcvs without destroying them, stupid unit movements or apcs from freezing, when being shot. But instead, it forbids helis and engineers, pumps GDI up and makes Nod weak. Thats not a fix of objective mistakes or bugs of a game, it is just a subjective change to have more fun. So dont call it patch, call it Mod. Secondly, dont inform players that there is a mod, but just let them try it for themselves, because otherwise it looks like anyone, who doesnt use it, uses a worse version of the game. So, these are real solid points, not that people want to play a X, call it game or mod, in a certain way.
  5. And you will be easy cake for Firestar or Momo on Giants 😜
  6. I beat the "pros" on giants so often, that the "pros" RUN :D. So dont go on with "who plays Terr is better", because it isnt true. Let corpsmaker play against Momo on Giants 6 games, he will lose BADLY. And Giants has no "limitations", it makes the game fair by weakining Gdi. And we dont have to "listen to the pros". We have to have fun, thats all.
  7. GDI 1) Disruptor: Giants: A) Use frequency: 9/10 As long as the Gdi player isnt using a more defensive approach (like Ender or Francesco do), you will always see a diss rush. B) Efficiency: 10/10 Nothing makes Nod players more uncomfortable than the possibility of a diss rush. The faster, the better. You can easily destroy 2 refs or mcv + warfac with them and almost ending the game for the opponent. But you have to scout the opponents base first: And sams and rokets can be a problem for that. If only one player is scouted, others will send help. Then there are emps, but most of the time, they are built too late for a quick first diss rush. The next problem is the defense: If you attack the front guys, they will have many roket men, some tanks or art - but good players like Firestar still get 2 major buildings with the diss attack. Sams can be a problem too. Ah: And lasers. GSO: A) Use frequency: 7/10 Used in late game or as a quick rush, if you survive the inf battle. B) Efficiency: 10/10 In GSO, the "back door" (refs) and the whole base are most of the time weakly defended, sams are missing and the army is in the front. So one diss can decide ca game. But Emps, Lasers and C&Cs can be annoying. Terr: A) 10/10 Terr = Dises B) 10/10 A good dis rush decides the game. In the whole game (from early to late game), the diss micro is essential. Destroying opponents refs, mcv or warfacs, while defending against his diss attack at the same time - thats, what Terr players love; and thats the reason, why Nod is weak against Gdi on Terr. FF: A) 10/10 Like Terr B) 10/10 Like Terr 2) Mammuth MK: Giants: A) 1/10 Almost never used. B) 3/10 Most of the time, a Mammuth rush is weak because of the opponents sheer force of roket men. Kossuth is a master of a weird 1 diss and 1 mammuth extreme rush tho. In later game, Mammuths are worthless. GSO: A) 2/10 Very rarely used. B) 8/10 Depending on the situation, Mammuths can be even worse for a Nod base than a diss rush. Because of the lack of defense, they can easily destroy 2 refs together; they are more flexible, too: You can destroy harvs, force fire blue tib and use them for a front assault or for defense. Terr: A) 8/10 Used many times. Beloved by many players, like MammyMk, Zenetusken, TopRush, Tigerr, and so on. B) 9/10 Mammuths are the perfect choice to reduce the amount of harvs your opponent has - because of the limited access to tib, the eco is much more important in Terr than on Mod maps, so losing harvs is much more harming for the opponent. They can attack refs or main base as well or pick 1 or 2 titans off guard and kill them. The possibility to repair them makes them even more dangerous. Can be outempted, outbombered or outtitanted tho. FF: A) 8/10 Like Terr. B) 9/10 Like Terr Nod: Devils: Giants: A) Use frequency: 10/10 Used in every game. B) Efficiency: 7/10 A fast devil rush (7 or 8 devils) can crush your opponent - Attila and DGT love these kind of attacks. An Emp tho, and the fun is over. Some smart players send an emp distracting vanguard, before the main attack. If you have not scouted the players in the back, you risk getting empted by them. Then there is the possibility of an engineer on good position and a defending C/C, which will make puree out of your devils. Tanks wont prevent your devils from getting a mayor building, but then, say goodbye to your devils. Same with arts, but you can try to outmaneuver the tanks atleast. A big roket army can weaken your attack by much too; many players make the mistake of not attacking the big pile of rokets first. Because many players rely only on roket men on the early stages of the game (and 2 arts), burning them all makes your opponent defenseless. So rightly used, Devils can be wonderful against them. Then there are some players building a laser base (Stylewarz...) - this can be very annoying for devils too, but it wont prevent you from getting a major building, as long, as there are not 3 lasers shooting together with inf and art. And there are some players using Obelisk as defense (Pence...) - 1 Obelisk is not a problem (for a big devil army; for 1-4, it is tho), but 2 combined with some tanks or inf, and devils are useless or cost ineffective (in the rage of the Obelisks). Banshee force firing in later game (like Ender does) can hurt devils as well. Harpye force firing is not as effective as that, but it can certainly be annoying, too (i say one name: Fantazea ). Ah: And allways be cautious, that your devils in base dont get chem nuked ;). GSO: A) 4/10 B) 4/10 Can be good against inf, but they cost too much and need too much time for attacking your opponents base. Because of the amount of arts and emps, they are just cannon fodder. But if your opponents dont have arts/emps and defending tits/hoovers, devils can be useful for attack. Other than that, they can help a fast teching player for handling the early inf battle. Terr: A) 3/10 Only used for inf attack. B) 3/10 Too much time and costs needed for a weak unit, which gets blown away easily by rpgs, titans, bombers, ghosts, hoovers, naders, and so on. Only good for inf killing, but a good inf micro, and devils are not that good here as well. FF: A) 6/10 Because of the length of the map, they are used much more often than in Terr. B) 6/10 On the right circumstances, they can be great to take hot spot player out or to attack a rushing player in the back spots. But GDI needs only 1 or 2 bombers force guarding on the right place, 1 or 2 rpgs or some tits, and you will maybe get a building or 2, but thats it. So it is a risk. Good for burning inf. Stealth Tanks: Giants: A) Use frequency: 0,5/10 B) Efficiency: 0,5/10 Because gate is guarded by inf, stealth tanks wont even get to the opponent. If it is not (in later game), your opponents have sensors and if not, the base is still packed with inf, art or tits. The only reasonable use is maybe to get poorly defended Waste Facs or Mcvs or to find a hidden base, if gate is open and your are not in the rage of sensors. But they are a wonderful troll unit. Noone tested them as defending unit as of now, because it costs so much and takes so much time and is so weakly armoured - mabye they can be ok for a defending role in later game? GSO: A) 0,5/10 B) 2/10 Most of the time no use, because of the sheer amount of art. If your opponents dont have art, you can annoy harvs with them perfectly - and distract. Ref attackign or attacking a poorly defended base are ok, too. Even bombers wont change that, because of the stealthing effect. Problem is here that you have to come to the harvs/base first, that you wont have the time or money, that your opponent can simply build rpgs or lasers or put some inf in the tib/base or use emp and that other methods are much more effective. They can be ok for tit defending too, if you have other units/buldings for defence as well. Maybe they are underused in GSO? Terr: A) 1/10 I saw Stealcore using them one time. B) 4/10 He used them fairly well and almost won because of them. But they need too much time and money, are slow, are weak against tits without other units and very weak against inf, but they can be great for harv or ref harass and scouting. Even guard bomber defense can be an idea. FF: A) 2/10 Sometimes, some guys use them. B) 5/10 They can be great for harv or Second base harassing or for destroying some tits, while they move for their assault. Even a direct sneak attack against the base can work against weakly defended back spot players. It depends on the situation, but they are still cost and time intensive and weakly armoured.
  8. Terrace and FF can be fun, absolutely. Its about players thinking they are better people, if they play Terr instead of Giants; and thats rediculous. I saw many Terr players fail in Giants/GSO. Even the best of the best, like TopRush or Zenetusken, lost on Giants with Diss rush. I find Giants/GSO much more fun than Terrace right now and i dont think they are watered-down. If you are in a GSO-mood, you can play hours with having fun :D. I dont get this whole discussion, frankly. If you have fun, play it - whether its Terr, FF, Giants, GSO, RA1, TD or even Dune ;). Lets just focus on the topic: Low and middle class vehicles. Do you have some other thoughts about them? Other ratings? Other tactics? Then share
  9. 1) Medics with Ghost on GIants or in GSO is by far more effective than Medics with Fodder in early game. 2) Reasonably skill-leveled games: Well, games with Hitman, who is elite (and by far better than you xD), included cyborgs to scout. Cyborgs work even with skill-leveled players, thats why guys like ViscOwner, NodBR or Cabal use them so often. Later in game, they can scout via sub. And you can build a big cyborg army, destroy emp via banshees and then completely elimante the opponents base (as Zoom3000 loves it to do). 3) Wolverines are underestimated in GSO. It can be better to build one Wolverine first than one Titan to overrun the opponents inf and, if he has one tit, the titan. 4) If guys micro well, titans cant squish inf well. MammyMk one time needed 2 minutes to squish 3 soldiers with tits, and Mammy rekt many pros ;). 5) We are talking here about low and middle class vehicles, not defrense structure like Obelisks and not high tech vehicles like Stealth tanks ;). 6) JJ rush is 99% of time shit. Even against noobs. But a good troll attack :D. 7) I didnt say, Red Alert requires more micro than TS. I said the opposite: Its micro is simple (tank rushing, q-moving), its macro can be hard. Ts is by far more micro intense, no discussion about that. 8 ) Wow, so much ANGER! I take these personal attacks from you just with a smile . Because, sadly, i won against you in some FF and giants games; but when you win 2 or 3 games on duelling islands with using bugs (emp bug on bridge or inf luck) and overpowered gdi as a guy, who plays this game for ever, you call me names. That shows how "humble" you are. 9) Few glitches? Yeah, like when the sub gets emped, it gets out of the map and vanishes (giants)... hilarious coming from the guy that seriously suggested a way to balance NOD would be making their power plants cheaper. yikes.  I never said make the power plants cheaper, i said, give them more energy. Well thats the prob: Guys like Zen, the real elite, all use GDI, because they quiet frankly admit, that Nod is shit against GDI on open maps like Terrace. Its even common sense. Its a reason, why TD and RA players didnt like the game. 10) You ignored the fact, that calling giants or GSO bad is a sin to C&C. RA1 had the same amount of ore/tib. TD had the same amount of tib on certain maps. GIants and GSO are much more familiar to RA. And in TD, there are low money maps (which are quiet similar to Terrace) and big money maps. So its just tradition. If you call Giants or GSO players skillless, you call all TD and RA1 players skillless, too.
  10. 1) 95 % of TS players play Giants these days. How can a very fun game be "awful"? What is the purpose of a game? Fun or getting the illusion to be smart, if you can push some buttons? If you want to prove your intelligence ONLY, use your real life for it. You can do both tho in a fun game; and there many shit giants players, but some good. Momo for example is an elite giants player. 2) How much energy does a stealth generator, a bunch of lasers or an obelisk need compared to a rpg? Thats the reason, why noone uses stealth or obelisks in Terr! But both are - if you can build them - very helpful for Nod. And money: If GDi fails inf rush, they just tit rush; and if they fail with tit rush, they diss rush, and so on. Anyone knows that Nod is much weaker than Gdi on Terr. Ask the best of the best, Zen. Why are 95 % of Terr players Gdi? 3) Which other maps do you mean? FF? And then? You cant even name them, because noone plays them, because all the WW players are stuck to Terr. 4) Very few people are migrating from RA or TD to TS, too. Thats not an argument. Well, RA is mostly tank and building rushing, thats true; despite that, it can be hard to be such a "machine" like Ora-Ford is. So ok, RA is not that deep, but it can be hard. TD on the other hand is very deep, because of the endless amount of maps, possible strats, importance of Micro and Macro, and so on. And in both games, there is no money or energy problem. While the factions are unbalanced too (Allies are better on watter maps, Sowjets on anything else; GDI is weak on open maps in TD and in short game), its not so extreme, that noone can even use a faction, if he wants to be good. But according to you, only Terr and WW maps are good, and its a fact that Nod is much weaker than Gdi on these, so anyone who wants to be "good" has to play GDI. And thats just destroying C&C. Giants fixes this extreme unbalance and repairs the game. We can all thank the moders of Giants! We have now much more choices, and when you like Terr, you can play Terr, when not, then not. Terr can be fun, Giants can be, fun, Ts IS fun :D.
  11. Giants is much more like TD and RA, and TS follows them. So its in fact a sin against C&C to say Giants is not worth to be in Ts. Giants fixes the extreme unballance between Gdi and Nod (money, energy). And which game has only 1 map to play and is good? Its just some old players clinging on their Terrace stuff. But it doesnt make you smart: You wont be capable of being a RA or TD pro ;).
  12. HI :). Its an old discussion, but i doubt that some units are not worth to be in TS. First of all a list of these units: Nod: a) Buggy: A) Mod/"CncNet" Maps: aa) On Giants: 1.) Use frequancy: 2/10 Its very rarely, that someone uses them. Only players in my knowledge, who use them, are Majin Sandy, Mike Pence and Stukade, although Pence uses them as much as every game. 2.) Effectiveness: 8/10 In early steps of Giants, its all about scouting. And many players dont care enough for gate defense. So buggies fit perfectly for that purpose and can win games. Sometimes, you can attack later some engies or annoy gdi and opponents, which costs them focus on attacking. And if they fail, you only wasted 500-1500 $. They can help in a inf rush against gate and for defending against ghosts. Other than that, they are weak. bb) On GSO: 1.) Use frequancy: 0,5/10 Noone uses them, except if they lost anything but warfac and are in a need for anti-inf or want to troll. 2.) Effectiveness: 1/10: In Gso, you already scout with inf or dont need to scout. YOu dont have the money to afford a buggy to scout early, and later you dont need it. Buggies can help in inf battle, if you micro well, but only 1 or 2; you dont have the time to build them tho. B) WW maps: aa) Terrace: 1.) 1/10 In 1vs1, they are used sometimes for scouting, other than that, noone uses them. 2.) 4/10 They can be ok for scouting, but Nod players cant afford to buy them against Gdi most of the time. Useless in combat. bb) Forest Fires: 1.) 2/10 In safer positions, some players use them sometimes to scout as Nod. 2.) 5/10 They can be very helpful, when you have only Nod in attacking spots; but you have to take controll of one pathway first. Completely useless for combat. b) Bikes: A) CncNet Maps: aa) Giants: 1.) Use frequancy: 1/10: Noone uses them. Only very rarely for diss defense or scouting. Tomatoczar loves them tho. 2.) Effectiveness: 3/10. They get destroyed so easily by the gate defending inf, that they are useless to scout; they can be ok against disses, but are most of the times not powerful enough for the first diss attack. Useless for attack, too. bb) Gso: 1.) 3/10: Happens somtimes, that Nod players bike rush against harvs/mcv/refs. 2.) 3/10. Art will stop them easily, lasers, inf too. But in the right circumstances, if player gets 2vs1ed or is weak on defense of his distant base (happens often), then they can be very good. B) WW maps aa) Terrace 1.) 3/10 Uses for def against diss or scouting, only very rarely for harv harass or attack. 2.) 3/10 They are ok against disses, because they have speed, but they are very weak against tits or inf. Can be useful for harv harass or noob trolling. bb) FF 1.) Like Terrace 2.) 5/10 Works better on a big map like FF, especially the diss def. c) Tick Tanks: A) aa) Giants 1.) Use frequancy: 10/10 If you play Giants, you will see tick tanks automatically; although still more players prefer Art over Tanks, it has changed a bit in favor of tanks lately. Only def usage. Hitman builds a hord of them to help his front men, Stylewarz makes a big micro defense map with deployed tanks, lasers, silos and roket men, Judas likes them, too. 2.) Effectiveness10/10 Tanks are very good to defend single strong units like C/Cs or disses and also good against devils, if you have enough tanks in a spot. Tanks make quick damage, while Art fails against C/Cs and Disses. They are much cheaper then art, you dont have to deploy them first, and they are much better against early rushes. bb) Gso 1.) 5/10 They are used to defend together with lasers against tit attacks. 2.) 5/10 Good for quick def against tits, but tits are mostly attacking together with inf, which makes tanks ineffective. Attacks with ticks fail most of the time because of art, lasers or inf, although, deployed, ticks can be dangereos for a base. B) aa) Terrace: 1.) 7/10 Used for def against Tits, DIsses and Mammuths. 2.) 5/10 Arts are better than tanks on terr. bb) FF: 1.) Like Terr 2.) 7/10 Can be very useful for defense. d) Repair Vehicle: A) aa) Giants 1.) 5/10 They get used for banshee repairing. 2.) 8/10 Can be very important, if you rely on bans. If not, Repair vehicles are not important. bb) Gso 1.) 4/10 Used to repair art, sometimes vehicles in general. 2.) 7/10 Good for art repair, but it takes a while, until you can afford them as nod player. With good micro, you can come back in an art fight. B aa) Terr 1.) 5/10 Like Giants/Gso 2.) 6/10 Like Giants/Gso, but you cant build banshees that easily. bb) FF: 1.) + 2.) Like Giants/Gso/Terr e) Artillery: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 10/10 A giants game = Artillery 2.) 6/10 Overrated. Only if you have the time to play Sim City and bunker, they are cost effective compared to tanks. You dont need as much of them, when you have an emp. While building them, you dont build attack units. Art is very good against devils and Cyborg/inf rush tho, weak against C&Cs and disses. bb) Gso 1.) 10/10 2.) 10/10 Very useful to get controll over the map, to defend against tits and any sort of things, to attack inf, to attack emp, to base creap, and so on. B aa) Terr 1.) 10/10 2.) 10/10 Like Gso bb) FF: 1.) 7/10 You have to be fast in FF, many players decide to use some art, but more tanks or rokets or sometimes bikes for def. Only on close spots, people use them for attack. 2.) 6/10 Like Giants, but you dont have the money like there. They get more useful in later game, when you have to expand. f) Sensor: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 9/10 Almost anyone builds them. 2.) 9/10 You can see subterrianian units with them and emp them, before they are in your base (which will prevent the emp from opening up your stealth gens). You can scout with them by crushing gate defending inf. Ah: And you can see, when someone stealth-tank-trolls . bb) Gso: 1.) 1/10 You almost never see them on GSO. 2.) Because you have no time for them, subs are not that effective and map is so small, you can see subs with your very eyes, before they go underground. B) aa) Terr: 1.) 2/10 If opponent is nod, many build them. But Nod vs Nod is a rarity. 2.) 1/10- 10/10 If someone is Nod, perfect: If not: You are a noob! bb) FF: 1.) + 2.) Like Terr. GDI: a) Wolverine: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 0/10 Noone builds them. 2.) 0,5/10 They can be useful against ghosts (lol) or to help inf rush gate, but other than that: Wasted money. bb) Gso: 1.) 3/10 Sometimes, people build them. 2.) 6/10 They are underestimated. Good together with inf to win the first inf fight or to assault at opponent after you won the first inf fight (with good micro). Good together with inf to help tits, too. But only, of course, in early game. B) Terr: 1.) 1/10 Only used very very rarely for scouting or if you are in need against inf. 2.) 2/10 Most of the time, you need tits after first inf fight, so there is no time, money and need for wolves. Useless for scouting (too weak and slow compared to buggies). FF: 1.) 1/10 Like Terr. 2.) 2/10 Can be good, if you are in need against inf (which can happen more often in close spots). Other than that, a waste! Ah: And a perfect troll unit b) Titan: A) Giants: 1.) 10/10 Perfect for def. 2.) 7/10 Good for def, but weak for attack. Gso: 1.) 10/10 GSO = Tits 2.) 10/10 Great unit for attack and def. But lasers, rokets, rpgs, naders and emps can be annoying. So make sure, you have inf surrounding them. Solution: Move through tib xD. B) Terr: 1.) 10/10 Like GSO 2.) 10/10 Like Gso, with the difference, that Nod is even weaker on terr! Black ("Titanjoe") felt in love with them, Sky, Bud and Rob like them, as well. FF: 1.) 10/10 2.) 8/10 Good for def and good for massive assault, but weak in the early game (which most of the time decides FF), because of disses. c) Apc: Giants: 1.) 6/10 Firestar uses them constantly. Other Gdi players like to use them, too. 2.) 9/10 Very good to crush inf at gate and scout, but not as fast as buggies, so they get outlasered. Gso: 1.) 3/10 2.) 5/10 No time or money for it, although you can use them for the classic engi rush (nostalgia) or to crush inf or for ghosts.... Slower on tib. B) Terr: 1.) 2/10 Very rarely used. 2.) 5/10 Good for engi rush or crush inf, when in need. Not cost effective for scouting, but good tho. FF: 1.) 4/10 Fits better on a big map 2.) 7/10 Fits better for a big map with water. d) Sensor: 10/10 and 10/10 if your opponent is Nod, 0/10 and 0/10 if not (but can be used for scouting on Giants, so there: 3/10). e) Hover: Giants: 1.) 5/10 Used for guard defense. 2.) 9/10 Perfect for bunkering and defending. Better than Titan for that. GSO: 1.) 1/10 Almost never used. 2.) 5/10 Good for defending against Helis or Jjs (lol) and ok against bombers, can be ok for attack against harvs or attack support, too, if opponent has weak def. Other than, they are s***. Terr: 1.) 1/10 Like Gso 2.) 4/10 Like Gso, but completely useless for attack, good for harv defense and harv harass. FF: 1.) 2/10 FF has water, so they are used more often. 2.) 6/10 Good for defense, can harv harass nicely or destroy bridges. What do you think?
  13. There is no patch for TS, because the whole community would go nuts, if you change the ballance. And Firestorm is mostly rejected because of its even poorer balance. The game is fine how it is.
  14. Hi White,

    i am Mike Pence, i know, i am banned.

    Only one question: What can i do to get unmuted after 1 year and 1 month? Chem said even harder things and that for a much longer period of time. I am ready to make peace with Ferret. I will stop commenting his videos on Youtube, and so on.


    1. AchromicWhite


      I don't really know. Before you and Chem started doing what you were doing, no one had acted up that much.
      Both of you pushed the boundaries. It's never come up before.

      Basically, I'm not sure, as I have no point of reference.

      Also, just to Chem who's clearly just blatantly dropping in to cause some more chaos... I really don't think that's appropriate for you to push people's buttons like that.

  15. I will only write this comment and then i wont use this account any more, to make it easy for my "friends". Bluysy was real, and he was nice. Two things, that almost nether get to gether these days. He was a good player and his crazy maps made me always laugh. He loved TD and his wife. When i was ill, he helped me out and motivated me, so did i, when he was (he had problems with his beg, he loved Judo or something like that and got ill because of it). His favourite move was the GDI tank rush, my engineers ate his base most of the time, but he didnt care. I got angry in one game, where he raped me with the tank rush, but he stayed calm. I remember, when he gave us a new member with DouglasFir, his friend (His base was delicious btw). It shows, how commited he was to this game. He always talked with me about how good and nice and sweet his wife was. I bagged him to dont listen to her and play one more game... but i couldnt do much! I thought he was just on vacation or didnt like the game anymore. But when Lovehandles told me yesterday, that he really died, i was very sad. I enjoyed the games with him and the tournis! So many fun 1vs1s, 2vs2s, ffas and team games. He was just a great guy! But we all gonna die, and even the modern society, all the technology, all the fun we have, wont change a bit. We are flies for the LORD, and he, the "logos", will rule for ever and ever. I wish that his wife and family will find peace, love and fun again. It will be so hard for you and was certainly hard for you. But your love to him, his love to you are only a small part of the love of God. So dont let yourself get destroyed, but do your duty, because this, doing his duty, to love, to have fun before god, is anything we humans have in the small time we have under the Sun. Requiescas in pacem, Bluysy.
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