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  1. There is no patch for TS, because the whole community would go nuts, if you change the ballance. And Firestorm is mostly rejected because of its even poorer balance. The game is fine how it is.
  2. Hi White,

    i am Mike Pence, i know, i am banned.

    Only one question: What can i do to get unmuted after 1 year and 1 month? Chem said even harder things and that for a much longer period of time. I am ready to make peace with Ferret. I will stop commenting his videos on Youtube, and so on.


    1. AchromicWhite


      I don't really know. Before you and Chem started doing what you were doing, no one had acted up that much.
      Both of you pushed the boundaries. It's never come up before.

      Basically, I'm not sure, as I have no point of reference.

      Also, just to Chem who's clearly just blatantly dropping in to cause some more chaos... I really don't think that's appropriate for you to push people's buttons like that.

  3. I will only write this comment and then i wont use this account any more, to make it easy for my "friends". Bluysy was real, and he was nice. Two things, that almost nether get to gether these days. He was a good player and his crazy maps made me always laugh. He loved TD and his wife. When i was ill, he helped me out and motivated me, so did i, when he was (he had problems with his beg, he loved Judo or something like that and got ill because of it). His favourite move was the GDI tank rush, my engineers ate his base most of the time, but he didnt care. I got angry in one game, where he raped me with the tank rush, but he stayed calm. I remember, when he gave us a new member with DouglasFir, his friend (His base was delicious btw). It shows, how commited he was to this game. He always talked with me about how good and nice and sweet his wife was. I bagged him to dont listen to her and play one more game... but i couldnt do much! I thought he was just on vacation or didnt like the game anymore. But when Lovehandles told me yesterday, that he really died, i was very sad. I enjoyed the games with him and the tournis! So many fun 1vs1s, 2vs2s, ffas and team games. He was just a great guy! But we all gonna die, and even the modern society, all the technology, all the fun we have, wont change a bit. We are flies for the LORD, and he, the "logos", will rule for ever and ever. I wish that his wife and family will find peace, love and fun again. It will be so hard for you and was certainly hard for you. But your love to him, his love to you are only a small part of the love of God. So dont let yourself get destroyed, but do your duty, because this, doing his duty, to love, to have fun before god, is anything we humans have in the small time we have under the Sun. Requiescas in pacem, Bluysy.
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