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  1. You can try lowering the tech requirement to build MCV, and perhaps edit the AI ini and make AI triggers which contain MCV as part of its task force and have it deploy. As described above tho, be careful as with editing rules ini for base, the AI can build with insane pace down to the point you might suddenly have enemy defense or power plant built around your base.
  2. Greetings. This is my first thread. I have been modding CnC since like 2010 mainly for fun. One thing i noticed is that with increasing number of units and when the base get larger, there will be serious "traffic jam" where the AI player unit simply overcrowding the base and cannot move at all. I wonder if there is anything i can do to eliminate or at least reduce the possibility of such "traffic jam". As i found it kinda reduce the "fluidity" of gameplay and at some point slows down the game to some amount. (noticeable in Playstation version of Red Alert) The following is some of the example "traffic jam" from my gameplay Second example. Thank you very much for any response given.
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