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  1. Okay, i understand your concerns now, as long as this is part of our name issues like this are likely to happen which would definitely be unfortunate for both of us, and we wouldn't want that to happen either, so for that i will change name to avoid such issues. And i hope that would fix the problem
  2. Hi, I'm Mohammad Alomary the establisher of the group, nice to meet you i just wanted to clearfy that the word (Official) was only put there to make the people distinguish from our last group which was run by @Kikematamitos and the new one, because that one was closing due kike's account closure by fb, so we wanted people to join the proper group rather than the dead one. So it definitely doesn't refer to you guys in anyway as it is strictly a fan group that isn't incorporated with anyone else hence the word "players" in there. I hope you don't mind me saying but is there any legal issues concerning the group's name? Otherwise i don't see a real reason to change it just yet, but still i will discuss that with the other admins with me and see what we can do. Thanks!
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