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  1. First off, I would just like to say I'd have loved to be part of the studio working on this. I would like the maps/environments to be atmospheric, like dust particles in the desert, make the environments feel alive, Bring back the civilians from the old games, towns feel populated and like innocents are caught between the crossfire. Make me want to zoom in on a Tiberium field to drool at the detail and how it impacts the environment and please bring back Tiberium fauna/flora ex nearby trees have a chance of becoming blossom trees if they get engulfed by a Tib field. Nod units should have Urban colored camouflage, not just a red unit. GDI should have the choc-chip camouflage from the 90's for soldiers and the desert camouflage we see on US tanks and vehicles today substituting for 'Gold' color Units should not turn or move cartoony like most Petroglyph games or like the animations in C&C Generals 2 aka 'Command & Conquer' find a balance between gamey and believable. Don't make the units cartooney please!!!!! C&C 1995 aimed for a grounded military feel even if they were just sprites. Remasterd CGI cutscenes, Blizzard level of quality for the CGI.
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