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  1. Yes i tried various maps, i even looked at the maps folder and chose maps with names similar to filenames to make reasonably sure they existed...
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. Just tried it, but sadly it doesn't work (Still get the same error...) Also tried : - disabling Windows Defender - disabling Windows Firewall - running TSMPLauncher.exe, cncnet5.exe & ts-spawn.exe as administrator via compatibility tab... really at a loss as to why this error persists. Do i need to do something else than running the tso installer?
  3. Hi there just downloaded and installed Tiberian Sun Online from here. Whenever i want to start a game (TSMPLauncher.exe) (for instance i select Skirmish and then just Launch Game (with the default Map & AI Opponent)) i get "Unable to read scenario" Message and after clicking the ok button the game just hangs on a black screen. The same happens when i download Red Alert Online from here. Happened a few month back on Windows 10 v1809. Now happens on a clean, fully patched Windows 10 v1903. Hardware is an HP Elitebook 840 G5 with an Intel i7-8650U, 32GB RAM & NVMe SSD. No compatibility mode on any exe. Default Graphics settings: Automatic (DDrawCompat & ddwrapper doesn't work). pleas help! thanks Note: Separate Single Player installation of Tiberian Sun 2.03 works (classic & firestorm) so the hardware & os clearly can run tiberian sun.
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