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  1. Not for survival maps I've tried almost all of the custom maps at some point, even from the start deploying the main building is usually a lag fest. I wish I were more computer literate to figure this out on my own lol. The custom maps are fine on offline skirmish games. I only stay on games where my ping is less than 120. My internet speed shouldn't be a factor either, i'm at 300mb/s.
  2. I've played this game in the past and had the same issue and never found a fix. I have changed all the compatibility settings and messed with changing the renderer to ts-ddraw and others. I've also added the videobackbuffer=no to the correct folders. Offline skirmish play is completely fine and this only effects online custom games for me. There is a stutter freeze which only lasts for less than a second but is almost constant making it feel very skippy. The other issue is like a very low FPS issue to where its almost impossible to play. My units move extremely slow and buildings are a pain to build up. Note this is a brand new pc I built within the last 2 months. rtx 2080, ryzen 7 2700x, 32gb ram, m2 ssd etc the pc should not be having any issues with the game, this is the same problem I had on my 10 year old computer.
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