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  1. I'm glad to know that we MOSTLY agree on my points. Going from 1 to 3 in this reply, I will say this: I feel the Gattlings don't need THAT much tweaking. If you ask me I still say the Magnetrons are the culprits with the point I made. They disable most enemy units, making them helpless in the air, becoming free kills by gattlings, as they get quite a bit of time to attack with their guns, or free mind controlled units via masterminds and clones. A delay would make one of Yuri's main tactics more tolerable, and balanced for both the user and their opponent(s). Though if you want to tweak the gattling tank specifically, a nerf to phases 1 and 2 would definitely be good. It'd punish players who simply let it attack for too long, especially against bulky buildings and units, like the Kirov. Interesting idea for the Grand Cannons. If there was a build limit, what would be a good number to experiment with? Considering their fire power and range, it'd be interesting to see a build limit experimented on, even if its not implemented into the final thing. Agreed on the slave miners. They're much more mobile than the chrono and war miners, so they should at LEAST have more HP than the two. But in their current state, they're still WAY too bulky as meat shields.
  2. Alright, been playing the game on and off for these last few weeks with the patch enabled, and here's what I have to say. 1: Tank destroyers still need more buffs. IMO, they don't need that many, aside from just an increase in range. Despite doing what their name implies, they STILL struggle with tanks (especially rhinos), due to the range and turret not being able to rotate to attack whilst moving. If the range were to be increased, I could see more players actually picking Germany when playing the Allies. They either need an increase in range to compensate for the light armor, or simply heavier armor (or just more HP), with no further increase in the range as is, seeing as how they get melted by what they're supposed to counter. Especially considering the game is all about spamming out your tanks and vehicles, you'd think a tank that is supposedly strong against other tanks, would be a good competitor in this meta. 2: Robot Tanks should have a SMALL increase in HP, and a bit in range. They exist for two reasons: to do surprise attacks across water (in a map where applicable), and for the Allies vs Yuri matchup. Even against Yuri, these tanks die WAY too much, and always feel like a waste of cash, especially with someone who has the quick reflexes to juggle your robo army with the magnetron + gattling combo. Aside from maybe the occasional ambush from the water, I rarely see these being good against Yuri in the games I've played. I can name only one game where they were helpful, and that was back when this patch first came out, due to the Yuri changes. This'll make the Robot Tanks on even ground, and will make people consider using them, especially against Yuri. 3: Make some form of delay with Yuri's Magnetrons. The startup is already too fast, especially given its range as it is an artillery unit. This will give time for players to react to the Magnetron + Gattling combo, and punish those who're too slow or not paying attention. Its VERY easy to juggle an army due to the non-existent delay. With some form of delay, the Yuri player will need to quickly pick and choose which units to lift in each battle, making it more emphasis on high skill, high reward. 4: Grand cannons are already a strong defense IMO the cost in money and power is fine, but the range needs to be nerfed. Without SW, it is next to impossible to destroy the cannons, especially with anti-air and air units on the same team as the cannon. That, and people're constantly leaving or saying to switch off France (as well as Yuri) in a majority of the games I've played. That, and on some maps, it feels almost impossible to destroy. You can build the cannons off a nearby tech building, and bombard other buildings (in some cases even a player's base), and the large damage + splash makes it hard to approach, especially if done early on or too close to a base. Plus, IMO, artillery SHOULD be able to outrange a grand cannon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm at least 80% sure that the V3 is the only land artillery unit that can outrange these. From experience, almost every other artillery unit just gets destroyed trying to even begin to fire at the turret. Sure, the cannon's fragile, but ALL artillery should be able to outrange it. And if there's a lot of anti-air and a gap generator thrown in there, good luck destroying them without SWs. 5: Slave Miners I feel should have a SLIGHT reduction in HP. This one is arguable, but in a game where money's tight on the map and you're going all in, Slave Miners are VERY tanky for meat shields. 6: The changes to Battle Fortresses is a BIG one, and makes them way more balanced. In past games before the patch, most games against Allied players were basically over once they started getting Battle Fortresses, due to the huge damage and range. However, with the damage nerf to infantry inside, the range is okay, and makes skirmishing other Battle Fortresses more strategic at all skill levels. No longer will I lose batches of tanks to them, unless I chase after them. 7: GI's I feel should be...changed big time. Yes, they have counters. Such as Desolators deploying to kill them from paradropping or to simply outrange them, IFVs, Flaks, Gattling Tanks, there's many ways to counter them. But they're WAY too campy. Especially as America where you get some for free on occasion via their paradrops, not counting the tech airport of course. They shouldn't be able to just destroy a lot of tanks (especially rhinos) just by deploying and camping a bottle neck or path. That job should be for the Guardian GI's, they were implemented long ago when Yuri's Revenge came out to be an anti-air and anti-tank counter. If you nerf the GI's deployment damage in some form, I say they're fine everywhere else, such as garrisons, and against infantry (which was their purpose from the designers POV.) Plus, Guardian GI's are used very rarely outside of a few to guard a base or path, and to be used in battle fortresses. Guardians have their role, and so do GIs. Hell, IMO, I thought the GI's in base Red Alert 2 were pretty well balanced. They should've stayed that way in Yuri's Revenge, now that they have the Guardian. 8: Yuri's Initiates are quite strong due to their short range, which makes them balanced for their cost of $200 a pop. However, them being garrisoned should be nerfed. They absolutely MELT through tanks like a hot knife through butter. They should at most, be on par with GI's in terms of garrison damage, especially seeing as how both cost $200 each when trained, without accounting for paradrops from the tech airport and airforce command (if playing as America.) 9: Prism Tanks I feel should NOT be able to fire on the move. Their artillery. You should be punished for not using them for their intended purposes. Its WAY too easy to bait them into other tanks, and feeling like you got away unpunished. Its an artillery, it should be used for long ranged poking and destruction, but not on the move. Aside from that, that's all I can say. Everything else is fine.
  3. This looks cool! Can't wait to try this out in a couple of games!
  4. Title. It works fine in skirmish by myself, but other players report it not showing when its done in multiplayer. Its supposed to be a challenge map where the player starts with buildings/units with the enemy starting with a pre-made base. Any explanation for this?
  5. Thank you, this was all I needed to do, and now ownership changes fine. EDIT: Any side that has ownership over aircraft seems to crash the game. Is this normal?
  6. Neutral just attacks all players, and whenever I use GDI and NOD, the structures or units in question do not spawn on the map upon loading.
  7. Title. I've been wanting to dabble into map challenges for Tiberian Sun Firestorm, but can't figure out how to change ownership of a building or unit. I'm trying to do it so that any AI/Humans start with specific buildings or units upon the match starting.
  8. No debugging required. It took me a day to figure out the issue. Trigger tags were corrupted, however the "Brief: ALL01md" message still shows up over the map. But this doesn't seem to effect gameplay.
  9. I've been making heavily edited maps from the base game of Yuri's Revenge and Red Alert 2 in an effort to make a challenge map series. Every map I've worked on so far has gone well with no issues, but specifically, the map "No Wimps" keeps giving me a message that says "Brief: ALL01md" and the map will load, before the loading bar stops at roughly 75%, and doesn't load. Which results in freezing and crashing back to the lobby. Any help?
  10. I installed the patches and the launcher to join online servers for Renegade, but everytime I get onto the loading screen to join the server, about 50% of the way through, the game closes and I get this error. Help?
  11. It bugs me that the Soviets are the weakest out of all the factions without their SW. Its possible to win, but very hard against the BF, due to the big range on them, going as far as to outrange garrisoned buildings and base defenses.
  12. I'm a noob when it comes to the online, and was wondering: what's the best way to counter the battlefortress, and its infamous (yet very effective) Guardian G.I. + SEAL/Sniper combo? The only strategy I've seen that is viable is to make sure they never build the battle lab so they can never build the fortress. However, I can only really seem to pull this off as Korea (since you can send black eagles to bomb the battle lab), but never as Soviets. If possible, can I get a method for each faction? I can never seem to counter these, and the tips would be appreciated.
  13. Will take note of this. I'll be talking on the Yuri patch thread about my opinion and perspective on Yuri's changes. Thanks in advance though.
  14. Now, before I get to my main problem at hand: yes. Yes, I know toxicity is (to some degree) in every gaming community, there's never a true way to avoid it. I grew up playing this game, so when I found out that there was still a way to play multiplayer on this game, I was happy to come back. I mainly play as Korea and Yuri in this game, but Yuri was my original main since I liked his tactics. However, everytime I've chosen to play as Yuri (whether it'd be in an FFA or team battle), I'd be bashed for picking him. It didn't matter how good I was at the game in general, I was bashed for picking Yuri as my faction. Now I know he's been OP for years now, until the community patch. But personally, I feel Yuri was nerfed WAY too hard with the patch, rather then taking one step at a time. But this isn't the community patch thread, so I'm going to keep it relevant here. So I haven't been able to play a game at all since everyone either: Left when they saw I picked Yuri. Harassment through private messages outside of the lobby (whom were leavers that didn't like me picking Yuri.) Or people threatening to not ready up until I switched off of Yuri. I'm tired of this toxicity, and there's no true way to ignore it, with it happening consistently. Yes, I can block everyone, but this toxicity has been near constant and its frankly, untolerated. I flat out can't play the game with the pick that I want, and this is aggravating. I know there is a report thread for this, but can someone sympathize with me here? I know I'm not the only one who gets flak for this.
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