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  1. Banafrit

    Internal Error

    I installed the patches and the launcher to join online servers for Renegade, but everytime I get onto the loading screen to join the server, about 50% of the way through, the game closes and I get this error. Help?
  2. It bugs me that the Soviets are the weakest out of all the factions without their SW. Its possible to win, but very hard against the BF, due to the big range on them, going as far as to outrange garrisoned buildings and base defenses.
  3. I'm a noob when it comes to the online, and was wondering: what's the best way to counter the battlefortress, and its infamous (yet very effective) Guardian G.I. + SEAL/Sniper combo? The only strategy I've seen that is viable is to make sure they never build the battle lab so they can never build the fortress. However, I can only really seem to pull this off as Korea (since you can send black eagles to bomb the battle lab), but never as Soviets. If possible, can I get a method for each faction? I can never seem to counter these, and the tips would be appreciated.
  4. Will take note of this. I'll be talking on the Yuri patch thread about my opinion and perspective on Yuri's changes. Thanks in advance though.
  5. Now, before I get to my main problem at hand: yes. Yes, I know toxicity is (to some degree) in every gaming community, there's never a true way to avoid it. I grew up playing this game, so when I found out that there was still a way to play multiplayer on this game, I was happy to come back. I mainly play as Korea and Yuri in this game, but Yuri was my original main since I liked his tactics. However, everytime I've chosen to play as Yuri (whether it'd be in an FFA or team battle), I'd be bashed for picking him. It didn't matter how good I was at the game in general, I was bashed for picking Yuri as my faction. Now I know he's been OP for years now, until the community patch. But personally, I feel Yuri was nerfed WAY too hard with the patch, rather then taking one step at a time. But this isn't the community patch thread, so I'm going to keep it relevant here. So I haven't been able to play a game at all since everyone either: Left when they saw I picked Yuri. Harassment through private messages outside of the lobby (whom were leavers that didn't like me picking Yuri.) Or people threatening to not ready up until I switched off of Yuri. I'm tired of this toxicity, and there's no true way to ignore it, with it happening consistently. Yes, I can block everyone, but this toxicity has been near constant and its frankly, untolerated. I flat out can't play the game with the pick that I want, and this is aggravating. I know there is a report thread for this, but can someone sympathize with me here? I know I'm not the only one who gets flak for this.
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