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  1. I have installed game both Documents and program files still not working.Alo there is no weird char.Yeah i have spawnmap.ini in game folder. And thanks for help i really want to play this game again
  2. I have tried to play with 2 different xp emulators it does run but its not playable
  3. I have tried everything like you did but i cannot play with cncnet too.I think there is a problem with windows 10.I can play with windows7 system but sadly i cant downgrade my laptop to windows 7.If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!
  4. First, I'm sorry if im posting this to wrong topic. My game crashes everytime i try to join game via tsmp online launcher just before game is starting.It says unable to read scenario.I tried every renderer and disabled my antivirus(windows defender).I also tried to create game with different maps with and without Ai.Reinstalled game two times but nothing happens. I can play skirmish but cant play in online.It always gives me this error message.I also updated my graphic driver.I was playing online with this computer before i don't know what has changed. Please help me.Thanks for reading. Edit: I can play skirmish with another ts launcher.Just tried to replace maps but nothing changed.
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