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  1. Hey man thanks for responding. This is weird. The laptop I am playing it on used to be Windows 7, I think (I did upgrade it to 10) And yes, RA2 absolutely does not work on my desktop. I assumed that is due to hard The only stuff I can remember doing was downloading the V 1.006 patch and another patch to stop the game from freezing every 30 seconds. It runs fine, but too fast!
  2. Hi all I hope there is someone who can help me get out of this one. I'm trying to run Red Alert 2 (original CD version) on Windows 10 and the game runs way too fast! Here is where I am: - I've installed the 1.006 patch - I've tried the " - speedcontrol" fix in a hundred different ways. No joy - I've tried changing the config file by running as an admin and saving changes to the game speed. I've taken it down even to 1 and no joy - I've lastly tried a hex editor (I use HxD) to change the numbers that I see everyone citing. Something about changing a 47 to a 70, but mine says 58. Hence, it's a no-go for me. Is there anything else I can try? I think my best bet is the Hex editor, but since nobody can give me definitive guidance on that, I am as stuck as a horse in a hole. Please help! J
  3. Thanks buddy. I went to the site and I downloaded the one from Nyerguds. So it was downloaded, I installed it and when I try to run the .exe file, then I get this message: "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" Red Alert though, I downloaded from this site and it works like a charm, so I'm not getting why Tiberian Dawn is being so difficult. Have you got any idea what I could try now? Thank you for replying J
  4. Hi guys, I have for the first time today joined Cncnet, as I really miss Tiberian Dawn and I had a huge itch to play it. The download went nice and quick and I was able to get it onto the pc. When I run it though, I run into problems. It skips the opening animation and immediately goes to the starting menu. When I press "Start new game" the program hangs and then I need to use task manager to close it. I dinked around with the resolution and compatibility settings too but no joy. In the end I saw a user here report something similar and the admin said something to the effect of changing the rendering to GDI instead of Auto. I did that and still not working. (Obviously when you press start, you go to that snowflake screen where you select GDI or NOD - THAT is the screen that doesn't want to load) At this point, I have tried all sorts of screen resolutions, rendering options, windowed/fullscreen options and turned comparability settings on and off. Computer still hangs. Interesting to note, that when I click other options like "Load", "Internet Game" or "Exit", those options work fine. BUT when I click on "Intro & Sneak Peek" all I see is a screen saying "Coming Attraction" and then goes back to the menu. I remember this was an advert for Tiberian Sun. It seems that I can't run the cutscenes or animations or movie sequences. Oh, another thing that might be of assistance. When I run the program without comparability, it hangs after selecting "new game" but when I run it in comparability mode for Windows 95, the game does not load, it simply says "can't play movies" or somesuch. I hope the info helps! Please advise. Thanks a lot guys. J
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