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  1. Hello i just download the game (red alert 2) but i have only the cd of soviet .I can play with bots only the game not multiplayer .When i install the game it didnt ask the passwords .i just download and install the game .At the description is said that i have to move to the folder of the cd game to the folder of the download game some files. I did it only with the soviet files .when i go here to cncnet to download the yuris revenge it said that it didnt find the folder of Red alert 2 .why ?i can play for custom ..so i have the Red alert 2 . why it says that i dont have the game ? (When i go to download the Ruris revenge i put it to the folder of Red alert 2 ) .please help me
  2. Hello i have the Red alert 2 and the expansion Yuris revenge in cd .Both of them. I have the original codes .But i dont have the cd now. Where can i download only the game ? Then i will put the passwords that i have .
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