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  1. So It was a RAM issue with the Crash. I can now run the game but experience heavy lag. YR says my graphics card is insufficient now? Can some one answer the question about what specs this game needs to run properly? Thank you
  2. Everything works fine on computer until I run the 6.3 update. When I run CnCNetYRLauncher. This error below occurs. Clientxna.exe has ecountered a problem. Yuri's revenge has crashed. Error Message: Insuficient memory to continue the execution of the program. Issue keeps repeating. I have a basic laptop. I run windows XP. home 2002, Service Pack 3 Delll Inspirion ME051, Intel Celeron M 1.50GHz, 504MG of RAM, I cleared almost every program and items running, but still get a memory crash. What are CnCnetYR system game requirements? I can play other CnC programs with out issue. Is there a patch to utilize less CPU or do I simply need to upgrade my system. Better processor? Hopefully its an easy RAM fix. Please help.
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