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  1. Hey I was wondering about that, it crashed mine too but I knew it probably shouldn't in the upcoming Remaster. That's the South Korean author's level, isn't it, Betrayal. It loaded fine in the level editors. Good to know you found the issue.
  2. \Hospital\SCG080X\SCG083 - Invasion - Incomplete\SCG64EA Bin missing.INI Where's the .BIN if you included this file in your packs? If you didn't hide anything? Prove that ONE SINGLE MISSION of the 155 I've added to your packs is duplicated in your releases. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion didn't give you clairvoyance enough to conjure up the missing .BIN — only my extraordinary magnitude brought this to fruition, by means of exhaustive searching outside of any undertaken by you.
  3. Going to have to dab on you again I'm afraid, spent my off time this morning translating 40 German missions to English while maintaining OEM-1 character format and also bringing the levels up to snuff with the proper format. So, SCG420 is going up, with 40 new levels. Had to fix your missing map for Invasion M-04 also. Your attempts to hide it from me were not successful. List included. Also a picture of the restored mission. These are all playable with the Remaster, single level style even when they're part of a campaign. Play them one by one because I said so and I'm the one dabbing here. What's this now, 155 times I've dabbed? Going to update the 260 pack next and make it an even 160, getting tired of being so superior. SCG420.7z
  4. Yes, you're a small community, where a half-dozen people are allowed to overshadow the accomplishments of actual badass people like Olaf. You constantly see your invisible enemy (Chem?) in anyone who points out how ridiculous you are in your constant attempts to one-up one another and maintain visibility in a community of ~100. The verbiage you all unanimously decry is called actual well-written English. Nice mission briefings, retard. SCG340rm.7z
  5. Have you tried just adding SoloMission=True in the [Basic] header and loading a mission or two in the Remaster itself? I heard people at other sites say the map editor displayed some wonky behaviors. Your TeamTypes look solid and I bet the actual game will interpret them correctly.
  6. [Chimas don't take this seriously]Oh no, I'd better stop releasing updates to your abandoned project that you're now releasing one-by-one and in sets of 10 on Steam rather than pushing forward and adding the over 100 levels from 1995 through the present that are neglected in the packs. Told you, I'm installing these for someone else and I'm not going to give him some slipshod incomplete level pack. I'll make them myself and if people want them they can have them. I realize this steps on your toes since you want to release a pack every few years and I can finish them in a day. After your insult on the previous page and your aloofness toward all statements made, all claims of ESL are moot as you chose to weaponize it. Use your clout to ban me, I don't care, I can release these elsewhere also. Maybe I'll release them with your previous work and add "SoloMission=True" and call it my work. Later boys, Remaster made you obsolete. All will worship the great Chrons ahahahahaha. Seriously though, calm down and don't bully dinosaur levels.[/Chimas don't take this seriously] Actually seriously though, I don't know you Chimas. I just know you well enough to know that you won't like getting dabbed on. The pre-2000 levels in these packs have all their source material and aren't in your packs, that work is real. Eventually you'll add them to the official packs. These packs are until then. MattAttack is dabbed on in the sense that GDI 380 and NOD 260 allow playing his campaign levels in the Remaster and as Covert Operations single levels, with his briefing and the TD4P mission number plus title and D-42x42 or whatever. Everyone is dabbed on. Dabbing on everyone, you see? Dark, Matt, and anything missing from the packs that's a single level will work now with the packs, they're all numbered. Just use them or don't. I care about nothing, I update old levels like you do. Are you sane? Here's Nod pack 260, SCB260. 35 Nod levels that aren't in the thing. Most of these are levels posted here after Chimas' most recent update. SCB260.7z
  7. Dab'd. All your GDI missions are in the GDI 340 pack now, with your author tag and stuff. Your 6 missing Nod missions and SCB300ea CNCNET No Mercy are going up as part of Nod 260 (35 level pack not 40 because no one makes Nod levels). Dabbing on Chimas, that's 115 levels he refuses to add to the packs. Refuses to truck with Messiah because he has some dinosaurs in his levels.
  8. I'll write how I want and I'll do what I want. This is the pack that I call GDI 380, containing 40 additional levels to go with these packs as well as with 340's 40 levels. Dabbing on MattAttack. Dabbing on Messiah. Dabbing on everyone. These will work with the remaster, but Discovert Operation missions probably won't. Maybe they will, who cares. I'm the best man—I did it. SCG380.7z
  9. You find a zip containing Park Kwan-soo's r_cy.ini from 1996 yet like it did originally on release? Here are the details for the GDI part of the old-school pack and some Angelfire levels from packs with previously added maps. Have sources if needed. I guess I statted out the Nod levels also, throwing them up. Don't forget Messiah as one of the modern mega-designers with his Discovert Ops set, he updated map 7 in October 2018 and hints at more to come. His might not be compatible with the new release though? What's the word on that, the special 1.06c compatibility things like Color flags and BioLab/Temple penetration? Was fun editing Messiah's mission briefs, his English is only very slightly askew so one is able to maintain the full intended meaning of every word and sentence.
  10. Matt, ever hunt down any of those custom videos? The Covert Ops MIX kept some new ones right in there with the levels. Where do these YouTube videos of cut content come from? Surely some could be restored to VQA. Make a story where Kane has a weird stroke and the WIN= him doing that 1994 promotional speech.
  11. I made GDI pack 340 / SCG340 I got way into C&C again. Been since 1995. Told the other commander from back then. Now I've built him an expensive computer as a result of our RTS-lust on his dime. I'm going to load as many levels as I can and I'm not going to hear any guff about it. I intend to release GDI pack 380 also. Chimas needs to get in this thread again. That pack of 1996 levels had some freshies. alien, alien_2, alien3, ambush, armagdn, betrayal, diecast (2 and 3 are savegame only), dinoramp, impossbl, killem, militia, tgw1_3. r_cy should have an .ini, it's listed in the readme contents, but someone muffed it at some point so it's just savegame. SCG340 = https://mega.nz/file/ouhwHaAJ Key is #gJy5OQ-jTd-kOb9RNKJe7qlHXajMVJAXbAOdipZEMnA This is real, now. I compressed the work Chimas does, with all the spreadsheeting and double-checking and formatting and naming with the numbers like he had them prepared and all that, check the Base count and the Structures and the TeamTypes and Triggers and all sorts, into a short period instead of his leisurely pace. I've got the Excel sheet, still working. But it made me temporarily insane when I went to notify the forum. So I'd intended to just release GDI pack 340 as a "beta1" but the big red notice made me just put it out here. Seems right though. Gave Darkstar387 the linebreaks people would always ask for. Indicated NES number of each while still having room for the climate and map size tags in the map load screen. What about MattAttack's excellent Pro campaign replacement level pack to make up part of GDI pack 380? I'm confused by his stipulation that no one's allowed to touch his work. It seems no one has touched it at all, since using it in his required format means replacing ¾ of one's campaign, then having to fix it to play normally, then again to check his maps with your saves. It's more realistic to put them in GDI pack 380 as a beta release people can actually enjoy, play the levels, and offer feedback. Will tag them explicitly in the map load like for the Darkstar387 levels, with numbering. Sorry to blow the secret level and the cash trigger but I think it's worth it to have people actually play the levels. People want to load a level, enjoy a nice looking map with a good challenge or critical thinking or skill required, whatever people like. But they don't like moving save files around and replacing/un-replacing .MIX files. That's what is keeping these old-school savegame levels from being in these packs, file manipulation fatigue. People couldn't be bothered to include the .bin and .ini with their releases, it put upon the end user too much. This spreadsheet is baller. Just shook loose another new level from some 2001 ancient web page's zip files. Everything named wrong, most levels in the packs already. But this one nugget shines through. Not just a flash in the pan. Genuine unique fingerprint thanks to the data in the spreadsheet. No briefing is always a bummer, but means I get to play it and write mental things. Chimas, do you ever laugh yourself silly seeing the original 1995 and 1996 briefings? People's mission.ini things talking about how "John Luke" wants you to "make it so" and don't get "beamed up'" by the laser towers, with crazy spelling and grammar from the 11-year-old authors. Love it. DOOM WADs all over again. Alright now I just found Crash2 that goes in between Crash Override and Crash3 in the packs already. This is big. Another freshie. Note: this is definitely a beta1 type of pack, given the SoloMission=True flag and the need to doublecheck BuildLevel in all the levels. And make sure no Briefing videos were un-linked. SCG340.7z
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