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  1. I made the folder trusted one and the game updated! Thank you some much for your help man I apreciatte it!!
  2. Thank you I´ve now released the files from the antivirus. What now? you said something about whitelist, I´m not sure what that means, deleting something I guess...
  3. Sorry I´m from Chile so my english is not perfect. I may ask what "it might have quarantined the file" means, like what does quarantined means. Also what does whitelist mean, is like cleaning up or something? Sorry for asking these. Thank you for the replies by the way!
  4. I checked it and it is not blocking. Also turned off the windows firewall and tried updating again but didn´t work either. Now it appears another error because mutiple download retries it seems. It is strange because I´ve been playing this game and updating it just fine and suddenly this error occurs. Any oter ideas? I was thinking as a last resource to uninstall the game and download it again?? Let me know!
  5. Hello! So today I started the game to play online and a new update came out to download (7.1). I´ve never had any problem when updating the game, but today when the update download finished this message appeared (photo atached). I don´t know what to do... I´ve tried reseting my pc and load the game again but doesn´t work. Please I need help to get the update to run in my pc. Thanks!
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