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    So i have no clue what happend, but at one day i just wasn't able to connect to cncnet, because some weird dronebl thing had somthing and the reason was once "none" and then "exherbospam" i have like no clue about any of this, i just want to play with my friend with my mod i was working on and thats it, i have been doing it for over 2 years now and there was no such problem. Beside that the "reasons" were from march 2019 is like really weird to me.
  2. Hello everyone! I have been using CNCnet for about 2 years now and i gladly had never really troubles with it, even when it comes to the use of my own created mod that i play almost everyday with my friend, but yet since the last month i have been gotten always these damn annoying "Reconnection Error" in mid rounds which annoy me and my friend totally!!! since we cannot play a single damn game. To talk about my Mod, it has no fatal error crashes nor is my friend missing any of the same files as i always give him every single file i add/delete or update, the problem is with your CNCnet programm, as i also have gotten tunngle connection errors in the lobbys myself, whatever the problem is please fix it! SYNC_CNCNET1.TXT
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