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  1. Seeing how the franchise is dead and unknown to the general public, it would not be better to restart the Tiberian saga as an FPS. It could be a spin off of Battlefield, in fact the Tiberian Dawn era would work very well as a Battlefield installment. If it were successful, maybe EA would make a C&C RTS to accompany the FPS games of the franchise and that way we could have a new C&C RTS every 6 years instead of every 20 years or never, anyway there will always be one new installment of C&C. What do forum members think, would they like a C&C Battlefield or do they think C&C has reached its end.
  2. Will there be a new campaigns in the future and new units? great mod I had a great time playing.
  3. What a great mod that you created, I would like to make some suggestions and I am afraid it will be a long read, could you please be patient. In fact I made an account just to be able to communicate my ideas with you. Because the US has that light tank instead of their Abrams tanks, I think it would be better if the US had the medium tanks and the Russians had the light tanks, especially since the light tank looks like a T-90. In the unit production list you could change the image of the light tank from the Bradley to the T-90, you could also use the Red Alert model of the medium tank for the Japanese tank and change the unit production image from the Abrams to the Type 90 or Type 10 depending on which decade the story unfolds. It would also be possible to use the Red Alert light tank model to be the APC of Russia? it would have to shrink its turret to make it look like a BMP and give it an automatic cannon and give it the ability to transport infantry, it would have to use the image of a BMP on the production list. You could also use the Yak red alert plane for the Company of Answer and Cassandra's Host faction with the image of an AT-802L Longsword or a Lasa t-bird in the production list? as a weapon of the plane you could air-to-surface missiles instead of the Yak machine guns, the plane should have a high price with a cost of $ 1500 or more per plane. Regarding the Company of Answer's forces, I remember that Eva had said that the company bought the best weapons on the market, but it doesn't seem so at all, rather it gave me the impression that they were a moderately armed militia than a private army with vast resources. Company of Answer forces are in need of military vehicles, air units and air attacks do not make up for this lack, also Cassandra's Host needs military vehicles. Company of Answer and Cassandra's Host could use the ranger, the mobile artillery and the light tank Nod should be the attack vehicles and that the Red Alert truck is used to transport the infantry instead of using the APC, The image of a T-54/55 or an M60 Patton could be used for the image of the light tank Nod in the production list. That all these vehicles are delivered to the Airstrip instead of the war factory, to imply that Company of Answer and Cassandra's Host buys weapons instead of manufacturing them as the other factions do. Regarding artillery, I think the best thing is that the mobile artillery used by the US should be replaced by the MLRS, it is very strange that the US does not have it, as they are the manufacturers and main users of this weapon. I also think it would be better for Russia to change the SSM for the V2 launcher of the Red Alert that the forces of tomorrow use and that it be given the name of rocket launcher. The SSM with its improvised appearance seems more appropriate for the forces of tomorrow than the Red Alert V2, it is clearly seen that the V2 is a Russian weapon and the MSS a modified MLRS to launch 2 giant missiles. Would it also be possible to give the ability to transport infantry to the humvee, ranger and the Mi-24/25/35? The humvee and the ranger could carry 4 or 5 soldiers, meanwhile the Mi-24/25/35 could carry 8 soldiers, for their part, the US and Japan could produce the chinook. It would be necessary to increase the transport capacity of the APC, BMP, trucks and Chinook, the APC, BMP and trucks could carry a total of 8 soldiers, for its part the Chinook would carry 10 or 12 soldiers. Is it possible for the US and Russia to use the powers of paratroopers and air strikes? the Mig spy plane and parabombs with the Badger would be the exclusive powers of Russia, for the US the Airstrike with the A-10. Is it possible that Russia can build the Red Alert MIG and that the US can get its own attack aircraft like an F-15 or F-18? Japan and the US could use the same plane. In response to the new air threats, the forces of tomorrow could manufacture the mobile radar jammer to keep the base hidden from enemy aircraft when the player faces the forces of tomorrow, a version of the stationary radar jammer could also be built more resistant and with a greater range to hide the base from air attacks. I remember that in the campaign the forces of tomorrow had apaches, equipping them with a combat planes and helicopters would be a good idea now that the forces of tomorrow control the world, surely they will have a large air fleet. Also the forces of tomorrow could be given a Eurofighter Typhoon or a Dassault Rafale or a Saab 39 Gripen. You could use the Mig spy model to make the F-15 by removing the fins from the nose, you could also make a Mig-29/35 by extending the tail in this way, in the same way you could make the plane of the forces of tomorrow by changing the Mig spy tail. Also modifying the Mig could make the F-18 or 16, combining the Mig and the Mig spy could make a Su-27 and its variants and many other aircraft. Will it be possible in the future to see other powers in the game like the EU, China, Iran and the UK fighting the forces of tomorrow? it's just a question. By the way, why does Russia have the Mammoth tank? the mod is on a divergent timeline from the Red Alert. Anyway, thanks for the mod it really is one of the best.
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