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  1. I'm not even sure why originally installing the v1.03 patch didn't work. I was all over the place trying to figure this out.
  2. Lord Jesus, i was finally able to figure out a way that worked, but TSPatch can't be used at all. So a fresh install of TFD and installing the v1.03 R4 patch finally gets it to work and the missions to load. But i noticed the in-game pause menu wouldn't show on screen. So i added the cnc-ddraw files to the game directory to see if it would fix it and it did. The only side effect from this is an abnormally fast in-game scroll rate. I did try installing the TSPatch over all of this, because i thought i remembered it fixing the fast scroll rate, but it just messed up the whole install. Other than the fast scroll rate, everything is good. I'll post any further updates while playing it.
  3. It doesn't matter to me. Just trying to figure out what the exact process is to get it to work. I was able to get Firestorm working using ddraw and TSPatch for one install attempt, but haven't been able to get both to work again since then. Like it's not reproducible for me. What's the exact procedure for installing it? Because between setting placing the ddraw files , using TSPatch with ddraw, using ddraw with patch 1.03, Compatibility mode (which i saw you noted can't be set with ddraw files), running as admin, etc.., I haven't been able to get it to work consistently. Also as a sidenote, my environment is Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004
  4. Ok. I'll uninstall and reinstall it with one or the other then. Does the v1.03 R4 patch have the TSpatch included with it? The reason I ask is because it appears the TSpatch is necessary for me to even play the game. For some reason, just the game by itself (or with the 1.03 R4 patch installed), the screen stays frozen on the main menu even after clicking an option like Campaign. You can hear audible clicking and actions on the screen, but it stays frozen from the Main menu and doesn't change.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've got kind of a weird issue that i saw mentioned online many times, but no fix or solutions for it. So, in order of steps, i installed C&C Tiberian Sun (which says includes Firestorm) from The First Decade collection, installed the First Decade Patch v1.03 Revision 4, then installed the TSPatch (from http://downloads.cncnet.org/TSpatch.exe ) and was able to get Tiberian Sun to work via the TSLauncher However, i finished the Tiberian Sun campaign and just went to try Firestorm and for some reason am getting the message "Unable to read scenario" when trying to start any campaign, GDI or Nod. I'm not sure if I'm missing any files or there's some other issue going on. Any help would be appreciated. 
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