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  1. My understanding is that certain maps are scripted to put players into teams based on their spawn locations, usually denoted by "auto-ally" or something along those lines in the map name; keep an eye out for that. :- )
  2. Do you guys have this source/quote at hand? Curious to hear Westwood staff's take on this. :- )
  3. It's a slider for determining starting units. :- )
  4. I've certainly been considering it, though I'd have to wrap my head around how to edit and compile the code first. :- )
  5. I was somewhat regretful of it initially as well, but it turns out the game itself doesn't even care. Not convinced the different Tiberium IDs (ti1-ti12) actually represent different stages of density -- seems like the game determines the density of any given Tiberium cell based on its proximity to others. This (ti1 on the left, fill-with Tiberium on the right): Turns into this ingame: This was done with XCC Editor, for reference.
  6. Salutations, my fellow forum-goers! Here's a small collection of existing maps I've edited to be (hopefully!) 100% symmetrical, with some additional player spawn variations for the ones that support more than 2 players. The intention is to update this thread with any new releases, supposing I ever get around to making more edits. :- ) Full credit goes to the original authors: (cn2) Twin Peaks by cn2mc: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2351-cn2-twin-peaks/ (MN) Electric Avenue, (MN) Heavy Metal and (MN) Modest Field by MN_Chief: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/774-ferrets-map-workshop/ (Wht) Zodiac, (Wht) Rush Down Rampage, (Wht) Frosted Hostilities, (Wht) Elevation, and (Wht) Quarry by AchromicWhite: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7933-whtzodiac-2v2/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7619-whtrush-down-rampage/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3869-whtfrosted-hostilities-1v1/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8380-whtelevation/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5071-whtquarry-1v1/ MAP PREVIEWS (cn2) Twin Peaks (Symmetrical): (MN) Electric Avenue (Symmetrical v1.1): (MN) Heavy Metal (Symmetrical v1.1): (MN) Modest Field (Symmetrical): (Wht) Frosted Hostilities (Symmetrical): (Wht) Rush Down Rampage (Symmetrical): (Wht) Elevation (Symmetrical): (Wht) Quarry (Symmetrical): (Wht) Zodiac (Symmetrical): INSTALLATION TUTORIAL Download the .zip archive attached below, and extract the "Symmetrical Maps v1.0a" folder into the "Maps" subfolder in your Tiberian Dawn directory. Symmetrical Maps v1.0a.zip
  7. Chokes and tight build spaces galore! The 3 northernmost Tiberium fields are bigger than their southern counterparts in the 1v1 variant, so each player can make the choice to either play for superior Tiberium access, or for extra offensive utility via south advantage. I'm very interested in seeing how the faction matchups will play out on this map, given that I've yet to do any playtesting myself. :- ) DOWNLOAD LINK: claustrophobia.zip 1v1 variant (vertically mirrored) 2v2 variant (horizontally mirrored)
  8. Aye, feel free to hit me up either here via a pm, or on CnCNet itself. I usually go by "Lovehandles" or "Lovehand^SY". :- )
  9. Have a cheeky lil' bump from me -- Release 2 is officially out! Check the original post, or click here for the full changelogs to see what's new. :- )
  10. The second release of the balance patch is more or less ready to go, we just need to add it to the CnCNet client. :- )
  11. Very glad to see my favourite Matt of Attack is still alive and well; keep up the good, and no doubt immensely arduous, work. :- )
  12. I think what White's talking about is adding a toggleable option that locks in certain settings, like 10000 starting credits, 0 starting units, crates off, bases on, (no Visceroids, please) and limiting the map selection to a curated pool of maps suited for 1v1, and maybe 2v2 games. This would be especially helpful for people that are relative newcomers to the scene, and it would give us somewhat of a tournament standard to work with too. As long as the interface is easy to understand, I don't think this argument holds much water. That said, though, the CnCNet client itself could do a better job of explaining what exactly the "Balance Patch" setting does -- a simple link to the main thread whenever you turn the option on/join a game with it enabled, would be a helpful addition. :~)
  13. As other people have already mentioned, these changes are part of an optional setting you can turn on/off whenever you host a TD game. :- )
  14. It would appear MikePence has a lot of sympathisers. :- )
  15. Shucks, I'll have to simplify the poll in one way or another, then. Thanks for the input! EDIT: Alright, it's been done did. This change is probably for the best either way, considering how bloated it was before. 🐵
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