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  1. Here is the mystery explained .. If you put BFs in Trainable = no The infantry inside will become trainable. I apologize to Concolor1 for wasting his time, but I too was fooled.. Evidently in that 3v3 match the BF was untrainable :((
  2. I remembered so, but these days I saw it happen, for this reason I opened this post
  3. Sure, but the most interesting thing is that now whatever map I try, the infantry inside the BF are no longer trainable : -! ? This would mean that there is a bug showing up randomly. Sorry, maybe you don't care, it's just that I like to understand these things.
  4. I do not think so, you can also try with cncnet. Load the "Coldest Peak" map and test for yourself, infantry does not advance in rank. First I try to understand better the question, then I think it is a matter of interest for the developers cause it's too big an advantage in the game.
  5. Thanks for your valuable advice, I think it's enough to find a group of similar people. P.s. Surprise: In the original game the infantry inside the BF is not trainable as I wanted,: -! ? So the solution exists, Or something broke during the conversion.
  6. For this reason I also mentioned your patience last time .. I believe that between drawing the map and programming it, the final product comes very close to a work of art. And anyway I think you are still right .. I'm finding that it doesn't make much sense to waste a lot of time for someone who just wants to hear "You Victorius" (here I talk about MP maps).
  7. You are right, is that on the one hand I still don't have the knowledge to make an SP map "mostly it's my poor English's fault xD", and also .. maybe I regret the good times when I was playing with friends using some modifications that made sense for all of us. In any case, when I try my maps I always deliberately lose for the benefit of the betatest :V
  8. Hehe, it's hard to get players to accept small changes even if they make sense .. think if I take away the ranks of the units lol. However, usually when I limit a unit, I make sure that it cannot come out of a crate.
  9. Exact, initially I put "NOT trainable" at the BF and then I realized what you wrote now. On the other hand, putting non-trainable GGIs would be too castrating. So if there is no way .. Buildlimit = 1 : V
  10. I thought I'd find the code quickly, but now I'm wondering if it's possible. This afternoon in a 3v3, we were 3v1, and the remaining player only had 5 veterans BF.. They were unapproachable.. I would like to know if there is a way to prevent the infantry inside the BF being trainable. I hope I have explained ^^ Thanks. p.s. We always talk about Vanilla.
  11. Hello, I am trying to gather the Italian players who still play this title and we would do it here as guests of the very popular CnCnet. If you're interested, post something here and I'll get you the telegram group. I hope the post doesn't violate any rules community. 😃 Italian translation: Sto cercando di radunare i giocatori italiani che giocano ancora a questo titolo e lo faremmo qui ospiti del validissimo CnCnet. Se siete interessati, postate qualcosa qui e vi farò avere il gruppo di telegram. fl3nd3r
  12. Do you have a link where you keep them all together?
  13. It's true, at the beginning it is really difficult, after a little less, but I still find it a masterpiece, for the knowledge of editing, for the patience, and above all for the atmosphere that creates the map. Omg .. this is yours too "Soviet Stranglehold": DD What memories... :V
  14. Thanks, for now I have abandoned the idea
  15. OT: I dusted off one of my favorite singleplayer missions, and discovered after so many years that you are the creator. My most sincere congratulations, you are a genius. ops .. It's called Under Pressure: D
  16. It's a shame .. it would have been perfect to complete my map. Thanks for the valuable info.
  17. I apologize for this other replay. I created a clone of the seal and gave it the Insignificant = 1 attribute. I'm close to my target .. but I don't know how to tell other units to detect insignificant units. .. or maybe I have to consider another way .. Thanks.
  18. Good morning, I would like to make seal undetectable for some ships. The player will be able to attack the seal manually like with the spy. Can anyone give me some advice?
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