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  1. It's a shame .. it would have been perfect to complete my map. Thanks for the valuable info.
  2. I apologize for this other replay. I created a clone of the seal and gave it the Insignificant = 1 attribute. I'm close to my target .. but I don't know how to tell other units to detect insignificant units. .. or maybe I have to consider another way .. Thanks.
  3. Good morning, I would like to make seal undetectable for some ships. The player will be able to attack the seal manually like with the spy. Can anyone give me some advice?
  4. Solved, emn ... at the bottom of the page I found this vacant code that invalidated everything: [TERROR] Owner = RequiredHouses = I don't know how it came : - | Tx to all :V
  5. I'm trying to make the terrorist available to all houses for my own project, but I can't. I don't understand why .. since I've done this many times with other units/special units, "for example" with Desolator. This is the simple code I used: [TERROR] Owner = Alliance, French, Germans, British, Africans, Arabs, Confederation, Russians, YuriCountry, Americans RequiredHouses = Alliance, French, Germans, British, Africans, Arabs, Confederation, Russians, YuriCountry, Americans Prerequisite = GAPILE Anyone know why it doesn't work?
  6. Also, good idea .. For now I put this code directly into the map and it works. I haven't really thought about how it should be powered. : V
  7. I understand, but this can be set directly from FA2, or I have to change units using a code like: [NAFLAK] Powered=no ?
  8. I have attached an example. By building rocketers they are not knocked down, but in a map I found around, it happens. 5555.map
  9. I am creating a multiplayer map with civilian structures, but I cannot get civilians to shoot players' units. I also loaded a similar map into FA2 where this happens, but I don't find any difference in the settings. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. I have made a lot of progress Now I only miss one last thing that I will try to do tomorrow, if I can't I will still take advantage of your precious help if I can xD
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