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  1. Here is the mystery explained .. If you put BFs in Trainable = no The infantry inside will become trainable. I apologize to Concolor1 for wasting his time, but I too was fooled.. Evidently in that 3v3 match the BF was untrainable :((
  2. I remembered so, but these days I saw it happen, for this reason I opened this post
  3. Sure, but the most interesting thing is that now whatever map I try, the infantry inside the BF are no longer trainable : -! ? This would mean that there is a bug showing up randomly. Sorry, maybe you don't care, it's just that I like to understand these things.
  4. I do not think so, you can also try with cncnet. Load the "Coldest Peak" map and test for yourself, infantry does not advance in rank. First I try to understand better the question, then I think it is a matter of interest for the developers cause it's too big an advantage in the game.
  5. Thanks for your valuable advice, I think it's enough to find a group of similar people. P.s. Surprise: In the original game the infantry inside the BF is not trainable as I wanted,: -! ? So the solution exists, Or something broke during the conversion.
  6. For this reason I also mentioned your patience last time .. I believe that between drawing the map and programming it, the final product comes very close to a work of art. And anyway I think you are still right .. I'm finding that it doesn't make much sense to waste a lot of time for someone who just wants to hear "You Victorius" (here I talk about MP maps).
  7. You are right, is that on the one hand I still don't have the knowledge to make an SP map "mostly it's my poor English's fault xD", and also .. maybe I regret the good times when I was playing with friends using some modifications that made sense for all of us. In any case, when I try my maps I always deliberately lose for the benefit of the betatest :V
  8. Hehe, it's hard to get players to accept small changes even if they make sense .. think if I take away the ranks of the units lol. However, usually when I limit a unit, I make sure that it cannot come out of a crate.
  9. Exact, initially I put "NOT trainable" at the BF and then I realized what you wrote now. On the other hand, putting non-trainable GGIs would be too castrating. So if there is no way .. Buildlimit = 1 : V
  10. I thought I'd find the code quickly, but now I'm wondering if it's possible. This afternoon in a 3v3, we were 3v1, and the remaining player only had 5 veterans BF.. They were unapproachable.. I would like to know if there is a way to prevent the infantry inside the BF being trainable. I hope I have explained ^^ Thanks. p.s. We always talk about Vanilla.
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