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  1. Umm, i did say it wrong. I wanted it only be destroyable by C4. Since its a naval base and in the sea, then what i need is a soldier with swimming ability. I haven't seen any people or map doing it before. Hope it's written in rules.md which i did find lately. It mostly what i need to find. Well, i tried some variations, however i can try some more. I did learn about -1 but i can try some more combinations with 11. So, a big thank you for who wanted to help. It's good to have a people like you. May your works be easy fellas, as a Turkish saying.
  2. Hello commenders, I'm pretty new to editing maps. I've done my searches and see through maps scripts in txts but i couldn't able to find what i need. So I'm here to asking for your help. What I'm looking for is an advanced scripting advice. I've created a map like "Normandy" from "kapow". Attached both scripts. (?) I have placed a Yuri Naval Base on sea and made it immune but c4. However, Tanya couldn't able to destroy it. >>[YAYARD] >>Capturable=no >>ImmuneToPsionics=yes >>CanC4=yes >>Immune=yes >>Warpable=no >>Bombable=no >>Strength=9999999 >>Sparky=no (?) Then i wanted to Tanya avaible for all sides. However, tanya doesnt show up on Soviets. >>[TANY] >>Owner=Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry,British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance (?) Also in Normany map, i've seen these codes but realy do not know what they are. Could somebody tell me how they works and meanings? [NAIRON] TechLevel=-1 [YAGNTC] TechLevel=-1 [GACSPH] TechLevel=-1 [NAMISL] Cost=8000 [GAWEAT] Cost=8000 [YAPPET] Cost=8000 [YHVR] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [SAPC] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [LCRF] Crusher=yes Cost=600 [GTGCAN] Power=-150 [CAPOWR] Power=100 (?) More, I want no air units in my map. I couldnt manage to find proper code for it. (?) Also, i tried to somehow mine explosions on sea but "63- deal 100 damage (action)", "explosion when destroyed (action)" and "42- deal damage from object to waypoint (action)" didnt work how i imagined. (?) One last thing is "34 - comes near waypoint (event)" doesnt work as win condition. What i want is to set win/lose condition whenever team A comes near the waypoint say like 10x10 area. I think thats all, have a nice day all. dardannels campaign v2_1.map normandy.map
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