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    Win 10 64bit

    Hi all, Old player from xwis. *Same ign till now. **i am able to play on my laptop (win 7), and also go in the "current" server for online games...maybe some had seen me in game.. So, recently bought a new desktop. No way to even install RA2 on it, not to mention YR. Scenario 1 After putting that disc in, it have that pop up saying "Warning....." After i click install, nothing happens. I am using the original disc purchased some 20 years back. Had tried compatibility mode.(To win xp sp3) i hv googled, tried few ways but all failed. Method 1 Saw some mentioned...go xwis and download from a link posted by Olaf year back. It installed, but keep getting black screen, game hang.. *I tried to install YR using disc, it says that they cannot detect the RA2 in my C drive, westwood folder. *So i tried shifting that whole file and created a Westwood folder..it still does not allow me to install... Method 2 Saw another link>> The "run, regedit, to >> Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Secdrv" Did manage to reach that file but was afraid computer spoil. Do not dare to do anything. *Am not good in computer. So, like i mentioned, i am able to play on my laptop (giving up on me soon), it is just "this desktop" i am at my wits end. Any step by step guide? How? Thanks In Advance. Dennis aka iCoPuLaTe
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