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Hi all I'm a HUGE RA1 fan but i have been dying to play RA2, for like ever! I have the game Disc in my possession with cd-key but it won't install on my Windows 10. I know it is known that some old school discs won't play on w10 due to some anti-pirate stuff engraved on the disc but HELL  I really want to play RA2!! I also have Tiberian Sun & Mafia 1, and facing the same issues. I would really appreciate if somebody has any solutions besides having to play in on an older based windows os or buy online version called the decade. I've googled before this post and found something called xwis on Reddit, but I'm getting no cigar as the links don't exist anymore. RA2 is such a great game and it's such a shame I can't play with my cncnet comrades ?

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