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  1. dkeeton

    Yuri's Revenge CnCNet LAN error

    Open a command prompt and type in netstat -an
  2. dkeeton

    Yuri's Revenge CnCNet LAN error

    Do you have any program that is using port 1233?
  3. dkeeton

    No mouse cursor in offline multiplayer

    Are you trying to play skirmish mode from the cncnet client or the original exe? If you don't mind, could you try both of these: https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases/tag/ Download ddraw.dll and drop it in your game's folder (c/westwood/sun or c/games/tiberian...) https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases/tag/ Download and extract cnc-ddraw.zip into your game folder.
  4. dkeeton

    No mouse cursor in offline multiplayer

    Which renderer are you using?
  5. dkeeton

    i cann't download the CDs

    I don't know exactly what you are talking about. But you can download the game here https://cncnet.org/tiberian-sun#download
  6. dkeeton

    Mammoth AI changed?

    It will be fixed in the next update.
  7. dkeeton

    dawn of the tiberium age

    Yes install .Net 4.5 from Microsoft
  8. dkeeton

    Mammoth AI changed?

    The crummy part about the anti-scouts and why I think it was okay to fix it was that they would pursue the target and shoot 1 single shot at it and then go back to their original position. It was the same for rocket infantry, they would follow the aircraft out of range and to the ends of the earth to take 1 single shot at the plane and then go home. It was dumb, and it's clearly a bug. (and even same thing for titans, and every other unit)
  9. dkeeton

    Mammoth AI changed?

    That's the same thing. When the target goes out of range* the MK picks a new target. I think this was added by a patch that fixed some other things. *(Goes out of range, dies, or is placed on/inside a transport)
  10. dkeeton

    Mammoth AI changed?

    What else has changed? I only see that the MK will not target or chase things that go out of range anymore. Is that the only thing? People used to kill a light infantry with the MK to pre-charge it, but now they only have to shoot the ground.
  11. dkeeton

    dawn of the tiberium age

    Do you have dotnet 4.5 installed?
  12. dkeeton

    How do i record red alert 2?

    Have you tried using window capture to capture gamemd-spawn.exe?
  13. dkeeton

    wtf is wrong with client

    Can you delete the version file that's in your game directory and let an update run? If the problem persists, what renderer are you using?
  14. dkeeton

    Yuris Revenge cannot build Spinning discs

    Can you take a screenshot of the game with your Buildings Tab open?
  15. dkeeton

    An ore map but it's converted into a TS map.

    Looks like fun. I would recommend you to set TiberiumSpreads=no in the SpecialFlags section, because for some spots you can't place your refinery before the tiberium encroaches. Also it would be nice to have 1 extra square without tiberium where the refinery is placed so that your harvester will spawn there. And maybe disc thrower can have it's disc bounce. (I don't know how mod that)
  16. After the last update (4.26), do you know if this is still a problem?
  17. dkeeton

    CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog

    4.26 Updates TS-DDRAW and adds the newly compatible CNC-DDRAW.
  18. dkeeton

    How can I get more than 4 players on same network

    You would have to play in LAN mode, where 1 player hosted a LAN server.
  19. dkeeton

    chatting channel problem

    There is one chat channel for TS and RA and other games too.
  20. Go to the hotkey editor in the game and set a key for Interface -> Place Building.
  21. Open the ra2md.mix file and find the files like: crate.sno 822d84c0 0 1487 crate.tem 9ec94e4c 20640 1475 wcrate.urb a7d704f1 1488 1829 wcrate.des a9ae9965 3328 1827 crate.lun b13df4af 5168 1474 wcrate.lun c08ea57c 6656 3810 crate.urb c811c773 10480 1474 wcrate.tem dff6809d 11968 1824 wcrate.ubn e363ba6e 13792 1823 crate.des 03976ec7 15616 1475 wcrate.sno 2e81d66a 17104 1825 crate.ubn 4724ec6e 18944 1474
  22. dkeeton

    Error Loading Online Lobby

    Go Here https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/ I think the maximum number of connections is 2 or 3.
  23. dkeeton

    Broken QM

    Can you upload your qm-log.txt file? Did you close the QM client at any point and try again after doing that?
  24. dkeeton

    Install and play

  25. dkeeton

    RA2 file wrong

    You need to have Yuri's Revenge installed already to use cncnet, even for Red Alert 2.