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  1. In vanilla TS, artillery is hard coded in the EXE to be stronger and do more terrain damage in the campaign. When playing a skirmish or online, artillery will have the stats listed in rules.ini
  2. dkeeton

    RA2/YR on Linux Mint

    Have you tried to change the Renderer in the client Display Settings?
  3. Have you tried to re-install the cncnet patches?
  4. dkeeton

    CNCNet bug?

    Is it the typing sounds from Settings->CnCNet->sounds?
  5. You need to download and extract http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/td-config.7z See:
  6. Can you extract the attached patch into your Yuri's game directory And you'll have to install xna: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=20914 yr-patch-dxfail.zip
  7. Download and install cncnet from https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download Make sure you are using the most recent installer you can download. Launch an campaign and there should be a speed adjustment slider in the menu. If you get a black/white/weird screen then open cncnet launcher and go to Settings->Display and set Renderer to cnc-ddraw. Retry campaign.
  8. The multiple factory bonus was changed to be like the ra2 bonus. Every new war factory you build reduces the build time by 15%.
  9. Have you let you let the client update itself after installation? Which renderer do you have set? What OS version are you using? Do you have the qm client open for ranked matches?
  10. Did you check your spam folder? Are you signing in here to send a new code? https://ladder.cncnet.org/account
  11. Do you have any problem logging in here? https://ladder.cncnet.org/account
  12. dkeeton

    Game will not run

    Can you run clientogl.exe from the Resources folder?
  13. dkeeton

    Game will not run

    Did you check the list of quarantined applications in your antivirus software?
  14. dkeeton

    Game will not run

    Can you check your antivirus to see if it's blocking clientdx.exe?
  15. I think it's in sound.ini which is probably somewhere in langmd.mix
  16. You are not limited in how much you can post.
  17. Can you log out of your account on the ladder webpage and then click the link from the most recent email?
  18. Have you checked your spam folder?
  19. Can you upload your EXCEPT_CNCNET file from your game directory?
  20. dkeeton

    Problem with update 5.2

    The XNA Framework problem has been fixed in the latest release (5.3).
  21. How many nicks should you be allowed to have in the ladder?
  22. dkeeton

    Problem with update 5.2

    It seems to be a bug we have now. Can you try to run the program clientxna.exe that's in the "Resources" directory?
  23. Did you click "Launch XNA version" ? Can you try to run clientxna.exe directly?
  24. When you extracted td-config, did you over write every file conflict? Can you try to install it into My Documents rather than C:\Westwood.
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