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  1. Try to update your graphics card drivers to the latest version. Search for a manual update at your graphics card vendor website. If that doesn't work, try to launch the application called clientogl.exe that's in the Resources folder of your Yuri's Revenge game installation directory. If that doesn't work download Microsoft XNA framework and install it then launch clientxna.exe from the same location.
  2. You can try to change the renderer to cnc-ddraw from within the cncnet display settings.
  3. Looks like you've screwed something up because you keep making new user accounts. Stop doing that. You only need 1 user account. If you've forgotten your password use the password reset function. https://ladder.cncnet.org/password/email (I'm being sarcastic here, I know you haven't fogotten your password because you keep logging into your other accounts) If you want to add more usernames to your account you can do that here https://ladder.cncnet.org/account
  4. Some people are talking about tournaments. Do we have any support?
  5. Maybe you need to run the mod with firestorm.
  6. dkeeton

    closing link by?

    Go to this website and follow the instructions there https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/
  7. Where were you when we spent weeks talking about the ladder map pool? Literally nobody said this during those arguments.
  8. Does it happen in both red alert 2 mode and in regular mode? Can you try deleting the version file from your game directory and restarting cncnet to get an forced update?
  9. Can you send a screen shot of the game setup window? What renderer are you using? (check the cncnet settings, ts-ddraw and cnc-ddraw commonly work for people)
  10. Try disabling p2p in the QM settings. You seem to have a bad connection or slow computer. Your average FPS is only 44 when every other player is 55+, this is probably why games end up being not-ready.
  11. Stop posting all your topics in the remaster forums. The game you cited there, one player surrendered after 35 seconds and never deployed his mcv.
  12. if TS-DDRAW works for your purpose then you should use it. If it doesn't, then you should try cnc-ddraw. No one will have any specific answer here. It's only opinions.
  13. dkeeton

    RA2 Yuri's

    Yes, as it says everywhere.
  14. you should move the files you want form audiomd.mix to audio.mix. XCC Mixer has 2 columns, so you can have 2 mixes opened at the same time and you can drag and drop stuff.
  15. Oh I see, you just need to use xcc mixer to extract the audio from langmd.mix and put in language.mix.
  16. What screen resolution do you uses? Your computer probably can't handle anything more than 1280x720.
  17. I've edited his post to make it easier for copy/paste. You paste it right into the text entry box in the game lobby.
  18. What's EotE?
  19. You use xcc mixer for it. I don't remember where exactly but there is a sound editor in one of the menus at the top.
  20. Here's the list I've put together from everyone's picks: Terrace TL Fix - Any Spawn - e1bf78bdb64b5bb3961004145f3a55d6bd899bee Terrace BR vs BL - 3 v 2 - e1bf78bdb64b5bb3961004145f3a55d6bd899bee Forest Fires - Any Spawn - 759904e072762066195aa234f52ac807d0fd7d38 Crater - Any Spawn - 1dc4ba19f22d502c7e643a1e22833a2cafe3caab Tiberium Garden Redux - Any Spawn - 072bac8a58e34540ed5cb281613fb9ed979cd9fc Pit or Plateau - Any Spawn - 417cc341a0e2b4dfe0f8d375743cb9502d2403e8 River Runs Near it - Any Spawn - a876cb4aa93c02b2e3643122464a60cf838abd71 Hidden Valley - 4 vs 3 - 98c0fb0f9841a8fcc39da73ec53d98467852468a Pentagram - Any Spawn - dacd37e40630f010521fa7c559a89febcb3f73a6 Xcapades - Any Spawn - 28f5fc7fdf91af940a05d35dc9a8224cd7c4a07c Tactical - 2 v 1 - a399692bf1919e37674cf969864ef15ad6839c12 Terrace - Vet - Any Spawn - 658555ca71c4f36c3887256359a249a18404ecf7 Terrace BR vs BL - Vet - 3 v 2 - 658555ca71c4f36c3887256359a249a18404ecf7 The Pit Vet - Any Spawn - a06996e1ef13c1183f352f066bbe897261baa114 Tunnel Training - Vet - Any Spawn - 89ee40e494ffd3f210d97623deaa11b0694935f9 Super Bridgehead Redux - Vet - Any Spawn - 16241741cb2510fe32e8a4de3d6e4754f03d0160 Grand Canyon - Vet Any Spawn - 27988dc6c264bce350f53ed0ee2257391e3b21c0 Tiberium Forest - Vet - Any Spawn - ffb54f5856e2a58b56a65adfab4223a3d34ca41d Jungle Wars - Vet - Any Spawn - 90dce2d446f7bd82b20536930345430cdfa3559e Tournament Rift - Vet - Any Spawn - 01b26bd962404c89d9cf1f71c8f2b83836f03a2c Dueling Islands - Vet - Firestorm - Any Spawn - 15005949dc958f95ee8e9c07d4b0e1431e9094ba They All Float - Firestorm - Any Spawn - 9c20d66f951e720540f823fa311d61aa398e1518 Tiers Of Sorrow - Firestorm - Any Spawn - 161ef72c45e40be8c3d1c907643b9d677a7b6350 Giants Of War [6] - Any Spawn - 945ca408eaf637a33d100ec5ccb0971dc66687d4 BBG [4] - Any Spawn - Grays 3v3 - Any Spawn - 46fdae048551153753943cbaa74a6efec59f2531 GSO - Any Spawn - There will be either 7 to 12 rejections allowed (Just enough to force people to play on some maps out of their comfort zone). I'll probably install them tomorrow.
  21. What CPU, GPU and screen resolution do you use?
  22. Sorry I got very busy I should be able to get to it on Saturday. It got 25 votes including almost everyone in the top 10. When we talked, the only map you wanted was a wildcard map that could be any WW map. If you'd like to list 4 other maps here I could incorporate them.
  23. Everyone's opinion has been heard. The ladder maps be updated in the next few weeks.
  24. Do you guys have specific spawn locations that any of those maps should use? The options we have are random diagonal (standard xwis/wol) or we can specify the spawn locations that the players will spawn into.
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