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a new kind of survival


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i developed this map off of my pre-existing random generation map, but its way more.

on map start you start with your mcv which deploys into a barracks and a use of a chronosphere/spysat to teleport onto any location on the
map, on which there are tens of dozens of random trigger-generated buildings to capture. then radar goes out and you scramble to capture 
a makeshift base before the AI steamrolls you. 

the AI itself also uses its chronosphere to teleport its mcv, and also captures buildings and attacks you with anything it can get its hands on. 
i have tested this map quite a bit with other players, and people mostly just get ganked and cant stand up to the custom computer, in a 
few games we have managed to beat it. players absolutely must scramble and work together to stand a chance. 

since the ai is autonomous, and not a bunch of spawn triggers, you can mix and match teams. fight 2v2 or 2v3 or 2v4 or 3v3 etc. even ally with comps if you want. 
the buildings and places the ai picks are random, so every game is different


-no lag 
-no crash
-no timers
-no monotony
-no unit spam
-no mods
- just a fresh, quick challenge for 2 or 3 experienced players; or solo skirmish with comps if you are into that sort of thing.

posted image

so this map comes in two flavors. you can do left-vs-right teams in the variant where the AI only picks right-side teleport points and only the left
side is unshrouded for player start. people seem to enjoy this one more. 

or you can do the one where the whole map is unshrouded, but the AI can pop up anywhere, if you are crazy.

mcpwnys random map (1 side).map mcpwnys random map.map

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