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  1. i didnt do the LAT tiling on this one, i just scripted it. its really a mission map for co-op teamplay but with a fast start of enemies in waves before map expand. just a little something for people who want a good teamplay map; better than the stupidly easy default co-op maps, different from boring literal spams of enemies maps. also no lag.
  2. i have developed another survival-esque map which is a hybrid of campaign and survival, combining actual AI and waves of enemies dynamically to provide a new kind of challenge to players. [email protected]'s heavily detailed "City under attack" forms the basis of this map, if you want you can get the original here: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=580597#580597 map suits 2 to 3 players feedback is appreciated, but unlikely city under attack coop.map
  3. tons of shitcode is putting it lightly, dont get me wrong mod maps are cool, but he straight up copy-pasted gamebreaking errors into like, dozens of maps. even the triggers and teams are copypasted screaming minimum effort to the max
  4. have you ever ever played a MISSING map that didnt crash? no but really this is a cool map, i wish there was more like it.
  5. at first i though "wow this looks good" then i looked at it closely. im pretty sure placing buildings over cliffs causes nasty issues these will break pathfinding and kill any AI on the map there ARE lat pieces in the editor for these... and this....
  6. i developed this map off of my pre-existing random generation map, but its way more. on map start you start with your mcv which deploys into a barracks and a use of a chronosphere/spysat to teleport onto any location on the map, on which there are tens of dozens of random trigger-generated buildings to capture. then radar goes out and you scramble to capture a makeshift base before the AI steamrolls you. the AI itself also uses its chronosphere to teleport its mcv, and also captures buildings and attacks you with anything it can get its hands on. i have tested this map quite a bit with other players, and people mostly just get ganked and cant stand up to the custom computer, in a few games we have managed to beat it. players absolutely must scramble and work together to stand a chance. since the ai is autonomous, and not a bunch of spawn triggers, you can mix and match teams. fight 2v2 or 2v3 or 2v4 or 3v3 etc. even ally with comps if you want. the buildings and places the ai picks are random, so every game is different -no lag -no crash -no timers -no monotony -no unit spam -no mods - just a fresh, quick challenge for 2 or 3 experienced players; or solo skirmish with comps if you are into that sort of thing. so this map comes in two flavors. you can do left-vs-right teams in the variant where the AI only picks right-side teleport points and only the left side is unshrouded for player start. people seem to enjoy this one more. or you can do the one where the whole map is unshrouded, but the AI can pop up anywhere, if you are crazy. mcpwnys random map (1 side).map mcpwnys random map.map
  7. ts maps can only use 100 (102 i think someone said to me once) if you go beyond that bad things happen. best case scenario scripted units shut down on moveto order. worst case is it causes some seriously weird crashing. ra2 goes up to 700
  8. hes kind of right though, no amount of encyclopedic knowledge of fa2 is going to answer a question as vague as that. anyway you look at it we need some more details dude
  9. i made a mod map over the last week for multiplay, and its convoluted. the players each start with an mcv, spysat, radar, and one use of a chronosphere to pick a starting point; after a timer the map then shrouds and the game starts. heres the catch. the mcv's deploy into barracks and the map is littered with tech buildings and player buildings. - no base building - no ore - up to six players - over 80 randomly generated buildings to capture for a base - heavily detailed with hundreds of more randomly generated objects a few extra tech buildings to capture: - capturing the tech einstiens lab lets players build tesla coils and pillboxes. (the only buildable structures on the map) - capturing the tech time machine gives force shield - capturing tech civ radars just gives radar at no power cost if one were to render the map it would look barren, but its thickly detailed with endless combinations of buildings across almost 300 waypoints and 50-ish triggers heres the map preview i used to dev the thing, bear in mind the players start on the edges of the map (atop the water) with just their mcvs i usually just make campaign maps but i thought this could be a fun idea. i know people here dont leave a lot of feedback, but since its an experimental concept and all, id appreciate peoples thoughts on it. especially if theres any balancing adjustments to be made. McP RandomestMap.map
  10. i think thats done by going to the entry that says Basic and adding a key that says Author=name here which is irrelevantly enough, one of the few INI flags you can set thats not from rules.ini
  11. sure you can. just take these keys and put them in you INI editor under edit→ini like so GASAND Crushable=no just avoid doing extensive modding via this ini editor, as you can break a map with a faulty ini input. maby even back up your map.
  12. guess its a restriction to campaign then.
  13. its a real simple trigger thats going to look exactly like this and then in the third one your going to put the house (singleplayer), or <player @> (multiplayer) or whatever that tag in ra2 is. im using finalTI but its all the same editor. then your going to have to attach that to every single sandbag.
  14. i just fired up the editor and checked, pre-assigning houses to wall buildings works fine in single player. i also got it to work via trigger action, so try it out.
  15. i dont think thats possible. in multiplayer a player cant own pre-placed buildings, and sandbags are structures which are immediately converted to overlay on map load. you could try a trigger with event being the default fire immediately and action being change house→player house, and attach that to each and every sand bag building to see if for some dumb reason triggers are read and fired before buildings in map load, but they probably arent tbh.
  16. use ctrl-d to sink the cliffs and look closely. you will see on the lower left your height indicator and that will tell you what is cliff and whats behind the cliff, so you can make it seamless. i dont think fa2 has an impassable invisible tile, but rocks should work (except chrono legionaries picking up crates) map looks pretty good dude.
  17. let me show you something. looks okay press ctrl-f for framework quick and now you can see a little better fix those little errors quick and press ctrl-d for down syndrome depressed tile mode quiCC you can see theres some more errors. so you might not notice these kinds of things on a multiplayer map between people, but little errors like these can make your computer AI's get stuck in little computational pathfinding loops and kill the whole AI outright. ra2 is kind of forgiving in this sense, but its smth to think about. also i want to mention that ravage is not even good at making maps, before he comes in here telling you what you did wrong and why you should eat some tide pods.
  18. i can see how a map like this could be hard to conceptualize, let alone physically make.
  19. thats so cute. he wanted to be next to you. damn thats cute. gosh i hope he pro edits my maps. that would be so cute. he should make pro quality singleplayer maps with his pro level balanC skills. that would be so good, i think that would be a very good thing. would play. 10/10
  20. i did make this map some time ago https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9221-catastrophe-park-v2/?tab=comments#comment-71149 its like a whole mod on a map, with flexible campaign-level AI scripting rather than brute force reinforcement triggers. its not survival nor mission, its like domination with a twist. anyways, you might find it amusing if singleplayer vs AI is your thing.
  21. by the way if you know anything about ini. editing, you can make the lightposts any color/brightness/size etc. pretty easy via 'insert ini file' function in fa2.
  22. did you um.. take it off of beginner mode?
  23. like, singleplayer maps where the AI is extremely aggressive?
  24. try moving them to the normal directory once.
  25. you could just say you dont want to play it, gee.
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