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  1. try moving them to the normal directory once.
  2. you could just say you dont want to play it, gee.
  3. i played your map and the yuri AI just kind of kept spamming miners. i could see how it would be amusing multiplayer. i got an IE while playing, though. it is actually possible to make the AI do what you want. most people dont play skirmish maps, but i think you might find some new concepts from the map below https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9221-catastrophe-park-v2/ that map is about as modded as a map can get
  4. i dont play really play multiplayer, i was just a hobbyist map modder, but i guess ill play it once. have you seen my maps by chance?
  5. you can place them as overlays in which case they connect in the editor, or place them as building in which the connect automatically on map loading.
  6. on dimmer, more subtle lights the water and green grass kind of suck up the color a little bit, the gems and ore overlays have a tendency to look a bit obnoxious under bright lighting. when rapidly testing .ini edit maps, in general, i found the easiest way was while running FA2 and RA2 at the same time, make a testing trigger that revealed all of map and gave me access to the stuff i was testing or whatever, and whenever you need to adjust a value you can minimize ra2, change something in fa2 (including insert ini file) hit save, switch back to ra2 and restart the map. this is the fastest way to test mods by far, and the second fastest way to check lighting, i guess. alright, have some fun with your map modding.
  7. thats odd, if you adjust the lamp posts in .ini and then render the map, it should render showing the modified lighting values
  8. you just... place them in the map editor... though neutral house enemies are annoying because your units will only attack them after being attacked by the neutral thing first, and individually.
  9. i do recall a glich when making tiberian sun maps where units spawned via trigger action 7 (reinforcement [team]) when spawned on the same tile as an APC, would spawn loaded inside of the APC, if that at all helps.
  10. looks like you are trying to load guardian GI's on a .mpr file, which would cause an IE
  11. McPwny

    [4] Storm

    the hell is wrong with you?
  12. its in a MIX file, you dont need to find it per say, but you need YOUR map file in your ra2 folder to have the same name and file extension in order for it to be read over the default one, if not it will just load the default campaign mission as usual. to literally spell it out: all01umd.map for YR, or all01t.map for RA2
  13. those would be save files for the first missions of the allied campaigns on ra2 and yr respectively, not actual map files.
  14. its been eight months and i decided to play with this more; its just a product of my own amusement and i dont really expect anyone to play this absurd hell hole of a map but i was pleased with myself enough to feel the need to post it anyways. its meant to be played left vs right teams with the AI, its so heavily modified im not sure how it would be handled by multiplayer servers or whatever. anyways; i have made the AI really, REALLY aggressive. via lots tons of ini editing and AI triggers. a lot can happen. the whole point of this map is to leave the player wondering "how do i actually not get smashed by the AI?" try it and see, or dont. makes very little difference to me. catastrophepark mk2 (2-6).yrm
  15. make sure your using the right file name, the yr and plain ra2 mission map names are different, make sure it also is using the right file extension. you should be able to load it like that, and even test changes after saving in FA2 and then hitting "restart mission" in game.
  16. i just know what it takes to make the AI do what you want on a skirmish map, i dont know what you would need to change or how cncnet handles maps or game modes.
  17. player locations. since its a skirmish map theres going to be a lot of limitations opposed to making a campaign map. many triggers wont work, your stuck using the "skirmish ai" which you can manipulate, but is just plain different. it looks like the buildings and units are assigned houses in that image, thats not going to work in skirmish you will have to make a timed trigger with action "change house" and attach it to everything. base nodes are also impossible in skirmish. i cant really get more specific without actually looking at it, but campaign maps and skirmish maps are two different animals entirely
  18. i mean you cannot have only one player on a skirmish map, you are going to need and ai player, and that ai player is going to need a spawn point defined, and at that spawn point an mcv will be placed at game start. there is absolutely no way around this. actually using the AI(s) of a skirmish map is a whole different story.
  19. your going to have to utilize at least one of the skirmish AI in the map, whether you actually make it build a custom base and units or just use it as a dummy to prevent game end, the mcv at least has to be present.
  20. the first one no not at all possible. the second would be relatively easy to put into a map via ini editing.
  21. alternatively you can use the ini editor built into FA2 to insert a custom ini file instead of using text editor on your map files. whatever. only rules.ini entries can be used but there is a trick to making use of the unused voxels in local.MIX. anyways you can make a large map preview by getting "cncmapsrenderer" a link to which is in a thread stickied to this forum.
  22. McPwny

    Mosh Pit (2-4)

    the trees are fine but i think it would benefit from some more lighting detailing, also i remember seeing a LAT tile error on one of the cliff ramps, though all in all its quite nice.
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