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  1. cant help but notice that the two units which are the most egregious aberrations to balance arent nerfed. one is considerably buffed, actually.... why is it that sub par maps get loaded because the community has no say in map selection and patches only a metafag would like get loaded because the community has no say in what gets patched?
  2. all your maps are top tier cccp and ive had fun playing a lot of them over cncnet. i hope they get official since they are by far better than most of the maps that have gotten officially ported with cncnet in recent years. you should consider also making a post in the map section of PPMforum with your maps. im sure there are a lot of mods that would love to use them.
  3. a weird bit of code is left behind in rules.ini where if you put a cow into an IFV, the IFV will have a weapon that shoots an overpowered purple laser, but as you can see at about 14:30, cows cannot even fit into IFVs...
  4. ive found that the best thing you can do with a tank destroyer is to attach it to allied IFV or flak track teams via guard area mission. ive got a quite a few full veterancy tank destroyers with 1 click like this and my allies always like me for it, too. though thats about all they are good for imo.
  5. McPwny

    fa2 updated

    please report any bugs you find in detail so they can be fixed. dont be so quick to dismiss such a breakthrough in fa2 usability just because you cant make.... obscenely large game breaking maps? for now. consider going to the github and helping the devs or contributing to them directly mo is generally despised by cnc modders because of its cringey anime stuff and because they lock down their files. last i looked they simply used a normal version of fa2 patched to read their mix and and ares. this version already does those things and more, and i expect you will probably see it included with future MO map editor releases.
  6. McPwny

    fa2 updated

    i know that there is a bit of a disconnect between the cncnet multiplay community and the ra2 modding community, but i wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know that we have had some some nice updates with the fa2 map maker recently. we have an improved version of the editor up and running that has some pretty slick features included such as an improvements to the GUI, bug fixes, ability to clone scripts and teams, a tile manager, showing hidden script/trigger actions, and a bunch of other stuff. https://ppmforums.com/download.php?id=71645 to install and use it: extract the files into a folder, then run the fa2.exe in the folder. when it prompts you, tell it the .exe of your ra2 installation. after you are done with that, close fa2 and run the bat file called "RunFA2sp" to launch the modified version of FA2. the mod to fa2 works the same way that 'ares' works, so thats why it needs you to tell it the .exe location and also why you have to use the bat file instead of the .exe. remember that the fa2 exe will run normal fa2 and the bat file will run upgraded fa2. keep in mind that this version was made for modders and includes some ares specific functions that wont work with CNCNET multiplayer. they are all clearly labeled as ares functions so dont worry. this build is still a work in progress so hopefully we have more updates in the near future. if anyone is curious, here is the github to the mod's development: https://github.com/secsome/FA2sp EDIT: i will try and keep the link for the fa2 mod updated to the current version. it is a work in progress so please report any bugs that you may find when using it in detail
  7. i dont know how these old mod launcher things worked, but i can see that included are a bunch of .tem terrain files and nothing else. the index text file that opens from the mod launcher says that it will write an expand and ecache mix into the folder when launched, and that it contains several voxels, a csf file, rules and art, and the map. but the exe file is 475 kb which is way less than the sum of the size of those files.... also, the lunar theater reads .lun extension lunar terrain tiles and not .tem extension temperate ones so i am really baffled by this
  8. Sensors= and SensorsSight= actually work independently of eachother and both arent needed. also, SensorsSight= is the tag responsible for that bug where a squids sometimes still uncloak enemy units on the tile where they were destroyed
  9. so you take the EIP number, 0073C762, and look it up on this page and see if it is a known error. https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Internal_Error#Known_causes_of_Internal_Errors_and_their_EIPs in the case of this crash report, you can tell the problem has to do with a faulty Image= entry or something along those lines otherwise if its not there, you will have to debug it manually, or take this error file to one of the guys that knows how to read it like tomsons
  10. i thought cncnet had separate except files named EXCEPT_CNCNET or something like that. your best bet is to test run the map in vanilla and try and replicate the crash. that way when and if you replicate it you can rule out cncnet. i tend to spawn an invincible modded battle fortress, some prism tanks and GGIs, then set the game speed to max and see what happens when i test maps, personally
  11. if its internal error, the log you want to be looking at is the except text file. you can cross reference the eip number with known errors from a list on modenc, or you can find and ask one of the people that know how to read them in depth and they might be able to give you specific info on the crash. the cncnet client adds an extra layer of complexity to it because the client itself is known to crash, especially on mod maps, in instances where vanilla ra2 does not.
  12. i get a stupid error that says "could not initialize scenario" when i try to play it i dont work on any mods actively, i just make graphics now and then. i tend to make them public so everyone can use them, which i suppose cant be done with mod campaign maps. you would have to pick a mod with steady development like ROTE if you wanted to try that route. theres actually a lot of mods that have lots of content and have been in development for years, but dont have public versions because modders... dont always use brains. you would want to avoid mapping for anyone that wont step up to the plate with public releases though they will probably ask.
  13. sucks that i cant play this. i tried and vanilla ra2 absolutely refuses to play campaign maps for me. have you ever considered making maps for a mod? there are a lot of mods for ra2 that badly need campaign mappers and it has a lot of upsides like potentially more players, new terrain, new game and fa2 logics, art.ini editing, and the appreciation of a mod's team.
  14. thats the armory logic from tiberian sun that still works in red alert 2 but is unused. if i remember right, the armory has bugs if you dont give it a rally point which is probably why they used it with a cloning vat. it should work with barracks too, but it will cause the AI to make double infantry if it owns one.
  15. 1 entered by doesnt work in multiplayer except for the special case where you can use entered by: -1 and it fires whenever any unit from any house enters the celltag or structure 2 no, the only houses that arent the auto generated player houses that get loaded into multiplayer are neutral and special. houses like the ones used for france or russia dont get treated the same way and wont work. i think there is a map trigger you can use to force house alliances in maps, but i havent tested it in multiplay personally 3 im not familiar with ra1's trigger system, but in fa2 and finalsun, standard triggers fire once when all the events are met, and repeating ones fire every time the events are met (which means that for most events that arent 'elapsed time' or 'random time', it will fire constantly on every frame), you can make a trigger that fires once every time the conditions are met by making one of its events be "local is set" and one of its actions be "clear local". 4 ts had the limit of 104 waypoints and i think ra2 had it too, but in yr the limit is something like 700+ waypoints. theres no real limit on things like trigger number or team number in yr, and indeed ive made maps with 400+ waypoints and hundreds of triggers with no issues.
  16. normal ore mines wont work which would deplete the whole point of having a gem mine in the first place... too bad westwood never enabled the logic. ra2 was branched off of a beta version of ts; probably before blue tib aka gem spreading was added.
  17. tiberium used to grow fast in tibsun. the growing code still half-assedly works and westwood made ore grow slowly probably as an easy fix to ore trees only filling the 8 adjacent tiles. some of the stuff is hardcoded and some of it is in the actual default settings for map files.
  18. SpawnReloadRate= is used on the aircraft carrier and has to do with how fast the units get back into the carrier. the way that missiles and aircraft are spawned uses the same logic, but obviously the missiles dont return to the thing that fires them so the tag is set to 0.
  19. of course they would never change the game even though i know the current cncnet devs hate the meta faggotry of vanilla gameplay, but even if you did tweak the speed/ROT/acceleration of rhinos, they would still absolutely crap on everything but base defenses and battle fortresses head to head, so it should be fine i think. tho i agree with what the other guy said about allies being too stronk late game
  20. units have never gained veterancy when firing from a battle fortress, the experience has always gone directly to the battle fortress
  21. the threat rating system doesnt really work to let only certain units appear as threats to only certain other units. you could make it work by adjusting the warheads and armors since units cannot even target things if their weapons warhead has a 0% versus against the armor type of the enemy unit, but the number of armors there is ingame is hardcoded and you cannot add any in vanilla ra2 / yr
  22. give those mailboxes the Immune= tag so they dont get knocked out with a nuke
  23. learn how to make maps with cliffs anyways. use the framework mode (ctrl + f) and the depressed tile mode ( d key )
  24. McPwny

    INI files

    download XCC mixer and use it to open the mix files and extract rules.ini into your ra2 folder
  25. i suppose you could ini edit it. of course, you could also add a civilian power plant to the map outside of visible boundaries, too.
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