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CnCNet5_YR_Installer cause's a breaking single player issue.


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I installed this for better stability as I mainly play the single player.

RA2 works 100% fine (visually)

Yuri's Revenge how ever has a screen size issue, that cause's magnification quite high and focus's on the bottem left of the screen.
When i go into the menu when on a level / skirmish, the resolution is correct.
But when playing or at the main game menu the resolution is incorrect.

How can i go about fixing this?





I have managed to fix the problem myself, by going into the "Yuri's Revenge CnCNet" Executable for the multiplayer and changing this setting linked below.

Now when i play the single player the game doesn't go to crap view.


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Yeah, the default setting "TS-DDRAW (GL)" doesn't always work for everyone, sometimes there are issues with the graphic card drivers or other the hardware is too old to support opengl.


You probably can't alt+tab out of the game now with the "Default" setting, you could maybe try "CNC-DDRAW (d3d9)" or ""DDRAWCompat" instead.

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Correct " DDRAWCompat" works the best.

(I tried all of them and they suffer with the game freeze bug, bar the last render on the list fortunatly)

I also had the issue with the game crash memory bug, I heard about with RA2 and YR when playing both games.
I tried the memory bug fix CnCGraphicsPatch.exe which didnt work for YR. But that "DDRAWCompat" seems to have fixed the random game freezes I was suffering with.

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