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  1. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    Red Alert Disabled SSE to prevent crashes on old computers Fix for radar cell_color crash (0x0049ef34) The game will now try to switch the resolution in case the chosen one is not supported Fixed a bug that caused spectators to lag games Possible fix for hires clear crash (0x005c4e27) Fixed a bug where the game sometimes didn't exit when only 1 player was left (Quick Match) Fixed a bug where CoOp (Defense) maps didn't connect players properly and everyone was playing alone in a separate game Added simple frameskip to slow down rendering on old computers (This hopefully prevents lag) Fixed a bug that could cause a connection failure (Windows 10 Fall Creators update) Ladder games are now working again Tiberian Dawn Fixed a bug that could cause a connection failure (Windows 10 Fall Creators update)
  2. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client The map browser (left click the map preview) supports now mousewheel scrolling and category selection via mouse button 4/5 Tiberian Sun A bug was fixed that could give players an unfair advantage 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies (default: Backspace) and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8) Red Alert The limits have been raised, Infantry:500->550, Buildings: 600->650, Aircrafts: 100->150, Units: 500->650, Vessels: 100->150 A bug was fixed that caused the game to glitch (Crash/OOS/Disconnect) when the unit limit was reached, sidebar icons will not gray out anymore when the limit was reached and you don't need to right click to be able to build again 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies via Backspace and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8)
  3. Make sure to lock up during the holiday season!

    That's really crazy, glad to hear you both are fine at least
  4. Ports, Pings and stuff

    Each computer needs its own port forwarding settings, you probably forwarded it to the old computer only. If you want both forwarded then you need to go into Settings->CnCNet->Game Settings and change your port to something else on the new computer, e.g. 8055 (old pc keeps 8054) Then log in to your router and forward 8055 to your new pc and keep the old pc forwarded to 8054 But TBH, you don't really need to forward any ports, it will work fine without that too
  5. Black screen if i return to window

    how about window mode? or stretched to full screen?
  6. Microsoft is spreading their new "Fall Creators" update, unfortunately there are several issues that may prevent you from playing once you have it installed: Uncontrollable fast mouse cursor. (Red Alert / Tiberian Dawn) Solutions: Disable window mode in the settings program. If your game installation is too old then this might not be enough, please re-download the games Red Alert: https://downloads.cncnet.org/RedAlert1_Online_Installer.exe Tiberian Dawn: https://downloads.cncnet.org/TiberianDawn_Online_installer.exe Connections to most CnCNet Servers are not working (resulting in laggy games). (Red Alert/Tiberian Dawn/Tiberian Sun/Dune 2000) Solutions: None yet Update: A workaround was added, the players that were affected by the bug (non working p2p connections) should be able to play fast games again Games fail to connect. (Yuri's Revenge/DTA + All games launched from the Quick Match client) Solutions: None yet Update: We fixed the bug and the update will be pushed soon You can delay the update, check google for more info: https://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+delay+the+Windows+10+Fall+Creators+Update
  7. RA2 installation

    You can change your resolution via the settings files, example files are here: RA2: http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/RedAlert2/RA2.INI YR: http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/RedAlert2/RA2MD.INI To play online you'll need to download the client, for the campaign you don't need it
  8. Mouse bug since Windows 10 update.

    The problem is known with the new windows update "Fall Creators". Workaround: Open ddraw.ini in your game folder and set "mhack=false" and "windowed=false" Window mode is not working anymore with Fall Creators, not sure yet if we have to fix it or if microsoft does For recording use OBS (using display capture), or you can also press WIN+G on your keyboard to open the windows 10 recorder, both are working fine with C&C1
  9. Black screen if i return to window

    Never heard of such a problem yet in Red Alert, what renderer have you enabled in the settings?
  10. RA2 installation

    What didn't work, how far did you get? If I remember right, the problem you reported initially is caused by missing SafeDisc and should be fixed by step 1 If you are not using Windows XP, make sure you have re-enabled the SafeDisc driver by these guidelines.
  11. Ports, Pings and stuff

    Pings can become a bit higher when they increase your connection speed, that's because they're using new techniques to send more data through the same old physical lines. I don't really know much about cable connections but on DSL for example theres something called "interleaving" which is some kind of error correction they were forced to enable to make higher speeds possible. My ping also went from 6ms to 18ms when I upgraded my connection, there's nothing you can do about that I guess that one bad ping might have just been bad luck, try some more pings and keep an eye on it. If all are below 50 then you're good to go, this wont be any problem
  12. Impossible to launch a multiplayer Game

    I'm still not sure what happens, so just to make it clear. The game always starts for you and you always see the following screen? On that screen it is crashing? What is the exact error message of the crash? I noticed that you left very quickly when we tested, you didn't even give it the time to connect, maybe thats the problem. Wait at least 10seconds on this screen. Or was it crashing and forced you to leave this screen?
  13. Impossible to launch a multiplayer Game

    Type the following command and then retry: /bridge
  14. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    Crashing while displaying a in-game message, maybe the message is missing from the map file?
  15. C&C Gold Headache

    mhack=false only works with windowed=False, can't have a window without mhack sadly. Why you had to enable the nocd manually, I don't know... never heard of such a problem, it's getting too mysterious I can only give you one more advice, if that doesn't work then you probably really can't play the game... Disable Dpi scaling system wide (set to the default, 100%) https://www.tenforums.com/attachments/tutorials/118914d1485976242t-change-dpi-scaling-level-displays-windows-10-a-dpi_in_settings-1.png?s=9b3f934875f7fed40d5ad4f365390e52 Once set to 100%, restart you computer and try again
  16. C&C Gold Headache

    The menu issues are caused by high dpi scaling in combination with the mhack=True setting in ddraw.ini, if the dpi compat mode doesn't work for you then try to set mhack=false and see if that works. Btw, try the multiplayer installer and see if that one works for you (This one is made by me, not nyerguds) https://downloads.cncnet.org/TiberianDawn_Online_installer.exe Try to play a skirmish with it. This one also allows you to press ALT+ENTER to switch between Fullscreen and window mode, try to play around with that too
  17. C&C Gold Headache

    It works fine for me if I follow all 3 steps. 1) Open CCConfig.exe and make sure "Use CnC-DDraw" and "Limit frame rate" are checked. This one gets your game running on windows 10, "Use CnC-DDraw" for fast rendering and "Limit frame rate" for slower scrollrate 2) Rename your c&c95.exe to c&c95_123.exe and make a new shortcut for it on your desktop This prevents the memory error on startup 3) Right click c&c95_123.exe, Properties->Compatibility, make sure "disable display scaling on High DPI settings" is checked and all other settings are disabled (Don't enable any other compat mode!) This is fixing the uncontrollable mouse cursor and the frozen main menu bug I don't have any issues with the intro movie, so I'm not sure what that is about. You can disable the intro in conquer.ini , maybe that helps [Intro] PlayIntro=No Tested on windows 10 64bit (creators update)
  18. C&C Gold Headache

    I never tried with videos tbh, I will have a look and see what happens Use override it and select scaling performed by: Application
  19. C&C Gold Headache

    This should work: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6919-cc-gold-does-not-start/?do=findComment&comment=60821
  20. C&C Gold does not start

    I recently found out whats the problem with that, the following steps should help you to sort it out: 1) Open CCConfig.exe and make sure "Use CnC-DDraw" and "Limit frame rate" are checked. 2) Rename your c&c95.exe to c&c95_123.exe and make a new shortcut for it on your desktop 3) Right click c&c95_123.exe, Properties->Compatibility, make sure "disable display scaling on High DPI settings" is checked and all other settings are disabled (Don't enable any other compat mode!) Hopefully Nyerguds can update his installer soon so we don't run into these problems anymore
  21. Error Starting CNCGold

    are you trying to play the campaign or multiplayer? If campaign, rename your C&C95.exe to C&C95_123.exe and try to start it like this. Don't enable any compat modes
  22. Right Click Mod

    No there is nothing like that
  23. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    It's a known problem atm, try to rename your game executable C&C95.exe to C&C95_123.exe and see if that works. Waiting for Nyerguds currently to get this sorted out. The config program enables some compatibility modes that break the game, you can get an updated version of it here: http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/td-config.7z Looking forward to your new RA1 videos btw (I don't like to watch the RA2 and MO ones...)
  24. New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    OpenGL and GDI have all the new updates such as ALT+ENTER to switch from window to fullscreen, trying that feature should be the easiest way to test if it works. Note: if you run it in a window with a custom res that isn't supported in fullscreen then it wont switch
  25. Added some new features such as saving position of the window and alt+enter to switch between window/full screen. https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases Download cnc-ddraw.zip and extract ddraw.dll into your game folder. (You may not want to extract ddraw.ini, otherwise you may override your settings)