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  1. Please choose which maps should be removed and which ones should be added
  2. red alert

    Edit the map (make sure you also change the name of it slightly to ensure you will find it again - e.g. "liquid gold rush by bakenast"), save it and then restart cncnet. Now you can search for the map by clicking on the map preview to open the map browser
  3. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    better use gameranger or tunngle if you compare online games, xwis has a gigantic delay (Framesendrate 10), it's not good to use to compare anything Maybe it can be tested on skirmish too
  4. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Please keep this clean, we had other threads about the ra2mode before and a lot people just spammed random stuff without being any useful at all. If you know a difference, post it up here. No "ra2mode sucks" or other random stuff please. I removed the spam
  5. Tiberian sun campaign black screen

    That error is weird, are you using the version from origin? If that's the case, make sure origin doesn't update your game, it will just break it. Then apply TSpatch again. Also, make sure you allow it in your security programs, otherwise the launcher can't start the game/cncnet
  6. Tiberian sun campaign black screen

    Try to apply the following patch: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/
  7. New Red Zone v1 Map

    You can try to search the cncnet database http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=red zone
  8. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client Fixed a bug caused by long nicknames You can now press enter on the map browser to select/suggest the first map in the list Top 3 ladder players are now shown in the main lobby
  9. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client The map browser (left click the map preview) supports now mousewheel scrolling and category selection via mouse button 4/5 Tiberian Sun A bug was fixed that could give players an unfair advantage 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies (default: Backspace) and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8) Red Alert The limits have been raised, Infantry:500->550, Buildings: 600->650, Aircrafts: 100->150, Units: 500->650, Vessels: 100->150 A bug was fixed that caused the game to glitch (Crash/OOS/Disconnect) when the unit limit was reached, sidebar icons will not gray out anymore when the limit was reached and you don't need to right click to be able to build again 2 New hotkeys were added, ChatToAllies via Backspace and global chat is now available via Return (same as F8)
  10. Learning to live stream

    hm, why don't you change the resolution of the game and make it a bit higher? Is that 800x600 what you using there?
  11. CnC5Net Has stopped working

    How did you get past the "Access Denied", that's already very unusual and might be related to the problem you're having now

    I just had a quick look into the YR patches and it seems like the rage quit patch wasn't finished for YR, so what you're saying makes sense... don't use alt+f4 (yet)
  13. Noob questions RA1

    Select one of their units/buildings and press "A" on your keyboard

    [Alt]+[F4] should do exactly the same as going into the menus and pressing the buttons (we have a patch for that in all games) By default [Alt]+[F4] will terminate the program, but with the patch it actually just calls the function that the abort button would call too (clean exit) We call it the "Rage quit patch"

    I don't think it's freezing, just invisible. If you want to leave a game, press [Alt]+[F4], it will do a clean exit just like pressing the button in the menu
  16. I'm not sure if you tagged this right, are you sure you're talking about "Dawn of the Tiberium Age" (aka DTA, the Tiberian Sun mod), or are you talking about "Tiberian Dawn" (aka C&C1, the first command and conquer game)? I don't know what the filename is for "Dawn of the Tiberium Age", @Bittah Commander or @Rampastring can answer this. For Tiberian Dawn the filename is cncnet5.exe
  17. Multiplayer details

    Yep, we got exactly what you're looking for. You can play the game online here without port forwarding or any settings. AI players can be added with the button in the top right in the gameroom. We also added support for real multiplayer missions and other types of Co-Operation maps. You can also choose the difficulty per AI player now and even select their house. If you want to try out the new Co-Operation maps then make sure you pay attention to the title of the map, 3P 4AI for example means that you need 3 human players and 4 AI players for the chosen map. If you have the game already, you can just copy CnCNet into your game folder and start it up: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet5.exe Alternatively you can also get the Gruntmods Edition of Dune 2000 which has CnCNet already included: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
  18. CnC5Net Has stopped working

    Did you manage to get past the error you posted here? https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8099-access-is-denied/ I guess it might be the same problem still, third-party security tools
  19. Access Is Denied

    this should only happen if you install third-party security programs, never heard that windows defender/ windows firewall would be doing something like this.
  20. Access Is Denied

    Make sure you allow it in your security programs
  21. This is caused by your anti-virus for sure, try to uninstall the anti-virus and use a different one that's easier to use maybe. Avira used to be good
  22. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client Improved automatic server choice for chinese players Red Alert Possible fix for hires clear crash, hopefully this time it works (0x005c4e27) 3 Custom colors for AI players in CoOp maps should be working again - Example: [Greece]Color=8 [Turkey]Color=9 [France]Color=10 Spectators can now click on power plants to see the power level of the players, click on refineries/silos to see their credits and storage and also see what building is set to primary You can now kick individual spectators by adding a part of their name after the !spec command - Example: !spec ABC (case sensitive) Maps can now automatically ally players by waypoints - http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ra&age=0&search=autoally
  23. New Twitch Livestream page live

    All channels were added
  24. with allies you need to use hotkeys, otherwise they're not that good. Try to win the gold medal challenge https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3673-cncnet-gold-medal-challenge-reset-red-alert-1/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FcKV7JEQMk
  25. Converting 8bit ddraw surface to 32-bit

    If you want a quick solution without coding anything, try this https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd145089(v=vs.85).aspx It's very slow though, that's why I didn't include it with cnc-ddraw 2 Examples below (640x400 stretched to 960x600), default vs halftone