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[INI EDIT] Is it possible to edit the veterancy bonus from spy infiltrations


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when a spy infiltrates an enemy building you can start to produce veteran units.

I‘m trying to change the bonus from veteran to elite but I was not able to find any value related to that in the rules.ini.

Does anybody know if it‘s possible to even edit it and how to do it? I can only imagine that it may need multiple entries because you need to infiltrate both the war factory and the barracks if you want veteran infantry training coupled with veteran vehicle production.

I‘m also aware that you can set all units to be trained as elites from the start of the match but I would like to couple it with the spy bonus for it to be a reward for a well made insertion.

Perhaps it is also possible to make the bonus stackable, so that you need to infiltrate a barrack twice, before you can recruit elites? Could be an alternative way to the goal?

Sorry for the long post, I just hope that someone can help with my rather unconventional ”problem“.

Many thanks in advance!

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