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  1. Back to 2015 it wasn't "upset a lot of people". The ones who wanted to mod their game just switched settings. File check was part of checking game version system to prevent reconn errors I guess, because sometimes 2 copies of YR game v1.001 installed from different installation packages was giving a reconn error. Since CnCNet Client usually changing game files a lot I suggest you to avoid keeping your unique mod files in this game folder, becasue you may lose them in any moment if you have auto-update enabled.
  2. Thay will make updater which deletes crate image from your folder (nice if thay check the checksum). Client version v2 was deleting all mod files from game folder if they wasn't match to original unless you have AllowMods=yes in some client ini file. Btw this image a little uncentered in game so it's hard to pick up. client 8.6 still has all the problems of 8.5.
  3. For Fun Game version of The Alamo v3 - Blitz map from RA2cashGames.com but with removed a "Blitz" timer (game doesn't have forced end now) and correctly working in Red Alert 2 mode of the CnCNet Client. For fast, fun and intense games. Author of the original map: Burg, Snark. Game type: PvP. Description: Refineries and miners are removed - build oil derricks to gain money. Oil derricks cost power. All structures are immune to engineers. FFG version - changes from the original: "Blitz" timer disabled. Fixed incorrect RA2 mode structures availability. Chrono legionnaire can't turn oil derricks to be useless by freezing them for a moment - literally can't attack them at all anymore. Less damage from oil explosions. AI players now are able to build oil derricks. But proper work of AI players isn't tested on this map. v1.3: No Yuri/No France option doesn't break Allied side gameplay. Info for the devs: Map preview. Download v1.3: 40109396e5474f8056935ae60235a99dd0c9d847.map
  4. Another problem in new CnCClient: a player able to have the same color as one of the AI players. That wasn't be possible before.
  5. What did you do to picking Random faction algorithm? I keep getting Germany nearly every game. Played like ~80 games as a "Random" and like half of them I was Germany! @burg93 @admin
  6. Some old maps is unable to transfer to new players. Map is http://mapdb.cncnet.org/yr/fe91b722329ed4b212197fab8cc35a6dfc1ea7ec.zip Uploaded 2018-06-17 17:43 and didn't have any transfer problems back then. Today I tried to play this map again and nobody could download it. I tried it on different tunnel servers without any luck.
  7. Look into "Unfar survival" map by Aerion.
  8. Version 8.4 Bug appears again.
  9. New cheat: people lag when losing. Happens often enough to assume that as purposely intended action. Game fps drops like to 5-10.
  10. Here you not go because he knows how to do that. Delete your video.
  11. I guess forbidding unit production is not the solution if people prefer to wait and build army and attack after some certain time from the start. Even if all units not available for purchasing, war and slave miners able to attack. And people may gain GIs/Conscripts/Initiates/Enginners from their buildings just by selling them. Paradrop is also might be used to get free infantry if you don't know how to turn it off for some time by using AuxBuildng setting. Alternative solution - maps with pre-built bases and some starting army as reinforcement. You may also try to solve all problems described above. But it is quite boring fact to have a game where you can (even in the begining) just build a base buildings without crew and without having ore miners (or properly working ones) in some way. Maybe just change a game? Some RTS games have no-rush settings. For example Stronghold Crusader has no-attack for X minutes setting. RA2 and YR are not supposed to have such type of gameplay.
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