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  1. =Dummy If you copy-pasted the code from original unit and original unit doesn't have `Image=` setting, you have to add string: Image=`name of the original unit` Good luck.
  2. It was. Soviets had cloning vats and psychic technologies.
  3. I did. This guy uses automated modding (using scripts) of maps made by other players. Most of his maps have tonns of unnecessary shitcode. And сhanging author name without original author agreement, to put it mildly, is not good aswell.
  4. From my experienve there are always kind of people who prefer moer complicated and even more imbalanced games at the same time some of them are complaining about imbalances. Looks like kind of internal conflict in the head they won't get rid of. Others of them have many other reasons of their preferrences. And yeah, your opinion is good. Not to mention how difficult to catch BF with rhino tanks. If your enemy is experienced player this is almost impossible. Tank control takes way more brain activity for making momental decisions compared to just runaway + mirage cover tactic which available to every noob (TOE players with their 20 min no-attck usually take allied fractions and camps with BFs, but they are bad at other maps). Complitely agree with your comment.
  5. SW off, soviets, allied enemy built BF with GGI: gg, you'll never win that. Allies OP. SW on, soviets, allied enemy built BF with GGI: use iron curtain. Use Yuri faction. Allies vs allies: use mirage tanks, chonosphere and prism tanks. Use rocketeers as fodder to distract BF missiles. Hospital makes rocketers very resistant to GGI attack.
  6. Hi, I think this is the result of modern games influence. Modern kids are pussies. You need to find and play with people who don't care about opponent's side. There are not many of them, but they are. You can play quick match also.
  7. https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Waypoints
  8. @Reaperius-17 Don't take Ravage's sarcasm too serious, he's never been on good behavior. Your problem was discussed on this forum many times, you can easily find the solution. @RaVaGe I suppose you wrote your post in the evening or midnight and you didn't have effort to find your posts with solution of this problem. Instead of that you decided to turn all your daily rage into the post above with a subsense "haha, look that guy is so noob". I think you should stop your trolling and apologize to him.
  9. You have to install RA2 and YR games before installing the cncnet client. You can search video on Youtube with the tutuorial. RA2 and YR online versions you can download from XWIS forums.
  10. Some years ago, when I installed the cncnet client, it automatically renamed all of my .yrm maps and replaced them into "maps\custom" folder. Has this feature been removed?
  11. Old version better. The new one is pretty limited: only 30 maps in output and 1 year age limit make impossbe to find good old maps. Only good things there are visual design and ability to search maps using omly single char as a query. So single-char named maps should be findable now if to filter maps with longer names. Upd1: Bug: it finds only TD maps, if query entered by text box on the top of the page. Upd2: Nope, it just refreshes the page after enter key pressed. Is that a bug or a feature? Confused me, because I didn't notice live search there. I suggest you to make possible to have deeper (unlimited) search, not a live search if you care about system load.
  12. Hey, there are 200-300 pls and most of them 12-15 years old. They run YR game as easy as a flash game in their Crome browser, spent 5 min to play Extra small or rezdonez or some shit in center, and leave this game forever as any other shit game. All you see 200-300 playera is just a part of young kids flow who don't give a fuck about forums, they prefer facebooks instagrams and "amazing" kikemTAMITOSES on youtube vids. You are prob too old to understand them. Have a nice day!
  13. Looks good. The only thing I insist is an optopn for choosing 2 or 3 columns sidebar view.
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