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  1. Some triggers don't work in skirmish and multiplayer. This one either.
  2. Did you try to pick different renderer (in client settings)? If any of the different renderers doesn't help. Look into video card settings and look for any settings related to scaling in games/fullscreen mode/direct draw. It is probably set as "1:1" while must to be set as "stretch to full screen". Here is an example: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1968 https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/103892/every-game-i-play-with-a-4-3-aspect-ratio-in-fullscreen-mode-gets-stretched-on-my-widescreen-monitor/ https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/stretched-non-native-resolution-in-fullscreen.11042132/ https://www.reddit.com/r/FortniteCompetitive/comments/9qoo01/how_to_run_stretched_resolution_in_fullscreen/
  3. I looked into these triggers recently. You can force players aliiances only if they have set some particular countries before game start. You can just make a description what settings requred to play your map properly. Also they can set up teams (alliannces) from the game lobby menu. The entry you gave above doesn't complitely work for multiplayer and skirmish games. All flags working only in "Campaign" mode. Players don't like this kind of maps becasue routine of game folder search - copy - paste - delete mission file comes with it.
  4. ok, keep your solution as a real secret, so nobody could easily find it.
  5. Ezer_2000

    fa2 updated

    This mod doesn't let to create map over W*H=40 000 tiles, which makes it pretty useless with all its bugs. Game supports around 60 000 - 65 000 tiles in the map. Mental omega team have their own FA2 mod which allows to edit bigger maps. But they are not sharing it.
  6. Did you test your map only with the some particular players? Some game installations cause Internal error in modded maps in multiplayer.
  7. The work on map is in progress. Map download removed. Thanks a lot to everyone who spend all those hours of personal time to play and try it! You guys have done a great job and helped me a lot! After this successful experience I planned to make some small changes and few easier versions of this map. For the ones, who already downloaded it: this map is possible to win. Thank you a lot!
  8. What rules do you mean? You can't write any alliances for skirmish or multiplayer by default game ini flags. All flags like "Author=" etc. were made by CnCNet team developers. They won't work in original game. I also never see manual for those new flags, maybe they have it somewhere on github or somewhere else, idk. I suppose they just don't want share it. Ask @Rampastring for more info. You also can research "Cooperative" game mode where alliances and other game settings are set up by separate ini files.
  9. Just open one of the official Westwood maps where naval yards aren't allowed (without water) and find it out
  10. @Concolor1 is not fully correct. TechLevel is a leftover setting from TS and earlier games where Maximum Tech Level setting is available from dropdown menu in custom multiplayer and skirmish game settings. After game starts, anything with higher TechLevel value is not allowed to build. So it is a kind of setting intended for "smooth" adjusting maximum tech level for units and structures available in gameplay. In RA2 and YR this setting used only for the AI purposes. Player's setting was removed for balance purposes, however "Meat Grinder" mode as a low-tech mode is available. TechLevel=-1 makes the building not available for a player. AI still can build it. Techlevel=11 (above maximum) removes building for AI and for a player. Tanya can't destroy it, because FakeC4 weapon is used.
  11. That's simple. You should do that action for both sides. 1. Side A ally to B. 2. Side B ally to A. - full alliance. This is similar to making an alliance in multiplayer when both players have to click the checkbox. You can press TAB button and look if the alliance box is half-checked I told you the right way. P.s. Sorry, you can't actually check this thing for "neutral" players. But you can do that with active sides (human or AI).
  12. Try different video renderer.
  13. Welcome to RA2(YR actually, but RA2 better)! It's good to see when people decide to move on and go to ra2, because this game is more new and better. For topic: 2. You can't place more than 8 players on the map. No matter AI or human. Total max is 8. However I had Red Alert 2 (not Yuri) maps with Civilian reinforcements (aggressive to any other human player). 3. IDK what are you talking about. Standard - trigger fires only once. Standard trigger attached to some group of objects will fire once for every existing/created/destroyed object. You can use local variables (all of them are boolean) to create more complicated logic. 4. Hmm... Few thousands? You can google it. I did that before and found that info useless. Becasue this values are quite big to pay attention when CnCNet max map file size available for transfer is 500-700 kb (admin changed this value few times so only he knows correct number) and map file size exceeds this limit faster than limit of available number of teams/scripts/triggers etc. I had map with over 800 and 200 teamtypes triggers working perfectly here, so I suggest you do not give a fuck about it. Oh... Repeating trigger fires every frame if all event conditions are TRUE.
  14. How to Help Your Kid Handle Toxic Behavior Online
  15. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6188-gap-generators-and-reconnection-errors/
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