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  1. They should remove ALT+F4 feature from the game.
  2. Yes. The coronavirus consequence.
  3. Yes. Engi rush is a gay move. Change avatar.
  4. This is in-game cd-protection. Works if registry keys aren't installed or was installed in wrong way (happens in modern OS). Download no-cd patch or use http://files.siberian-studio.ru/sg/other/Registrator.rar (select your game executable file and press "register").
  5. 9 years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EHzhMLnndc
  6. I have no idea why are you talking in 2019 about Yuri balancing problems which were already discussed by XWIS community in 2000s. How old are you guys?
  7. No. Edit the map preview.
  8. I think you've got a bad luck with the current copy of thr map (modded). Did you try to play with this unit in RA2 mode and on official map?
  9. In YR GIs are OP. In RA2 basic infantry more balanced and soviets have cloning vats. I guess he is talking about problem in some "camping war" map with a single pass. He is also 13-15 years old or so. Send via ALT button) flack tracks filled with dogs and conscripts + some rhinos in forward line (optional). Send via ALT button 1-2 war miners in first order if your enemy has really huge mass of GI. *ALT+click is a forced move. This way vehicles are forced to squish light infantry (GGIs are not squishable) and they drive into enemy without stops for a fight. @MapDesigner how would you even let your enemy to build so many infantry? If this is a small map and Allied player keep rushing with infantry you must see it and (send 2-3 scout dogs for map reveal) be ready to counter-attack with conscripts in first minutes of game. Dogs without cover are useless. When you got war factory you can use flack tracks and tanks with dogs... etc, etc. You can find alot of guides for new players in xwis.net forums. Read guides. Most video replays are useless if you doesn't know game basics. Use your powerful mind to find more solutions in this simple game for kids. Post your solitions here if you find them. And play a lot, play quick matches. Play 1v1 and 2v2 matches in classical non-modded maps. Experience of watching game video streams will make you PRO videogame streams watcher, NOT a PRO player.
  10. I can't help you if we don't understand each other. As I said in pm I can't help you anymore in this problem. My 1st post in this topic contains facts and statistics and I don't have any reason to "lie" (hello @McPwny) or "don't like amything"(hate?) related to you. You can't "agree" or "disagree" with this. If you need proofs I can give them, but not soon. Just ask if you need.
  11. @McPwny he didn't get your picture, I explained to him. Haha. I thought he knows that TS and RA2/YR game engines is very similar. also misunderstandings:
  12. I'm sorry man, I forgot about resistant setting, my bad. But I remember exactly BF was ablle to move through bugged areas. This is 100% fact. And I did that many times to pass those areas in survival maps.
  13. Do we have misunderstanding here? If you have destroyed omnicrushers - > cells impassable for any land units. If you have destroyed non-omnicrushers - > cells passable only for omnicrushers. Clear?
  14. @Tutankhamun I had a conversation with @McPwny and we ended up in unchecked conclusion that dead cells caused by Omnicrusher's deaths impassable for any land units. But the fact is thuthful aswell. And I think locked cells don't have any player's side owner. This is not hard to test. Check please if you can and report about results.
  15. This is the practice checked fact and not an opinion. You can't "disagree" with that dummy.
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