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  1. Hey, there are 200-300 pls and most of them 12-15 years old. They run YR game as easy as a flash game in their Crome browser, spent 5 min to play Extra small or rezdonez or some shit in center, and leave this game forever as any other shit game. All you see 200-300 playera is just a part of young kids flow who don't give a fuck about forums, they prefer facebooks instagrams and "amazing" kikemTAMITOSES on youtube vids. You are prob too old to understand them. Have a nice day!
  2. Aren't big and open maps good for allied? Soviet sucks on big maps (RA2).
  3. Looks good. The only thing I insist is an optopn for choosing 2 or 3 columns sidebar view.
  4. @Grant Weird, here isn't "Yuri's Revenge" for downloads from forum page. @joanClick on Red Alert 2 insted, there is the same page as for Yuri. @Grant Main page menu is ok though. Make a reminder for yourself and others, who responcible for website updates to update both menus. Or make this menu in a single file. Or somethining... to prevent this misteke in future. Thanks in advance.
  5. https://www.adityaravishankar.com/projects/games/command-and-conquer/ Red alert 2: http://rtsgameproject.azurewebsites.net
  6. Because this is the way they justificate their own lack of skill. They find this is way easier to cry about something is OP than just to move forward and learn the game deeper. Some of them have stuck in this stage for years. Maybe forever. 1. They love to take the attention of the public and they get enjoy of that. 2. Kind people trying to help them and give them advices, but their attention payment result is just that they are only "help" them to stay noobs. Because №1. 3. As result of 2, these criers are getting enough feed even for now. You can easily define who is who just by looking on what's who saying. I suggest you to register on the old RA2 and YR forum just to see what kind of problems and social moods have transferred from there to CnCNet.
  7. ww5 map reincarnation? https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4051-alpacas-survival-and-vs-maps-collection/
  8. Look, do you see these elements? Red markers - slotted screws for a hand screwdriver(!). Do you understand now? This is a fucking bulding which looks like a toy from assembly kit for kids. Did developers wanted to touch our childhood feelings with that? No! They're just used ready 3D models of screws. This is so easy as a drawing a line in Microsoft Paint. This is not "beautiful" "wonderful" or "amazing". Trash work, 0 of 10. And blue markers - this is a Pop rivets (according to video below). Also for assembling with hand tools. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuJqCtSrad0 You know what? 3D models of pop rivets also distributed togeter with 3D modeling software, either you can easily download them in google. I want to say, that art was made by zero inspired artist. Or maybe just he isn't good at building design? Anyway, EA, change your developer pls. I can also tell more negative stuff about the floor which looks like a tin casting. Just becasue these borders are specific only for small-size tin (or aluminium) produtcs. This looks unrealistic, like a toy. Assuming the game has a powerful 3D engine and the fact the dirt on the crane is drawed in style or a real building. This art becaomes even illogical. Now, ... and others who think this thing "looks amazing and great". You all, can you tell me why you like it? I guess you think because: It's new thing. (New = better ? Go kill yourself) Just to make a "polite" look of yourself by "paying respect". You pay respect for what? You don't have enough experience to understand something like I described above. You want to play a ready remaster ASAP You don't care about quality. Low quiality is suitable for you. And you all still going to pay tonns of money to them for this. EA again will get shitloads of money for the work wich seems like trash. But you don't care. You will keep'em alive and hope that in next 10 yers they finally will make something worthy (with current tendency they won't). You guys can really have honest and open mind, but I explained you why I don't like this art. Professional game developers must produce quality and enthertaining stuff, that's their work. I know this is a fantastic game, and it is not about real world. But the key of success is not to make things look unrealistic and illogical this is not a game about magic. Things like buildings must look realistic and reasonable, that's really the thing engaged me into C&C world many years ago. I don't want this remaster to be another EA's fail. Not going to pay for BS. I explained you why I don't like this art. Please, explain me now why you like this shit.
  9. 3-5 hrs in 3ds max... Delete dirt effect from textures. Looks like shit. One of the things I hate in the most of modern games is dirt effect. If you want make things more realistic, make battle visual effects (like explosions) more beautiful.
  10. You understand rule wrong. It is not about promoting. The creation any religion-related speech or statement is breaking the rules. Both sides look like rule breakers here. But the guy who created the room seems was the first and provoked @kenshiro27 to create this topic. Hence, @kenshiro27 is a victim. Your lack of simple logic and defending the causer even points me to a guess you was the causer (that is only the guess, nothing more). Any staff help based on religion feeling can't be done because it is breaking the rules. Staff may solve this problem by having a talk with this guy who initiated this conflict and maybe applying some restrictions to him. To @kenshiro27 I suggest everyone to ignore people like that, because he finds funny everything happened after your reaction.
  11. /CnCNet/Maps/Custom/mapname.map Read .txt file in /Custom/ for more info.
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