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  1. @ReaperAA played as Yuri and had a lot of bad luck in trying to steal enemy structure at this weekends.
  2. @burg93 @Kerbiter @Rampastring @admin Upload your client.log Reinstall DirectX
  3. What do you mean? That works for both games.
  4. Forget about RA2 mode while making maps for YR. Is that really so hard to do?
  5. I'm not surprised by that.
  6. It is not broken, it works in a different way. You can be fan of everything and download the original moddded version in the 1st post. I got you guys, you aren't easygoing to the most of the community and prefer to stay in a small team of CCCP84 with your own opinion.
  7. Still full of mods.
  8. YRR, No Yuri, No France, No Spy, No Kirov, No MCV deploy, No noobs etc options need to be moved into seperated menu of a custom mod. @burg93
  9. Well you and mr.CCCP84 are the best players around. No shit xD
  10. Yes I love his map layouts too, but the maps itself aren't suitable for a common gameplay because of mods. I'm already asked him to make an unmodded version back ago. And he even did one (I can't remember what one exactly). I would suggest him the same thing - to make unmodded versions too. Not really. It disappear as soon as you move mouse arrow over it.
  11. Make unmodded to have "Battle" version too. Else I'll do that in a FreQuenZy style (aka pr0 edit) LOL.
  12. Ezer_2000

    RA2 Taunts

    How to mute taunts forever. Go to the game folder - Taunts - delete all files. Or create a new folder inside it and put there all of the taunt files.
  13. Becasue his maps desighned for the middle skilled players and for the original game where max starting credits is 10 000.
  14. FlyingZ doesn't like when someone touches his maps without his permission. Have some respect.
  15. Not really, I saw few topics created since that happened in past few years
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