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  1. Look into "Unfar survival" map by Aerion.
  2. Version 8.4 Bug appears again.
  3. New cheat: people lag when losing. Happens often enough to assume that as purposely intended action. Game fps drops like to 5-10.
  4. Here you not go because he knows how to do that. Delete your video.
  5. I guess forbidding unit production is not the solution if people prefer to wait and build army and attack after some certain time from the start. Even if all units not available for purchasing, war and slave miners able to attack. And people may gain GIs/Conscripts/Initiates/Enginners from their buildings just by selling them. Paradrop is also might be used to get free infantry if you don't know how to turn it off for some time by using AuxBuildng setting. Alternative solution - maps with pre-built bases and some starting army as reinforcement. You may also try to solve all problems described above. But it is quite boring fact to have a game where you can (even in the begining) just build a base buildings without crew and without having ore miners (or properly working ones) in some way. Maybe just change a game? Some RTS games have no-rush settings. For example Stronghold Crusader has no-attack for X minutes setting. RA2 and YR are not supposed to have such type of gameplay.
  6. You spam them to kill AI players, but pro say they are useless in YR vs human player. They only might be userful only in SvS match without SW and if you are playing Iraq side.
  7. That's also about RA2. YR soviets weakier and Allies stronger. Not just because they got new units. Almost all their units are stronger than in RA2. Again RA2. In Yuri's Revenge rhino spam is a thing only noobs complaining about. Bacasue noobs complained too much and other stuff were overnerfed and now high tier is almost useless. Since RA2 times soviets high tier overnerfed, but RA2 low tier soviets a bit OP. And YR game got generally sronger Allies. But they forget to buff soviet high tier. And as result a bit balanced rhino spam in the begining (but if you play at 45 fps and use SEAL IFV quick and drop GI and more IFVs to harrash your enemy you will win). And complitely useless soviets in late game. SW should be a random option, same as in RA2 QM. Yuri Strong in the begining but in the late game useless shit in big maps.
  8. Don't forget you're playing YR and not RA2. YR allies got GGIs. Your earlier suggestions in this topic were right.
  9. They won't going to play with me becasue when they once losing: "ohh, so much terrible lag, I cant play like that bye noob". I think when PCs will be able to provide 100-120 fps someone start thinking about optimal game speed. Now people are just used to play at overnormal fps and they don't want to play properly, becaue fast and innacurattive game is easier than proper microconrol. Soviet and yuri factions don't need as much micro as allied that's why people think Yuri and Sovs OP. I think optimal speed is 45 fps. Try to go to the multiplayer dialog. It has different options LOL.
  10. I was quickly watching this video before and noticed the allied player is playing Yuri's revenge like he's playing RA2.
  11. Only noobs there. I won't join Discord. Stop inviting people into this trash.
  12. @ReaperAA Btw did you try to play at 45 fps? Average maximum game fps for 2008-2010 was around 40-45. Now people complaining about Allied faction is weak because thay don't have time for microcontroll all of stuff. But today noobs always complaining if their games a bit below 70 fps. Sure you won't get time to control your units in this case. And note how noobs always complaing about lagging when they lose. They never play again tho. They say they hate lags, but really they hate to lose in the game speed they never played before. Becasue they are used to play in HD (1920*1080 and higher) resolution and 60-70 fps with rough tank control and not paying attention to many of small but important things happening around the battle.
  13. I told him the same thing. A lot of people who don't have enough experience can't understand this thing. Don't worry he'll get more practice and understand his mistakeness. You do though. A lot of people was thinking the same way as you are. But later they gained more experience and changed their mind about gameplay. Don't look at QM. QM statisctics lies because most people don't wan't to waste time for pro Allied game and use quick tacktics which leading them to defeat. Because quite often those tactics are not effective and quite often coupled together with desperation caused by losses in those inaccurative attacks. Also a lot of noobs there (in QM).
  14. More Yuri Brutes for the god of Yuri Brutes!
  15. That's the truth. Only pro player can stay alive for long enough and get OP units. Only noobs say Yuri OP or Soviet OP. Really they can't play. Don't listen to them.
  16. this is no-brain have fun thread, no smartassing here. u have nice day too!
  17. See Tutankhamun is never nice to you when you're nice to him. Hi. I will suggest you the following: @Tutankhamun your arrogant comment have spotted. this is not the community of slaves that you can beat every day. we make our own way and we don't need people like you talking like that. learn politeness, do not try offending people just be human For my question: @Tutankhamun being ignorant is not the answer. And the answer is that wan't a good response. From that, I suggest you to be more responsible and correct to people. HF.
  18. Well, I just tried to be more friendly and even edited my message before you replied because that inf was private. If you are feel pree to share my PM it's up to you. Then I ask you more in non priate. Don't you think this is a good response on a suggestion given to you? Note this is talk goes off-topic (not topic related).
  19. "Good map bro! Keep doing maps, they're fun!"
  20. Don't forget about very long map names (over 100 characters long). They also crashing the non-host client for some reason.
  21. What do you wonder? This is well known problem for years. You shouldn't save game when it runned in CnCNet client. Run your game itself if you want to play a skirmish. Also fuck all of the fools who going online for playing a single player match vs AI and wasting IRC protocol bandwith.
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