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How to play my own single player maps?


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i figured out through other forums you have to edit the "battle.ini" youll need the xcc mixer (search the forums thats how i found it) i have version 1.47 rn

and open the mixer itself. tap on find (or found if you wana search the whole thing if you know where things are at generally)  type "battle.ini" hit search double click that itll take you to the location of it in the mixer (which is looking thu the game files) right click on the battle ini and hit extract. (save wherever you want but not in the game file folder.) once you edit it you can add your maps. pay close attention to what it says cause youre editing actual game mechanics.

while youre doing that extract the rules.ini  ....same thing. the rules are all of the game rules (units, buildings, terrain, movement, etc.) study that too if you want to change anything about anything.

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