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CnCNet updates! Dedicated servers, RA2 support and more!


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Greetings Command & Conquer Community! It has been a long time since there has been any announcement from CnCNet spread around the community. Our last announcement was CnCNet v2, but today we announce something much greater: CnCNet v3! (3.1a to be exact as of this writing)


A lot has happened since our last announcement. For instance CnCNet now uses dedicated servers instead of relying on peer to peer (P2P), this means that the old portforwarding requirement is gone, further advancing our goal of just install and play. P2P functionality is still there if you wish to use it. It is useful if ever our servers should go down or you have high latency to our servers (housed in the United States and the United Kingdom) and your opponent is close to you geographically. CnCNet also got a permanent home at www.cncnet.org!


Using dedicated servers has many advantages: No portforwarding, no router or firewall setup (unless your firewall is very restrictive), It just worksâ„¢ even in restrictive networks such as schools. (remember you are there to study, not to play C&C sadly enough).


CnCNet now fully supports all classic C&C games, yes that means Command & Conquer (Covert Operations), Red Alert (Counterstrike, Aftermath), Tiberian Sun (Firestorm) and a newcomer Red Alert 2 (Yuri's Revenge).



[The Red Alert lobby is pretty active as illustrated below]



To get started simply give CnCNet.org a visit! Days of C&C online gaming are waiting!

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