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im going to offer training to a select few people that i feel like might benefit. . . .but first heres a story...



Ngu (NGU*?) I feel like there was a *) was a clan created by bill94  (not bil666666) back on wol. Bill rarely played ts from what I remember he was like in his 50s already in 1999-2001 an old biker type (TS 1st AGE btw. ) And bill cared more about chatting honestly than anything in the lobby.  But atombombu and dklans19 (AKA megaf0rce) took bills clan for him to like some insane # of 150-1 as a team just as a favor to bill who theyd gotten along with. Watching those 2 play and what they did was really what inspired me to play ts at a higher level and to transition from mods to ww over time. I originally met later some guy named twiggy in a clan with Unionism and a young ts player named aphrodlte - FOR YEARS AND YEARS I watched these people play attempted like so many up and comers do to join an occasional FFG....always was the weakest link in their games, and just honestly could not compete. I spent most of my time playing mods after I decided I could not compete with these pro players in my mind. I became an awesome mod player mostly playing GRAYS , grays was more popular than giants or w.e today,  and occasionally played forest fires 8rs to get my ww map fix. During this time i met killerkg/bakzui korean brothers and after playing with killerkg a lot 1v1 helping me and fun late night games with bakzui -------- the timing was set because a bunch of other mod players decided to transition from mods to ww. Champsite the big ts forum at the time closed, and cncgamer took is place. Cncgamer had set a new era of ts after the 1999-2002 age and ts early days, and in 2003 wol was "hacked" by lurker a FS player and the chat lobby and other ts areas went down. 2004 came along with CNCGamer and a new era of ts 2004-2007. After playing with the korean brothers I met at sometime ray101284 and tight4lif. Tight4lif invited me to a clan ran I believe by Kill2wce, called crew* and ray was someone that had been playing with dlte, mega and ism and the like for a while and he was the first person to really help my ts game (later a1mighty1 and megaf0rce) ........................................ After this point my personal skill level on TS kind of transitioned, I understood certain things via watching ray and others in that lineage of TS.....


Anyway the whole point of this rambling is that these players understood a forgotten art of TS which is making every unit count, and not giving up til its over. I will start to help certain players in the coming mths. Ive only ever tried to personally "Train" one person which is sexpro aka rich. My TS philosophy does not revolve around cookie cutter build orders and plans. Its a lot about creativity and using every unit, wasting nothing....


I will leave you with 1 video and post more older videos as well as newer ones ....


I hope someone gets a kick out of this because im bored and nostalgic...


TY to steelc0re for recording this ....  



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Wheres your pov vids gone? I remember seeing at least one when I first started getting back into it late 2016/17 time... I musta watched it a couple of times and then couldn't find it since.  Think you had some rap tunage on it too??

Do you remember do any recordings yourself ? 


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