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  1. VERBATIM it was said that the ladder would die, that activity would fall dramatically and that is exactly what happened. I have outlined why many times. And it went from the most activity in years to back to basically none. I've said time and time again how to boost ladder activity and what is wrong with the ladder. Youve been trying your way, without success over and over....
  2. without hesitation both 1v1, and 2v2 the best player this past year is mola. most improved overall sexpro aka rich. fantastic to be able to help him early on and see him become top tier which i think he is now. i dont really take 2v2 super serious or have not since me and cambria played years and years ago. i more use that ffg time to try and figure out builds that maybe viable. i get nod 80% of the time taking random ??? and a lot of people seem to struggle with nod ally, and specifically me. im a weird player i think to begin with always a pleasure to play side by side with mola, tight4lif (redrum), cambria, toprush, tiger, etc en3rgy is great just not with me lol. always wastes inf! c0rps is the saddest to see as top tier 1v1, i think he thinks his 2v2 is great -_-
  3. to be honest all those features and the way it looks r great. humblexme ?
  4. There are working links to the beginning of 2019 yet when u visit the past winners page it cuts off in like July.
  5. RICH VS C0RPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmab0BV05Dg
  6. ID love to commit to helping with this but my posting is limited ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  7. tro0per07 vs tigerr (EXCELLENT GDI MIRROR) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv_TAQpaE2k
  8. tro0per07 my boy, underrated player. go way back . toprush/tiger vs cambria/tro0per https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaaylnJImBY
  9. If someone can help me figure out why obs doesnt work anymore I'll record again
  10. You keep saying all this yet nobody sees it or believes you and I made a topic challenging u . Hell I'll play all NOD. You dodged....you're nothing but a talker.
  11. Steel beats me often, people lose Black, lol. I lose! Does negate who the top players are.
  12. Thats the thing he isnt. He truly believes this stuff. Thinks he wont lose to any NOD on terrace? LOLOLOL c0rps hit the nail on the head, black has never been anything but maybe a 6/10. En3rgy he has the same convos privately with other people that he doesnt know anyone will see. Hes just that way and if you watch his video he posted and here him talk....like i said not sure we should be making fun of him, hes special
  13. Black/Ninja talks so much shit on TS and outside of TS how much $ he has and is ready to talk shit about personal income. I challenge this noob with 6 watchers the max allowed to a best of 7. Any ww map. Fair. Original no vet if he wishes. 50$ a game winner takes all. Who is ready? Shouldnt be hard to say yes for mr $/awesome at TS. 200$ Ill put my $ up.
  14. I had lots of recordings. I had about 11k followers on youtube, and about i dunno 75 videos but then people started getting my wife and my phone # and my works through it somehow and it became too much and i deleted it lol
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