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*** Map for 2020 ***


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November 11th. In Latvia we selebrate this day as ''Bear Claw'' day as far as Google translate this event from my native language.
Every year peoples gather up near local embankment with torch in a hand and celebrate it with music, local meal and massive fireworks... and so did I all these years.
But this year was rough for me and am not going to start with bad things. Instead of that here was more good in this year that made it special for me. I'm going to talk about TS.
I left last year making my 1st Defense map ever and it was incredible for me. I still love it but than Haloween was closing and am not a kid anymore so I started to think of what could I do this this year... 
So here it is - 1st look of my biggest minecraft so far and ever. It's based on missions wich includes my favourite maps from campaign and ofcourse my own build city (inspired by new terrain trees).

There are bad news ofcourse. Map isn't finished. So far I have managed to spend a lot time making it accessible for 2 missions from 5 or 6 I have planned on this map and the whole city in not completed with traffic and pedestrians. You sure know the title say ''Map for 2020'' and still there's a question why am I putting this here right now and not becouse I want you to know. I need your help to test it! 
This map includes from 1 to 8 players...
Player1.gif.e364c06fd1a96dfdf34d9ef7a961dea7.gif Player8.gif.569b5959af63a2112a6d4ff87d2726c2.gif

Thanks to Holland you can make these GIF images using GIFCam and it's FREE! (http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/)
Also check out his mass work Holland did making all units and trees accessible for you to download and add to your own map very simple! 
Thanks bro!


<And here are couple Gif's for You to check>

Mission 1: Secure GDI's Radar. (from GDI Mission 1A - Reinforce Phoenix Base)


Save Engineer to help you reapair the bridge. (optional) (from Firestorm - NOD Mission 2 - Seeds of Destruction)

Spider.gif.0549e268cf61b45459e226cfde58be18.gif rescued_eng.gif.8dbf7f2a3cec73cb51066d9b02bc2795.gif

Discover *secret location to receive MCV. (optional)


Misson 2: Destroy GDI's latest SuperWeapon (from Nod Mission 10A - Destroy Mammoth Mk.II Prototype)


(Playing as b5k7 on CNCNet) 

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This actually looks fantastic! 

As a mapper, I know how long does map-making takes and I see you put HUGE effort into this. 

If you need "tester", I will be happy to help, just PM me or message me on Discord (LucasSK#4124


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