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  1. Fellow TR fans, it has already been more than 10 days since 4.0 release. We really believe that you enjoy the update as much as we are looking forward to the next one. If you found any bugs, please report them immediately to the staff on our Discord server! So far, we are only aware of desync that can be encountered when playing online with friends and bots simultaneously. Worry not though, this issue will be fixed in the next update! As always I wanted to share some news with you regarding TR ๐Ÿ™‚ First of all, you may have noticed that TR has a new logo! HUGE props goes to @CCHyper - https://www.artstation.com/cchyper for making this awesome design! It is already present on most of the TR sites and forums and soon it will be noticeable on our YouTube channel as well! Secondly, @zoom3000 posted another great gameplay from the newest build. Yet again he managed to find some slight... *cough* imperfections that will be patched by 4.5. You can watch his video below! Lastly, I would like to ask for your help! TR currently seeks new testers and voice actors. As you know, there is never enough people for these 2 roles ๐Ÿ˜›. In-case you have some spare time and are either experienced TS player or curious voice actor, feel free to contact us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV. We will be delightened to welcome some new faces into our team! Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ‘‹
  2. Tiberium Resurrection 4.0 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ozp310gx3l1vmt/Tiberium+Resurrection+4.0.zip/file Client ๐Ÿ“Ÿ: - updated TR credits - updated preset skirmish settings General ๐ŸŒ: - player no longer named "LucasSK" upon installation - merged "the Prologue" addon with the main game (follow instructions in "New Campaign" menu to play it - props to Bittah!) - fixed invisible Armories bug - fixed Infinite Tiberium option turning red tiberium to blue - nerfed the AI (since difficulty "medium" and above was nearly unbeatable) - buildings now lose health much faster when on low power Sountrack ๐ŸŽง: - added Among the Titans and Legacy of Nod - removed Trib in the Tib Maps ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ: - Prologue 1.1 - enhanced version of the Prologue for even better experience - added 2 skirmish maps - Ravine and Desert-ed - remastered Limited Access - updated already existing skirmish maps - fixed City Rally glitches - fixed Tiers of Sorrow forced Ion Storm - removed Fields of Insurgency Game ๐ŸŽฎ: GDI: - added Watchman and Atlas Harvester - added new voice lines for APC - updated Disruptor and APC textures - updated Power Plant (needs only 1 upgrade instead of two to produce maximum power) - tweaked Orca Fighter fire sound - tweaked Hover MLRS - tweaked Juggernaut - tweaked JumpJet - tweaked Vulcan Tower and its fire sound - buffed Titan - buffed Tech Center - buffed Refinery - buffed War Factory - buffed Construction Yard - nerfed Wolverine - nerfed Disc Thrower - nerfed EMPulse - nerfed Disruptor - nerfed Orca Bomber - nerfed Ghost Stalker Nod: - added Stealth Harvester, Scarab Tank and Ravager - added new voice lines for Stealth Tank - updated Buggy and Devil's Tongue textures - fixed Buggy turret offset - fixed Reaper firing position - tweaked Devil's Tongue - tweaked Buggy and its fire sound - buffed subterrannean vehicles underground speed - buffed Refinery - buffed War Factory - buffed Temple of Nod - buffed Construction Yard - buffed Laser fence Post - nerfed EMPulse - removed Tick Tank (for now) Civilian/Mutants: - added 4 civilian vehicles - Tanker, Mass Hauler, Flatbed and Lorry - updated Scavenged Tank textures - buffed Mutant Sniper - buffed Mutant - nerfed Tiberian Fiend Other: - added 5 destroyable rocks - added 1 infested city building - added a Snowman - re-balanced Crates (again) - nerfed Red Tiberium value
  3. Greeting Commanders! I'm known as Tiberius, and in celebration of TR's 2-year anniversary, it is my pleasure on behalf of the TR staff to share a detailed look into what has been going on behind the curtains for the past few months, as well as our plans moving forward! Something big has happened for TR; Askhati has joined us as a staff member, and is graciously lending us his talents as a voxel artist and building editor. This of course gives us a whole new level of possibilities moving forward, and a lot of our focus lately has been on deciding and designing on TR's visuals and new assets. With that, I would like to present just a peek at what Askhati has been up to: New Units With this update, TR now features advanced harvesters, available at the third tier of advancement (Tech Center/Temple) for a higher price. These are specially designed to fit a faction's doctrine and style for some unique advantages and drawbacks. For GDI we have the Atlas, a super-heavy harvester that sacrifices some speed in order to have both better armour and carry capacity. Furthermore, it carries scanners to detect any Nod stealth ambushes, and is all in all designed as a more survivable "frontier harvester" best deployed at exposed outposts. For Nod, we have the Stealth Harvester. It is light and has a smaller cargo hold than the standard harvester, but instead carries cloaking technology. As such it can steal valuable strains of tib from beyond your base without exposing itself, or it can operate at home and make it difficult for GDI to spot and target your harvesters. Each faction is also getting a brand new fighting unit! This is the Mobile Flak IFV โ€“ or M-Flak for short. It is immediately available as you build your War Factory, and fills two gaps within the GDI roster: First of all we hated the idea that GDI was absolutely required to tech up in order to have a mobile answer to aircraft, as it shoehorned players into a certain build order before they could proprly expand or attack. Secondly, GDI's slow walkers make it hard for them to properly scout early in the game, especially on big maps. This light IFV with its dedicated AA dual flak cannons now allows GDI to do both, but it is fragile and has no defense against grounded attackers, so the more advanced later options still have some advantages. Nod's new fire support unit. It carries a rapid-fire laser and is perfect for melting any target from behind a wall of Tick Tanks, synergizing perfectly with Nod's existing army. To carry enough power and not overheat it has had to sacrifice armour, and its strength lies in its varsatile damage. As the portable laser it quite advanced, you will need a Temple before you can field them. Enhancements We are in the process of "redesigning" some of the existing units, giving them a facelift and making them better visually reflect any balance changes TR has made to them: The Amphibious APC looked outdated and out of place with it being fully remapped to the player's colour, so we updated it to simply better fit it. TR's Disruptor is quite a bit lighter than that in vanilla TS, and its graphics now reflect that with its exposed tracks and the hull being less of a solid block. Detailing has also been improved in general. The white bits you see are heat sinks for the weapon. Less beach-buggy, more military vehicle, we feel that this fits better with Nod having moved on from their rag-tag and improvised roster of TD. The Devil's Tongue has received a much needed upgrade in its detailing โ€“ you can now actually make out the tracks and grinders, instead of it being a bright grey shoebox. Even more is in the works, both updates to existing models as well as more original units! Maps The update will feature many new as well as a few enhanced maps. Each of the maps is unique in a way to prevent the game from feeling stereotype-ish. In addition, the Prologue has been updated and enhanced based on the feedback we received to achieve better and bug-free experience! Besides that, we are very happy to hear that you enjoyed playing the Prologue. We are sorry that it is currently placed as an addon, but worry not - we are doing our best to fix the issue and make downloading the Prologue a bit easier. Last but not least, we started the development of the 2nd campaign map โ€“ Propaganda Forecast. Unlike its predecessor, this version will offer maximum possible freedom for the player during the whole gameplay with the addition of amazing cutscenes and richer story telling like in the Prologue. You will be able to track the whole development of this map via YT series focused on detailed map-making process. Besides other things, we believe this will serve as a motivation and help for other mappers in the future!
  4. Fellow TR fans After a nearly 4 month break I am very happy to talk to you again. The 2020 seems to be really crazy year for everyone (including me). Either way, I hope you are all healthy and doing good. I spent my summer climbing mountains and hiking and I hope you all found an activity that kept you occupied (like playing remaster ๐Ÿ˜‰). TR development was stagnating, but has been resumed in September. We are already making a great progress so expect further updates occasionally! First of all, I am currently working on another 1v1 map - Desert(ed)! The map is supposed to be mildly big "playground" desert that players can explore. I am trying to make it feel like an actual desert with an oasis all all the other parts! Next up, GDI is gonna get an AA vehicle - M-Flak! Fast scout and Banshee slayer - depending on how you use it The goal is to give GDI ability to efficiently defend against air enemies while keeping the mobility of an army. You just gotta micromanage these guys a bit and please - do not send them in the front line ๐Ÿ˜† Furthermore, both factions will get an advanced harvester! These will become available later in the game and will try to reflect on faction's play-style GDI will get sturdy, but slow harvy that can take much more tiberium than the regular one while Nod will get a cloaked one with smaller capacity for your spec ops mining operations! This all is WIP at the moment, so their look / stats still might change Stay tuned for more news, changes and updates! See ya soon ๐Ÿ‘‹
  5. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file the Prologue: https://www.mediafire.com/file/35cyl1xc65r2e3i/the_Prologue.zip/file Client ๐Ÿ“Ÿ (used @Rampastring TS Client and re-configured it for TR) - new options for Unlock Tech, Mutant Armory, Factory Bonus - new dropdown Special Scenarios (Showdown, TIberium Apocalypse) General ๐ŸŒ (in-game changes) - full new GDI Eva (by No Strings Prd) - red tiberium now appears red in the radar - re-shade implementation - AI enhancements Sountrack ๐ŸŽง (in-game themes) - new OST Death Game, Crushed, Trees in the Distance, Monster, Trip in the Tib - fixed song lengths from in-game menu Maps ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ (dunno what to add here ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ) Missions: - re-implemented the Prologue - a worthy introduction to the TR story Skirmish: - new map - remastered Grassy Knoll, Sinkholes, Seismic - fixed "silos needed" option crash on some maps when it was turned off Game ๐ŸŽฎ (units, building, vehicles, aircraft and other) GDI: - ion cannon has a new fire animation - fully re-made outpost - ion cannon addon no longer needs tech center to be built - engineer now requires radar to be built ...and much more balance changes Nod: - fully re-made outpost - nod tech center replaced by temple of nod - obelisk of light has a new sounds - nod buggy can now Q-move - engineer now requires radar to be built - enginner and radar array have a new "faction fitting" texture ...and much more balance changes Civilian/Mutants: - Mutant, Mutant Sniper, Tiberian Fiend, Mutant Hijacker now buildable via Armories - added tiberium infested buildings Other: - enhanced red tiberium tree animation - you can no longer enter civilian vehicles - remastered red tiberium values - tree strength is 100 (was 200) Check the full changelog here: https://www.diffchecker.com/21gsKf2M
  6. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - in 4 days TR has another developer - AntonV, the pixel art and animation creator Pre-release game night on Saturday from 6pm CET! Play with the devs and gain early access to the update. Join our discord on discord.gg/jwRerrV to find out more!
  7. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - 5 days remaining Another OST I see ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - 6 days remaining How about some atmospheric shaders? ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Hello everyone, I have some bad news this time. The update 3.5 was supposed to be out this Friday, but we need more time to test and finish the work to deliver BIG quality update. The new date for the release is set to 28th of June... And now onto the positive stuff! The update 3.5 will feature light Re-Shade enhancements to match the TR theme even more as well as AI enhancements to make the AI a bit harder and better. More to come in the update 4.0 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a wonderful day!
  10. 6th Tiberium Resurrection OST - Monster is out!
  11. 5th Tiberium Resurrection OST - Trees in the Distance is out!
  12. 12 000 views on CnCNet, 14 700 views on ModDB, 10 500 views on PPMforums, 2 500 views on W3DHub and 2 000 views on CnCNz Thank you very much for all the support, feedback and quite growing excitement regarding the update 3.5. We are all doing our best to release as good version as we can. While we are at it, we recently released a trailer for the first campaign mission! And yes - No Strings Prd is in-fact the new GDI voice assistant ๐Ÿ˜‰ 640 x 360, 15 FPS, .vqa, that's all I'm saying Have a great day, see ya soon!
  13. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - trailer and release date Hello everyone, we have been all working on the update for quite some time now! Today I am very excited to reveal the trailer and release date for the update 3.5, so lets get to it! Firstly, this trailer will be... different than the last one. While the last one covered most of the upcoming changes and features, this one is supposed to be a nice introduction to TR story (and especially the Prologue, which will be fully featured in this update). Also, there is an amazing feature leaked in this trailer, so we will see how many of you notice ๐Ÿ˜‰- 4th of June, 7pm CET - Next up, the update 3.5 is coming out shorty! I am personally excited about the upcoming remaster, so I will give ya all time to enjoy that for a while 19th of June - in 3 weeks I still have plenty stuff to tell ya about the update, so stay tuned for the future posts! Have a wonderful day
  14. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - what to expect? Hello everyone, we are not having a break in-case you are wondering ๐Ÿ˜†. Instead, we are working on the update 3.5 to deliver it as soon as possible and with as many good changes as possible! I decided it is time to reveal some key features that will be present in TR 3.5. Lets get to it! Firstly, I am very happy to announce that the Prologue is completely re-made to make it worthy "introduction" in TR story! I have many, many exciting things to reveal about it (including its own trailer ๐Ÿ˜‰), but for now I can only tell you that it is more than 2 times larger in width as well as height and share this beautiful screenshot with ya! Secondly, we hope to bring up to 4 new OST's! You can already listen to two of them here! Next up, we hope to bring up to 5 new minigames and up to 5 remastered maps! Besides, we will also introduce some juicy modifiers for all skirmish maps, but more on that later... You can look at the Grassy Knoll remaster here: We are also bringing partial Forgotten Faction in-game via Mutant Armories! We also have unique cameos for them all ๐Ÿ˜ Last but not least, the update will include another balance changed, enhancements and fixes to the vanilla game! note, that these changes are not final and we might surpass our goals or decide to not include some features just yet Have a wonderful day and stay safe ya all ๐Ÿ‘‹
  15. Thanks! Oil refineries? Never heard of them. Can you perhaps guide me with an URL where I can read more?
  16. 11 000 views on CnCNet, 11 900 views on ModDB, 9 500 views on PPMforums, 2 200 views on W3DHub and 1 800 views on CnCNz Thank you all! ModDB is taking over tho ๐Ÿ˜‚. Anyway, I feel like now is the right time to announce another upcoming feature in TR 3.5! Each map will include a few Mutant Armories. Once captured (and held) player can build 4 Forgotten units to help defeat his opponent! Mutant - Forgotten equivalent of Light Infantry! Can heal on tiberium and is easily pissed. msselect2.wav Tiberian Fiend - Their friendly doggos (kinda glowing tho)... Mutant Hijacker - cause why should Nod have all the fun? Mutant Sniper - Forgotten elite unit, which can be the best or the worst unit in-game depending on how you can handle her! Worry not though, if you are not a fan of this feature, you will be able to disable it with a new option! Lastly, Zoom3000 did a great job on beating ExtraHard AI in TR! Check out his vid here: Have a good day ๐Ÿ˜›
  17. 4th Tiberium Resurrection OST is out!
  18. Hello everyone! The bug in which Nod Chemical Missile caused crash once launched has been fixed! rules.zip Put this rules.ini file into TR Client -> INI directory Have fun ๐Ÿ˜‰
  19. Future of Tiberium Resurrection After rather successful release of TR 3.1 we are all beginning to work on the update 3.5. While the latest update(s) focused on moving TR to TS Client and balancing, this update will focuse on maps, OST's and some very extraordinary features ๐Ÿ˜‰. I will reveal / hint most of them over time... For now, suppose I can show you this. 00-i042.wav I still ask you to report bugs / feedback anywhere you can, as this really matters. I am currently aware of an error, which causes game to crash helplessly once the Chemical Missile is launched. I am trying to fix it, but it will take some time. Though, if I manage to do so I will inform you all Lastly, we have got 2 new devs to help us out! No Strings Prd - helps with the story (and some epic things related to the story). Tiberius - helps with balancing and maps. I am very happy to welcome both of them in dev team and I am looking forward to our co-operation. Thats all for now, see ya all soon ๐Ÿ‘‹
  20. Tiberium Resurrection 3.1 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file Client ๐Ÿ“Ÿ (used @Rampastring TS Client and re-configured it for TR) - fixed CnC-DDRAW renderer Maps ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ (the things you play on) Missions: - removed both campaign maps (temporarily) Skirmish: - reduced floaters, fixed tunnels and removed veinhole in Tiers of Sorrow - remastered "Xcapades" map! - fixed ion storm lighting on all remastered skirmish maps! - removed Fields of Insurgency modification (was not supposed to be there) Game ๐ŸŽฎ (units, building, vehicles, aircraft and other) General: - ion storm lightning damage is 300 (was 400) - fixed multiple factory bonus speed GDI: Changed EMP Cannon: - Power=-125 (was -150) - Range=25 (was 30) - Duration=600 (was 650) - Radius=4 (was 9) - RechargeTime=4 (was 4.5) Changed Fire Storm Generator: - Cost=2000 (was 1800) - BuildLimit=1 (was unlimited) Changed Anti-Air Tower: - ROF=70 (was 55) Changed Titan: - Cost=850 (was 800) Changed Wolverine: - can target air units Changed Juggernaut: - Damage=69 (was 77) - ROF=210 (was 150) - Range=18 (was 19) - MinimumRange=9 (was 7) Changed Ghost Stalker: - Cost=1900 (was 1750) Changed Commando: - Sight=6 (was 5) Changed JumpJet Infantry: - Strength=125 (was 135) Changed Orca Bomber: - Strength=165 (was 235) - Speed=8 (was 9) - Damage=140 (was 150) Nod: Changed EMP Cannon: - Power=-125 (was -150) - Range=25 (was 30) - Duration=600 (was 650) - Radius=4 (was 9) - RechargeTime=4 (was 4.5) Changed Sam Site: - ROF=70 (was 55) Changed Weed Eater: - Cost=1250 (was 1400) - no longer breaks ice Changed Cyborg Reaper: - Speed=4 (was 5) - WebbingDuration=400 (was 600) - new primary weapon Changed Artillery: - Damage=153 (was 170) - ROF=154 (was 110) - Range=18 (was 19) - MinimumRange=9 (was 7) Changed Subterranean APC: - UndergroundSpeed=25 (was 22) Changed Devil Tongue: - UndergroundSpeed=25 (was 22) - damage against light armor increased 105% (was 90%) Changed Cyborg Commando: - Strength=490 (was 500) Changed Mutant Hijacker: - Speed=6 (was 7) generally all AA weapons now perform better and are more precise than they used to... Other: Changed Gas Clouds: - now lasts longer and deals more damage Changed Red Tiberium: - more lethal - grows 2,5 times slower - spreads 15% faster Tiberium Resurrection OST - Death Game will be out in a few minutes! Be sure to attend the premiere here:
  21. 10 days since the release of Tiberium Resurrection 3.0... I received some great feedback and bug reports already, but I encourage you to write me your thoughts, bug reports and things you would like to see in future versions of TR! Your feedback really matters! Tiberium Resurrection 3.1 will be out on Sunday (3rd May) as well as 3rd OST video!
  22. Hope you are all enjoying the update so far! I apologize for some bugs / errors and we are currently working on a 3.1 patch / update! Here is the link to the premiere of yet another TR OST taking place next Sunday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj4MtyjcoWI
  23. Tiberium Resurrection 3.0 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file (no virus included๐Ÿ˜‰) Client ๐Ÿ“Ÿ (used @Rampastring TS Client and re-configured it for TR) - new textures and sounds to match the green TR theme - new Discord, ModDB, CnCNet and YouTube buttons - new options for Ion Storms, Capturable MCV, Fog of War, Credit Income - changed already existing options pre-sets - changed some .exe and .dll files a bit - removed options for Re-Deployable MCV and Immune Harvesters - included working FinalSun and much more smaller changes to the client... General ๐ŸŒ (in-game changes) - new menu textures - new interface sounds - new GDI and Nod loading screen - new score and briefing screen and much more in progress... Sountrack ๐ŸŽง (in-game themes) - new OST Trouble, To be Feared, Alert & Awakened - remixed Slave to the System, Valves, Dusk Hour, Nod Crush, Pharotek, Scouting and a few more secret themes... Maps ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ (dunno what to add here ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ) Missions: - enhanced The Prologue and Propaganda Forecast (unfortunately City Cleansing did not make it into this update) Skirmish: - new maps Fields of Insurgency and Islands of Destruction - remastered Dueling Islands, They all Float, Tiers of Sorrow, Permafrost, Pit or Plateau, Tunnel Training, Desolation Redux, Tiberium Garden Redux and Narrow River Minigames: - new minigames City Rally, Fiend Survival, Galaga, Invasion Day, PacMan, Siege Labyrinth, The Last Stand, Tower Defense, Volcano Eruption escape and Waveloop Canyon Vanilla: - original Tiberian Sun and Firestorm skirmish maps that were not remastered yet - play at your own risk and a small secret... Game ๐ŸŽฎ (units, building, vehicles, aircraft and other) General: - VeteranRatio=3.0 (was 10.0) - VeteranCombat=0.2 (was 0.25) - VeteranSpeed=0.2 (was 0.3) - VeteranSight=0.25 (was 0.0) - RepairPercent=25% (was 20%) - RepairStep=7 (was 8) - IRepairStep=2 (was 1) - BuildSpeed=0.63 (was 0.8) - SurvivorRate=0.2 (was 0.4) - HealScanRadius=5 (was 10) - IonLightningDamage=400 (was 500) - MultipleFactory=0.2 (was 0.0) - AircraftFogReveal=7 (was 6) - MaximumQueuedObjects=9 (was 4) - MaxWaypointPathLength=20 (was 15) - VeinholeGrowthRate=500 (was 300) - MaxVeinholeGrowth=1500 (was 2000) - JumpJet TurnRate=5 (was 4) - JumpJet Speed=15 (was 14) - FreeMCV=no (was yes) - AmmoCrateDamage=300 (was 200) - IonCannonDamage=970 (was 751) these changes re-balance the main game aspects, making it more dynamic and faster paced... GDI: New Vulcan Tower - equivalent to component tower + Vulcan turret New Anti-Air Tower - equivalent to component tower + Sam turret New RPG tower - equivalent to component tower +RPG turret New Light Tower: - tower with spotlight which can distract enemy troopers while headlessly attacking Changed Construction Yard: - Strength=2000 (was 1000) - Adjacent=3 (was 2) - Sight=10 (was 6) - UndeploysInto=none (was MCV) - Cost=4000 (was 2500) - Capturable=false (was true) Changed Pavement: - Adjacent=5 (was 3) Changed Concrete Wall: - Strenth=225 (was 150) - TechLevel=4 (was 6) Changed EMP Cannon: - Strength=400 (was 500) - Range=30 (was 40) - Effect lasts 650 (was 1200) - AreaOfEffect=9 (was 11) Changed Gate: - TechLevel=4 (was 6) - DeployTime=0.022 (was 0.044) - GateCloseDelay=.044 (was 0.2) Changed Firestorm Generator: - Strength=900 (was 800) - Cost=1800 (was 2000) - Power=-175 (was -200) New OutPost: - unarmed deployable vehicle used to expand base Changed Juggernaut: - Cost=1100 (was 950) - Damage=77 (was 75) - Range=19 (was 18) - MinimumRange=7 (was 5) Changed Disruptor: - Strength=550 (was 500) - Armor=light (was heavy) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER,SELF_HEAL (was EXPLODES) - AmbientDamage=2 (was 3) Changed Titan: - Elite=Elite120mm (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SENSORS) Changed Wolverine: - Elite=EliteAssaultCannon (was none) - Damage=16 (was 40) - ROF=25 (was 50) - Burst=3 (was 0) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER (was VEIN_PROOF) Changed Mammoth MK.II: - Strength=900 (was 800) - Trainable=yes (was no) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER,FASTER (was none) - Elite=EliteMechRailgun (was none) Changed MCV: - Prerequisite=FACTORY (was FACTORY,TECH) - Strength=1500 (was 1000) - CrateGoodie=no (was yes) - Cost=4000 (was 2500) - BuildLimit=1 (was infinite) Changed Harvester: - ThreatAvoidanceCoefficient=0 (was 0.65) Changed Hover MLRS: - Elite=EliteHoverMissile (was blank) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SELF_HEAL) Changed Mobile Sensor Array: - Strength=500 (was 600) - Armor=light (was wood) Removed Mobile War Factory Removed Mobile EM-Pulse Removed Limpet Drones New Commando: - elite unit supposed to match Cyborg Changed JumpJet Infantry: - Strength=135 (was 120) - Damage=18 (was 15) - Speed=7 (was 5) - Elite=EliteJumpCannon (was none) - Cost=550 (was 600) Changed Ghost Stalker: - Strength=251 (was 200) - Elite=EliteLtRail (was none) - Trainable=yes (was no) Changed Light Infantry: - Elite=EliteMinigun (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was none) Changed Disc Thrower: - Elite=EliteGrenade (was none) - Damage=100 (was 110) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SCATTER) Changed Carryall: - Strength=155 (was 175) - Speed=14 (was 16) Changed Orca Bomber: - Strength=235 (was 260) - Speed=9 (was 12) - Cost=1700 (was 1600) - Elite=EliteBomb (was none) - Damage=150 (was 160) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,SELF_HEAL (was RADAR_INVISIBLE) Changed Orca Fighter: - Elite=EliteHellfire (was none) - Cost=900 (was 1000) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,SELF_HEAL (was none) Nod: New Light Tower: - tower with spotlight which can distract enemy troopers while headlessly attacking Changed Construction Yard: - Strength=2000 (was 1000) - Adjacent=3 (was 2) - Sight=10 (was 6) - UndeploysInto=none (was MCV) - Cost=4000 (was 2500) - Capturable=false (was true) Changed Stealth Generator: - CloakRadiusInCells=11 (was 12) - Cost=3000 (was 2500) - Power=-450 (was -350) Changed Nod Wall: - Strenth=225 (was 150) - TechLevel=4 (was 6) Changed EMP Cannon: - Strength=400 (was 500) - Range=30 (was 40) - Effect lasts 650 (was 1200) - AreaOfEffect=9 (was 11) Changed Gate: - TechLevel=4 (was 6) - DeployTime=0.022 (was 0.044) - GateCloseDelay=.044 (was 0.2) Changed Tiberium Waste Facility: - Strength=1000 (was 400) Changed Obelisk of Light: - Strength=801 (was 725) - Armor=heavy (was wood) - ROF=100 (was 120) Changed Laser Fence Post: - Adjacent=5 (was 3) New OutPost: - unarmed deployable vehicle used to expand base Changed Stealth Tank: - Strength=170 (was 180) - Cost=1000 (was 1100) - Damage=38 (was 30) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER,SELF_HEAL (was EXPLODES) Changed Tick Tank: - Strength=325 (was 350) - Armor=lightArmor=heavy (was light) - Sight=6 (was 5) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SENSORS) - Elite=Elite90mm (was 120mmx) - Range=7.5 (was 6.75) Changed Deployed Tick Tank: - Strength=415 (was 350) - Range=7.5 (was 6.75) - Sight=6 (was 5) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SENSORS) - Elite=Elite90mm (was 120mmx) Changed Devil's Tongue: - Strength=330 (was 300) - Armor=heavy (was light) - Cost=900 (was 750) - UndergroundSpeed=22 (was 33) - Verses=600%,225%,90%,5%,2% (was 600%,148%,59%,6%,2%) Changed Subterranean APC: - Speed=4 (was 5) - Passengers=4 (was 5) - UndergroundSpeed=22 (was 33) Changed Attack Buggy: - Elite=EliteRaiderCannon (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was CRUSHER) Changed Attack Cycle: - Elite=EliteBikeMissile (was none) - ImmuneToVeins=yes (was no) - can target air now Changed MCV: - Prerequisite=FACTORY (was FACTORY,TECH) - Strength=1500 (was 1000) - CrateGoodie=no (was yes) - Cost=4000 (was 2500) - BuildLimit=1 (was infinite) Changed Harvester and Weed Eater: - ThreatAvoidanceCoefficient=0 (was 0.65) Changed Mobile Sensor Array: - Strength=500 (was 600) - Armor=light (was wood) Changed Artillery: - Cost=1075 (was 975) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SELF_HEAL) - AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no (was yes) - Damage=170 (was 150) - Range=19 (was 18) - MinimumRange=7 (was 5) Removed Fist of Nod Removed Mobile Stealth Generator Removed Limpet Drones Changed Mutant Hijacker: - Cost=1500 (was 1850) Changed Cyborg: - Elite=EliteVulcan3 (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,SELF_HEAL (was STRONGER) - Range=5 (was 4) Changed Rocket Infantry: - Elite=EliteBAZOOKA (was none) - Damage=26 (was 25) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was SCATTER) Changed Cyborg Commando: - Elite=EliteCyCannon (was none) - Damage=110 (was 120) - EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,FASTER (was none) - Trainable=yes (was no) Changed Light Infantry: - Elite=EliteMinigun (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,STRONGER (was none) Removed Elite Cadre Changed Harpy: - Cost=900 (was 1000) - GuardRange=20 (was 30) - Elite=EliteHarpyClaw (was none) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,SELF_HEAL (was none) Changed Banshee: - Elite=EliteProton (was none) - Cost=1400 (was 1500) - GuardRange=20 (was 30) - EliteAbilities=FIREPOWER,SELF_HEAL (was RADAR_INVISIBLE) Civilian/Mutants: New Sign Posts New Ramps New Lamps New Containers New Vehicle Crashes Changed Pyramids: - Strength=800 (was 400) - Immune=no (was yes) - ImmuneToVeins=yes (was no) - LegalTarget=yes (was yes) New Scavanged Tank: - mutants tank (can be found in crates) Changed Flame Tank: - Strength=325 (was 300) Changed Floater: - Strength=550 (was 500) - Sight=6 (was 5) - Damage=20 (was 16) Changed Visceroid: - Stregth=450 (was 500) - Cost=330 (was 1) - Trainable=Yes (was no) - Range=1.9 (was 1.3) - Elite=EliteSlimeAttack (was none) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER,SELF_HEAL (was none) Changed Mammoth Tank: - Strength=650 (was 600) - Damage=55 (was 50) Changed Truck: - Strength=700 (was 200) Changed Tiberian Fiend: - Trainable=yes (was no) - Elite=EliteFiendShard (was none) - Cost=150 (was 100) - EliteAbilities=STRONGER,SELF_HEAL (was none) Changed Mutant: - Primary=MVulcan (was Vulcan) - Strength=150 (was 50) - Damage=35 (was 20) Changed Mutant Soldier: - Primary=MVulcan (was Vulcan) - Strength=175 (was 50) - Damage=35 (was 20) Changed Mutant Sergeant - Primary=MVulcan (was Vulcan) - Strength=200 (was 50) - Sight=5 (was 4) - Damage=35 (was 20) New Mutant Apache - scavanged mutant helicopter (can be found in crates) Other: - new rocks - new red tiberium tree, crystal and LAT tile - MultiMissile and ChemicalMissile no longer ignore firestorm - crates are no longer broken (changes % and enhanced possible rewards) - removed Hunter Seeker super weapon 10 000 views on CnCNet, 9 500 views on ModDB, 9 000 views on PPMforums, 2 000 views on W3DHub and 1 600 views on CnCNz - thanks, enjoy the release and do not forget to report bugs / feedback! ๐Ÿ˜‹
  24. Tiberium Resurrection 3.0 - 2 days! How about a sweet Nod loading screen? ๐Ÿ˜Š - by AntonV
  25. Tiberium Resurrection 3.0 debuts in 3 days! Yet another remastered map by Wavepy! ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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