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  1. Hello there 10th update time on its way... So, I made HUGE progress in past two weeks. I have hardest part behind me (hopefully) and now easier parts came to my attention. To help you see my progress and to understand I divided main post progress percentage into 3 groups: 1st - single unit - You control one unit. 2nd - partial control - You control some buildings, but you can not build new. 3rd - total control - You control everything including MCV. So, from now on I am stopping ´´update times´´ for uncertain length. Reason I did this is simple - there is nothing more or less than percentage to inform you about. When there will be something more/special to inform you about I will make another update time. And you will be able to see my progress above (in main post) through percentage which I will update 3 times a week. Any feedback appreciated. See ya and have a good day. Additional informations: - update time will be next saturday after reaching 75% on 3rd part - percentage updates in main post will now include dates of progress (1.2.2019 /+2%/ etc.)
  2. 1 000 views on cncnet post and 450 views on ppmsite I just want to say HUUUGE thanks to everyone who was (and is) in this journey with me... It is amazing experience for me (as this is my first mod) and hopefully for you as well... I know I am slow , I know that on [TIBERIUM DIVISION] were some problems and bugs, so I am releasing [TIBERIUM DIVISION v2] Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wc87llyyptdruhd/Tiberium_Division_v2_.zip/file Changelog: -bridges no longer destroyable -removed walls nearby player spawns -small map adjustments -trigger changes -added [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] songs (To be Feared, Trouble) Also do not forget to leave your opinions and feedback (most importantly) here . See ya at 10th update time (next saturday).
  3. Hey! it is finally here! First skirmish map for [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION]. Have fun, and do not forget to leave your feedback / suggestions / opinions / bug reports here or on ppmsite topic Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wc87llyyptdruhd/Tiberium_Division_v2_.zip/file Have a good day.
  4. Premiere of map making [TIBERIUM DIVISION] will be out 5th January 19:00 (7pm) UTC+1 CET. Right when the video ends I will publish map in this topic. Be sure to be here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEDqSuPaXUs . Be there sooner so we may chat. Also, I have sent map to Holland for ´´early-access´´. See ya and have a good day.
  5. HEY EVERYONE Yeah, yeah - I know, I know. What happened? Simple: bugs and no ideas from my side. It was (and still is) really hard for me to come up with story for map... As I mentioned, there are many triggers and so it takes long time to test it. Good thing is that most of bugs are fixed, but there is still long way before me (us). So, I ask you to be patient, support me and give me needed time. I believe that its better to release map even if month later - fixed and working fine, than releasing it sooner with bugs, uncompleted story,... I believe that your fate in [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] and me did not disappear. I hope you are still as hyped as me, as we were at the beginning of this journey. So, I will let you know at least week before releasing first map.Also when I firstly announced this project I did not even dream about this... Believe me, it will be amazing... I have ideas, help (Holland ) and hopefully your support... SORRY If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to ask. Meanwhile, I have something to shorten your waiting. 5th January (Saturday), I should probably make update time, huh? No. Instead there will be premiere of map making. But not campaign. Skirmish map.called [TIBERIUM DIVISION]... I will specify time and attach link to premiere tomorrow in this post. Then, right when video ends I will publish map. I know, its not much. But I believe you will enjoy it. And yeah, video will feature 2nd version of Hollands ´´Trouble´´. So see ya there. As always, be there sooner and we may chat. Have a good day and happy new year
  6. Something is coming... ...be patient.
  7. Hello there! 9th update time and probably last one before actual release. Thing is that progress on triggers is much slower than expected... Mainly cause of 2 reasons I did not count with. 1st - so many bugs and glitches. everywhere. more than ever 2nd - holidays, and actually less time to work on this project. Good thing is that today (23.12) I will release "premiere" of gameplay at 18:00 / 6pm UTC+1 CET. You can check it now... Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3P61igPzTY
  8. Hey everyone. 8th update time. Purpose of this ´´mid-week´´ update time is to tell you about progress. This was once again busy week, so progress is slower. But I will do my best to finish it, however date may change to 24.12.2018. I will specify at next update time (Saturday) 22.12. See ya.
  9. Yeah - I know, even I actually started making this in January but I... well... failed. I will do my best to not fail you. Yeah, I mentioned gameplay in 7th update time + there are map making videos on YouTube (mentioned in 6th update time), however this project will not contain new units for now. The thing is that well this is small map pack with some changes to stuff, so it is not thoroughbred mod but I can assure you that later (maybe when second map comes out) there will be much more new stuff I am not so skilled in making units, voxels, etc. But I tried, and its fun so maybe... I do not know. Good idea! Yeah, I mentioned it in 5th update time above. 23.12.2018 (NOTE: It may change) Not yet, but I am 100% sure this is not my last project Thats it, hope I answered all of your questions. Actually thanks for asking cause maybe more people were not sure about this stuff. I hope you are reading this and If there is anything more you want to know just comment or message me Have a good day.
  10. 7th update time on its way! Hey everyone. It has been another week since update time. Actually a bit slower than expected. - Finished part ´´.ini files´´ - Triggers progress (+5%) - Updated briefing in first mission (+removed toxin troopers) - ppmsite post created! You can support me there as well - https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=575267#575267 Yeah . Thats everything, however I will work on this more next week. Here is plan. As always - have a good day and do not forget to leave your opinions.
  11. Hey everyone. 6th update time is here! I see that views on this post are growing and I am really happy for that. Thank you so much for support and patience. Good news - everything is going according to plan mentioned in 5th update time!!. Here we go: - Map completed (+30%), trigger progress (+5%) - post updated - Released Second map making video with new soundtrack ´´Trouble´´ - by Holland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pehql6Sz3RE - I will re-create this post to ppmsite so more people can know about this project (till next update time) - If video was not enough, here is screenshot (a bit older, but you have not seen it yet)! Any feedback appreciated, thanks for your support and sorry for a bit late update time See ya next update time (Saturday - 15.12.2018)
  12. Hey fellas. 5th update time - Special one I guess... It has been exactly 31 days since I have announced [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] so I think you deserve release date and some other stuff as well. Here we go: - Picked release date! - 23.12.2018 - Plan: 7 days to finish map / 10 days to finish triggers and story / 2 days to finish .ini files,... / 3 days for testing - Map (+7,5%) and triggers (+5%) progress (now also in main post) - I will try to make trailer or something like that. Even maybe this year! - Second sonundtrack will be ´´Trouble´´ by Holland - you will be able to hear in 2nd map making video (next saturday) - New Tiberium type: RED Tiberium (probably with RED mold) As always - any feedback appreciated, have a good day!
  13. Hey!! 4th update time... This was really busy week for me (and I am trying to make announcements and updates every weekend) so this one will be shorter than the last. I am sorry. - Map progress + updated main post (now you can see my progress in triggers and map) - A bit updated objectives in first map (not yet in main post) - Actually I am thinking about release date for first map - will be surely in december. I will specify it in next update time (1.12.2018 or so) I am having problems again... I set units to be in sleep mode and set them facing certain direction, however in map they are all looking same direction - any help appreciated. Also feel free to leave your opinions by replying to this post
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