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  1. 4 000 views on cncnet, 3 000 views on ppmsite and 650 views on other sites THANK YOU! As promised, I released trailer and updated version of Tiberium Resurrection (2 campaign, 2 skirmish maps). Enjoy and do not forget to leave your feedback here!
  2. Great news! Instead of gameplay premiere, there is going to be Official Trailer! - Check it out tomorrow (7th September) at 18:00 (6PM) CEST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgjC6DZTYyY Trailer will be followed by map release! See ya there
  3. Greetings Tiberian Sun fans! Those, who had been checking on this post regularly may know what is going to happen, but lets summarize it in a few sentences... We are really close to reaching amazing 4 000 views on this post, which is spectacular! I will talk more about it once we reach it. I recently finished HUGE part of the 2nd map - [NEVER-ENDING STORY] and I want to release it as we reach 4 000 views. Gameplay premiere from this map will be out this Saturday (7th September) at 18:00 (6PM) CEST, followed by map release. Be sure to check it out as I will reveal few secrets scattered across the new map. I will put link to premire here, once I have it recorded. See ya there
  4. Fourth mapping tutorial video is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-4wt5G4k64&list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD&index=4 Be sure to check it out and vote for the next one! https://www.strawpoll.me/18565615/
  5. What about the map, with HUUGE lake taking most of its space and only accessible parts are edges, corners and Tiberium Island in the middle of the lake. Skirmish map like this would be very interesting...
  6. FinalSun Map Making videos Season 1 just ended! 2nd season is starting 5th October! Check whole 1st season here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7XE0YnXSPzuJg6EFxi7e1Hy
  7. Third mapping tutorial video is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBXcV32xq6U&list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD&index=3 Be sure to check it out and vote for the next one! https://www.strawpoll.me/18450920
  8. I am sure it is. I tried to do it myself, but doing these kind of changes is very problematic. We are not the same. Someone thinks, that Tick-Tank needs buff, other one thinks its fine and the 3rd person says it should be nerfed (this was just example!)... It would be great idea, but very hard to implement as it would also cause "fans" to split into the group that likes it and into the group that does not like it. Whenever I feel, that something needs to be changed, I implement it in my mod (same as those vet-maps mappers did), but making this "large scale" would be hard
  9. Hearthfire try to set build activity to 0 for the House of that base and set sellable to no for every building in that base! Cheers! 😉
  10. I had same issue, while I was making my 1st campaign map for Tiberium Resurrection. You can avoid this by: - making smaller map - "recycling" waypoints - using triggers, that are based on placing celltags - using loops in scripts Cheers! 😉
  11. Hey! Today, (in 15th update time) I would like to talk about 2nd campaign map - [NEVER-ENDING STORY], about its difference to the 1st campaign map and something more about release... 2nd campaign map will be much, MUCH bigger than the 1st one. I tried to give player always atleast 2 options to approach any situation. It means, that you can either "storm" the area or use quieter and better approach. In instance to the 1st map, I tried to make larger environment and less complicated triggers. But I am still making easter eggs, bonus objectives and secrets, so player can earn bonuses if he is scouting whole map. While I was making the 1st map, I fixed bugs after finishing whole map, which resulted in even more bugs. Now, I make a few triggers, test them and then make another few. This technique is much better and I can proudly say, that there are very few bugs. Its release will once again be delayed, but no worries - not for long. I am making nearly daily progress and if I keep this speed, I should release this map in the early September. Once I manage to reach 50% on both map and trigger stats, (check it in main post above) I will do gameplay premiere, so you can see how it works in real time. I am also making more smaller changes in .ini files and preparing BIG surprise for 2nd map release. That is everything for now! I will inform you, once I reach 50%, which you can also track in the main post above. Have a good day 😉
  12. Very interesting tutorials! Thanks tolist85. Do you have more of em? I am trying to make new units, could you pass me some tips as well?
  13. Second mapping tutorial video is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XE0IbAQ-ms&list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD&index=2 Be sure to check it out and vote for the next one! https://www.strawpoll.me/18378850
  14. First mapping tutorial video is out! Be sure to check it out and tell me your opinions about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttEHFrNGA74&list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD
  15. 3 000 views on cncnet, 1 600 views on ppmsite and 150 views on other sites It's... you are truly amazing! We are getting close to 5 000 total views and that's definitely something. Thank you all for your support and patience. Tiberian Sun community isn't the largest one out there, but I think, it is one of the best. All changes, that aren't crossed just took effect everywhere. Crossed ones are scheduled for release later (not cancelled!). And now, as promised for reaching this "milestone" I am going to discuss changes: Non mod-related changes: - Avatar image v2 - "I felt the old image needed few improvements. I think this one is a bit better. Feel free to tell me your thoughts about it!" - Blog - "I thought it would be interesting for you to see my thinking while making these changes!" - FinalSun Complete Tutorial - "I updated 1st one and merged it with 2nd one, I hope you will enjoy it and learn something new from it!" - YouTube Tiberian Sun gameplay series CANCELLED - "I felt, that this was not the right way for the channel and that content should be original" - YouTube FinalSun tutorial series STARTED - "I think I could share my skills and tips with community throughout these videos. Series is starting 13th July at 12am CEST and then every 2nd Saturday. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD" Primary mod-related changes: - 2nd skirmish map - Islands of Destruction (2) - "Main plan is to release 3 skirmish maps and 3 campaign maps. Islands of Destruction is small 1v1 map with HUUGE amount of secrets waiting for you to discover them. Some of them can help you win match, others... well... not... so much. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dou5k7pm9tjptr9/[TR]+Skirmish.zip. Never play this map with "destroyable bridges" setting OFF. Always turn it ON!" Other changes were delayed due to lack of time Secondary mod-related changes: - Logo image v3 - "I felt once again, that the old image needed few enhancements and you can once again tell me your thoughts about it!" - Map-making video of Islands of Destruction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URVDHUCa6bI&t=6s - 3rd Gameplay premiere video of Islands of Destruction and Fields of Insurgency - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM0grsxVln4 That is everything for now. I am going to take a break from Tiberian Sun for a while, so expect less activity (except YouTube videos every Saturday). This break will last whole July. Next update time will be 3rd August. See ya on the premiere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM0grsxVln4 (today at 6pm CEST) Have a good day and wonderful summer holidays.
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