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  1. Hey, can you help me how to set trigger? I have multiplayer map in skirmish and i built base (for AI that will attack you when you come in range) and i want to set trigger that when any player destroy base defences that base will belong to him (he will get buildings in that base). Please tell me how to do it!
  2. FinalSun - cant import map

    Hi, i created big nice multiplayer map for c&c tiberian sun in FinalSun editor but there are issues and i cant import it (to test it,...). Those issues are there since i created map and i dont know how to remove them. Please help, i want to play my map so much . Here is screenshot!
  3. FinalSun problem

    Hello, i am making map for c&c tiberian sun in FinalSun editor but i have problem. When i place anything from category overlay & special (concrete wall, goodie crate,...) i cant remove it by using delete objects button? How to delete it?
  4. C&C Tiberian Sun

    Well, help me now it says this: Main Executable for Command and Conquer Tiberian sun stopped working. Wait while windows send crash report... And then my game crashes... This is happenning every 5 minutes. What to do?
  5. C&C Tiberian Sun

    Hello, i am having issue same as this guy (game freezes but still running) https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6502-tiberian-sun-gameplay-freezes-every-ten-minute/ ... I think that idea (reply) to fix this problem would help me but when i open display settings in c&c Tiberian Sun my game stop working and i must close it... What to do? EDIT: Its not there well, i cant launch cncnet patch. When i launch it, it says there is error and close it... what to do?