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  1. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey everyone. 6th update time is here! I see that views on this post are growing and I am really happy for that. Thank you so much for support and patience. Good news - everything is going according to plan mentioned in 5th update time!!. Here we go: - Map completed (+30%), trigger progress (+5%) - post updated - Released Second map making video with new soundtrack ´´Trouble´´ - by Holland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pehql6Sz3RE - I will re-create this post to ppmsite so more people can know about this project (till next update time) - If video was not enough, here is screenshot (a bit older, but you have not seen it yet)! Any feedback appreciated, thanks for your support and sorry for a bit late update time See ya next update time (Saturday - 15.12.2018)
  2. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey fellas. 5th update time - Special one I guess... It has been exactly 31 days since I have announced [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] so I think you deserve release date and some other stuff as well. Here we go: - Picked release date! - 22.12.2018 - Plan: 7 days to finish map / 10 days to finish triggers and story / 2 days to finish .ini files,... / 3 days for testing - Map (+7,5%) and triggers (+5%) progress (now also in main post) - I will try to make trailer or something like that. Even maybe this year! - Second sonundtrack will be ´´Trouble´´ by Holland - you will be able to hear in 2nd map making video (next saturday) - New Tiberium type: RED Tiberium (probably with RED mold) As always - any feedback appreciated, have a good day!
  3. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey!! 4th update time... This was really busy week for me (and I am trying to make announcements and updates every weekend) so this one will be shorter than the last. I am sorry. - Map progress + updated main post (now you can see my progress in triggers and map) - A bit updated objectives in first map (not yet in main post) - Actually I am thinking about release date for first map - will be surely in december. I will specify it in next update time (1.12.2018 or so) I am having problems again... I set units to be in sleep mode and set them facing certain direction, however in map they are all looking same direction - any help appreciated. Also feel free to leave your opinions by replying to this post
  4. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey! 3rd Update time. This week I focused on other stuff . - Made logo for [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] and of me (put them to my profile) - Created YouTube channel for [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] - If you want to be ´´informed´´ be sure to subscribe - I already put there video of map making - VIDEO + CHANNEL - Changed rules.ini - lightposts light range changed, some unit stats changes,... - First soundtrack added - To be feared by Frank Klepacki - Not sure but I think it was in first c&c, however I think it fits perfectly in atmosphere of [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] Thats everything for now, also I would appreciate your feedback on new logo and soundtrack As always I will update as soon as possible. Have a good day!
  5. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey there! 2nd Update time I have been working on past week and here is what I got - I have fixed problems listed above - Made progress on 1st map (will update post later) - Campaign will now include few new audio tracks and main menu design will be changed (probably), so it will look better (and special) - Resolution will be pre-set to 1280x720, (which I recommend) however you can change it in sun.ini - 1 of skirmish (or multiplayer) maps will be tower defense [Holland will hopefully help me] - And of course SCREENSHOTS!! I apologise for only two of them and both cut to show you just part of screen however there will be more coming (including videos with map making and/or small gameplay) I promise I will update as soon as possible Have a good day.
  6. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Hey everyone. Update time. Actually I am experiencing problems with map (for unknown reason all trees look same and fonas selection has doubled) and I am working on fix to be able to continue. What i have made is full briefing for all three maps (added them to post above) and added objectives to them. I will update as soon as possible and maybe also with screenshots . Have a good day.
  7. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Greetings, in this way i want you to announce upcoming campaign I am working on. I called it [Tiberium Resurrection] - it tells story after Nod mission Sheep's clothing (where NOD undercover as GDI mass-murdered mutants and captured Tratos), so the relationship between GDI and Mutants is really bad. It will contain 3 missions for now (maybe i will add more later), few multiplayer / skirmish maps and some changes to environment (New tiberium type, paved cliffs - thanks to Holland.) It is not complete yet, however now I can tell that map will not be very big but there will be many triggers, and so i recommend you actually checking every black tile for text speech, bonus money or maybe something else . I will update this topic so you can see my progress and maybe some screenshots soon. I want to release first mission in november. Also, if you have any suggestions / requests / wishes / feedback, etc. just reply. Thats all for now, have a good day. <----------> MAPS <----------> 1st - [LOST SHEEP] Map progress: 97% (3% is room for improvement) Triggers and objectives progress: 35% [SHORT BRIEFING] - - From what I can say this map will be tricky, as you will find out too. The base has more trouble than it seems. 2nd - (15%) [NEVER-ENDING STORY] [SHORT BRIEFING] - - This will be stealthy mission. So be really careful. 3rd - (0%) [THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM] [SHORT BRIEFING] - - This one is just concept. It may change but most of the map should be city.
  8. LucasSK

    Final SUN editor help

    Hello, I just noticed that when i place some buildings on ground in Final Sun editor and then when i launch this map in c&c tiberian sun they dissapear. This problem applies just for some of them such as - Denzils last chance motel. Are textures missing for everyone or is it just me? Any fix? Thanks.
  9. No problem, wow thanks for help. My map is nearly done (65%). I will give you credits there, cause you helped me a lot. Can i ask about more help if needed later? And btw i now see veins (i dont know how, but i see them). Only veinhole monster is buggy, i must used the one in overay. Also i recorded my map making and speeded it up (16x) if you want, i can send you short video of making it. Thanks... Lucas.
  10. Thanks, when you got time answer
  11. Thanks. Please can i ask for litte more help? 1. How to properly make trigger which extends map? 2. Some more explanation about locals (i dont know really much about them) 3. How to make veins (in FinalSun i dont see veins for any reason and veinholes too, its just a ground. There are veins, but i cant see them. Thank for reply and help.
  12. Hey, can you help me how to set trigger? I have multiplayer map in skirmish and i built base (for AI that will attack you when you come in range) and i want to set trigger that when any player destroy base defences that base will belong to him (he will get buildings in that base). Please tell me how to do it!