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Tiberian Sun Multiplayer Gameplay Videos - Myth TiberianSun


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Hi Myth :)

Your channel looks great :D

But you know, that you should make clear to your opponents before the game, that you arent a noob. I didnt play with you yet, but: If you use fake noob name to get bonus in game, you break rules and lose the game. I dont know whether that happened within your games, but it happened with others. Depends on which other names you have and who you are, too. Just make sure, it is fair!

Best wishes,


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I have uploaded new content, please support the channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEq6Hzcjfk0 --- I was originally asked to upload to help someone improve their game. I also decided to upload because so many people had begun to accuse me of using cheats to win. I will continue to upload because I think that someone may find value  in these videos, even if the rest of the community wants to be vulgar and self deprecating. ~ MYTH 

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