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Fixing Gray/Silver Bars/Lines in Tiberian Sun/Red Alert 2


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As related in THIS topic, there is problems with Tiberian Sun and Laptops that runs Windows 7. It is related with the power managment feature of the Windows Version. Thanks to Xentair for find a fix to us. (excelent M$, just doing crappyness :P).



1- Open the Start Menu and click on Control Panel.




2- Change the "View by:" to Large Icons so we can find the Power Managment Menu.




3- Click on Power Options.




4- Inside the Power Options, unhide the "Hide Aditional Plans", and select High Performance.




That should fix the Problem. Remember to Update your Graphic cards driver and update DirectX.



As far i know, that problem only affects Windows 7. If you are running another version of Windows, or even Linux with Wine and are getting that gray lines, please let us know.

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i tried this, it didn't work, but i have transparent bars all over the menu, or any menu that comes up. I can still play the game perfectly, but i have to kind of "feel around" because i can't see most of the menu.


I'm also having this issue, even after switching to High Performance. I'll try the graphics patcher and see how that works out.


EDIT: Turns out I didn't need the graphics patcher, updating my graphics driver took care of the issue:



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