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Build and Fight (RPG) v8.0 [Fixed Robo Tanks]

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This map had some problems in it so that's why i removed it in a previous old topic. Now v8.0 is here!

Felt in making a new topic for it :).



Map Objective :

In this map you have 42 minutes (in-game time) to make your army, after the time ends all your base will explode leaving you only with the units that you have trained, then you must fight until one of the teams wins. There will be a line in the middle to prevent units from crossing to the other side(only Chrono Legionnaires can probably cross)


Map Changes :

  • You cannot make any map reveals/detections! That includes Spy Sats, Spy Planes and Psychic Reveal. So you will probably have to use the super weapons blindly which what makes it really fun :P
  • You can only build Nuclear Missile Silo, Weather Control Device, Genetic Mutator and Psychic Dominator. [ChronoSphere and Iron Curtain Removed!]


Important Note: A repeated trigger will automatically destroy any MCV that is deployed after the timer ends.


Map has high resolution in CnCNet!


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlNlAcMF0zo



Build and Fight2.jpg


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EDITED! Removed old file.

Added [Fixed Robo Tanks] version as the final version

In this version Robo Tanks no longer need power buildings.

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