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  1. I see your making a TD map now huh..okay.. ohh the struggle.. petty... I have an idea but i will not tell it to you because honestly... you don't deserve help from me. Good luck solving this problem or just live with it. This bug sometimes appear in X-Arena.
  2. NEW MAP GET THE ORE!!!!! GET THE ORE!!!!! | Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  3. Changed this to a normal map because i was working to making it fun weird like map which is coming by the way! I made 2 versions of this but i will put 1 version only No questions about the 2 red tile spots. Just admire it for a second and you won't even need to ask [Without Ore Mine Version] YT VIDEO : GTO!!!!![nomine].zi
  4. Oh boy.. I made this map and probably the only version of it (looking at you boggle04 👀). Map is inspired by Yosef Anan's map "Oil in Center". NOTE : You can build Oil Derricks once you build a battle lab. Oil Derrick gives $25 / Cost : $2000 Power gives $5 Oil Derrick explodes but doesn't leave rubble HIGH RES MAP PREVIEW INCLUDED! Oil in corners and Center.zip
  5. A 2015 topic? woh Are you playing on cncnet? If you are just place the map in "maps/custom" then open cncnet and make a room then change the section from (battle) to (standard) and you will find it.
  7. New video about Builders vs Destroyers map! When the Destroyers rush | Builders vs Destroyers [MAP] | Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  8. Playing Tankswar!!! map again TANKSWAR!!! 3 GAMES - Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (CNCNET)
  9. [EDIT] : Move this to RA2 MAPS Section Thanks admin. I did not put this map since some people hated it and wanted it to be a normal map. Which is "Side 2 Side" map here : https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8846-side-2-side-map But now i feel like putting it out for funzzies Just fight and win. Changes : Yuri Prime is not allowed on this map. Psychic Amplifier has the ability to mind control 10 enemy units that gets close to your base. PTD.zip
  10. Cell tags? I thought cell tags don't work in multiplayer and only works in single player :O
  11. That can be done on any map by final alert 2 map editor.
  12. I'll do for both from now on. If you miss it, you have to scroll down hehe
  13. New VIDEO! Playing Oil in center map FFA Small Map Oil in center By: Yosef Anan | Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  15. I really tried to make another and this is what came to my head. BARBOS AND TUNA MISSION TO THE FUTURE You can click the image to go to the video!
  16. You have to choose 100k! yes hehe the normal one is easy! you haven't seen the hard one. i suggest to choose the "No choppers version" it has no bug with choppers
  17. Did you try the hard or the normal one :)? Most people won the normal one.
  18. In your ra2 files there will be a file called "Maps" inside there is another file called "Custom" Put it there.
  19. Save the map as "mineyourbusiness.map" throw it in the custom folder then open CnCNet. When you make a room you won't find it in the (Battle) section so you need to change to (Standard) section and you will find it there.
  20. Are thumbnails really worth to pay for 🤔? I use paint with a little photoshop xD
  21. I'm not sure if i should include this here but... THE STORY OF BARBOS AND TUNA You can click the image to go to the video!
  22. New video DESTROY ALL FACTORIES!!! : Click here!
  23. Added another map file. In the new file, you will only be allowed to train up to 15 cosmonauts only.
  24. Another video! Here i show my new map gameplay. Even tho i lost it was but it was a good game. WHO WILL TAKE OVER THE ISLAND? : Click here!
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