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a feature the cncnet client desperately needs


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i dont know if anyones ever thought of this or not, but its really bogus how theres no way to select and delete a map from the cncnet client, yet people can just press the down arrow to scroll through maps and quickly transfer dozens and dozens of undeletable maps. whats worse is that since the maps are all randomly named in the custom maps folder, there is literally no way to get rid of the masses of junk maps, short of deleting the whole contents of the folder.

this is bullcrap; not only are there innumerable broken and duplicate maps circulating and congesting every single user's map select screen like the arteries of a donut addict, but its also causing people to play literally nothing outside of the few maps they know probably arent broken, meaning there are lots and lots quality maps never being played.

please please please for the love of god would you add a way to delete maps from the client?

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