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A Final Problem

Duck named "Ga"

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Hello, everyone! I encountered a problem today and something went wrong with my map editor. It is a YR expansion pack made by my team and me. Opening the map editor will bring up the window. What is going wrong? How to solve it?


Fatal error


Application will now try wo free memory,save the current map as "fcrash_backup.map" in the FinalAlert 2(TM) directory and quit.

If this error continues to occur,please visit http://westwood.com for more information.Please note the exact way of how to reproduce this error to make it easier to find the problem.

Important:If this error has occured while loading graphics,it can very often be fixed by using another system color resolution (16,24 or 32 bit).

The following information is available,please note every line below:

Last succeded operation: 8

Last library operation: 0

Exception data:


The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

At address:452ffc

Additional information: Write Access to 0x0

I repeatedly deleted the files they said to be deleted, such as "FinalAlert.ini", which had no effect anyway, and after loading everything was this window.
How did the authors of MO solve this problem? Can I know this method?

Thank you!

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have you tried launching this in different modes (adminstrator mode, win7 support mode?). Do u have sereval instances of final alert installed? If it doesn't fix this try to ask in a discord channel called "C&C Mod Haven", that is the right place - MO programmers are there too

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