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  1. i've played tons of ffas and never experienced sth similiar.
  2. I think gems would be too much yeah - because the "gem game" is all about the center. I also wouldn't place too much ore between the two spots but more ore mines, like 3 or 4. So it gets much more important in the late game to get out of the base. Early game is about center, late game about ring.
  3. i really like the basic design IMHO there should be some ore fields on contested areas like the beach/sand between two players.
  4. looks great, can you play it online? btw i found this picture in a link under the video...
  5. Yea I really like Red Ressurrection too. It's a fantastic mod. What is reborn?
  6. Hello Boggle, I see you have much fun creating maps and you're welcome to post them here. If you post many maps at once please create 1 thread for all instead of 1 for each one. The maps have a certain playing style which I personally dislike : too much free buildings and prebuilt stuff to capture. But that might be a matter of taste. But there are some things which are not a matter of taste : First the map lacks variety of terrain. Add hills,trees and other stuff. Second the map has just 1 huge ore field - make more variety, if someone loses the middle he kinda lost the whole game. Third - if you use tech buildings, make them fair to everyone. The upper players have a hard time capturing them. Fourth - if you use very special rules and kinda new game ideas you may add a video of gameplay.
  7. Just curious - what other strategic games do you play? I really like Offworld Trading Company . It is an economic competition in an offworld outpost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYoJCjHDNso I also like civilization 4 BTS (not 5 and 6), which is IMHO the peak of the series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k60b1_9LTQk Similiar to cnc I like SC2 (classic, not much to say about it - but in case you don't know, it is free with all add ons) https://starcraft2.com/de-de/ I wonder if someone tried "act of aggression" ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_TQbijHar0
  8. looks amazing! and has also tactical depth.
  9. Not sure if this is also "fair" in the overall picture, because yuri has so many advantages in other areas ? do they play with the rebalance patch u made?
  10. https://youtu.be/2vJerxd6OdM?t=18 u think a map is more fair to yuri if it has less tech structures?
  11. you have a good commenting-voice btw. in the first video, did you say you changed to map to make it "more fair for yuri"?
  12. I also witnessed KAIS at least spamming and flaming the whole time. Can't say much to the rest. Seems like Maybewecrazy is in this forum?
  13. cypher

    [8] Eurasia 1.1

    new version : Changelog 26-01-2019 * Added Bridges * Removed Tech buildings from Northamerica and replaced with a tech outpost * Added map preview
  14. Ah I see, that's much better IMHO
  15. 40 minutes is a LONG time 😉
  16. I like the idea, but there has to be something more to it. Maybe like extra small - everyone starts in the same center and there are 4 "areas" right next to it, so when you see 3 ppl are drivin in the same direction you choose the other etc. Then you can think about expanding the map with a timer or sth like this. Because if you do it like you said the one with the noob at start has a huge advantage and this could be fun killing. You could also think about some "neutral" units between both, so this will delay a too simple and early rush a bit (and help noobs a little). To me FFA is always about the interplay with everyone, so it's a bit like a diplomacy game. You have to worry about pulling aggro and stuff. Because of that I like to keep the terrain always open to everyone. Or at a certain point the barriers to all others are opened ( like 8 ppl on the corners in 4 seperated areas with very low ressources and after a certain time the central area gets accessible with gems and stuff). Just thinking loud 😉
  17. The thing is I want to have different variants, f.e. not all players want to have balances. It is easier with the method you mentioned, but I don't want two versions of each map. The other thing is : When QM comes, custom maps won't be playable I suggest. Can you edit crate rates etc in a map file?
  18. cypher

    [4] Storm

    I just talked to CCP84 - he was fine with an edit with no tech buildings. [4] storm(cccp84 no tech buldings edit).map
  19. The vast majority of games I play are FFA's. I have to say - I host them myself. It didn't happen to me a single time that two players are obviously allied. It often comes to 2v1 situations, which is normal in FFA. But then it switches again. I know that many players can't deal with 2v1 and start flaming. But I also know that there are some trolls who open their room and do the nasty tactics you mentioned. Can't confirm, that they are the majority.
  20. What about a fundraising campaign for the programmers with different goals for the money raised. I would spend some money. I'm sure many players would. To give something back to the hard work necessary to make things happen.
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