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  1. change the resolution in the settings...
  2. btw : doesnt it look strange to have the TD shoot while moving?
  3. all the stats are loaded by the native rulesmd file. If you want to overwrite sth from there you just put it in your map and it will overwrite the things you typed in, so f.e. you can search for kremlin building in rulesmd copy paste it into your mapfile and change stats. if you want to get the name of the building there is a tooltip in final alert when you select a building (i think it's bottom left).
  4. health is strengh afair ... so f.e. [YURI] strength=200
  5. swimming ivan is awesome.
  6. sounds like you're getting paranoid
  7. Just to be fair and not misunderstood : Ravage is one of the most active people and I DO respect him for his engagement. While I don't agree with everythin ravage does I agree with him on this very much : You - CCCP- did nearly nothing for the community and you seem to have bad manners to say the least.
  8. wow cccp becomes a troll
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call these things you mentioned "changes", they are mainly bugfixes. They should be applied to the game in any case, without clicking on a "rebalance" button in the lobby. Same is f.e. with the CLEG-OilDerrick bug. This should be fixed without any question. The discussion in the topic we had before (why you opened a new one?!) is about what balance changes are needed. We all agreed that the patriot missile needs a buff f.e.. This is what pushes the game forward and most ppl prefer to play the game with the balance changes, when they are done the right way. Anyways, if you don't want to play with these changes you are free to not activate them.
  10. Please consider : - each patriot uses power, means if you build 3 patriots you have -150 power, so for 4 patriots you'll need a powerplant meaning each patriot has effective costs of 1200. - patriots are extremely vulnerable because of the power, so first thing most players attack are the power plants, meaning that you'll likely have to build a power-buffer to prevent your basepower going offline fast. If you do this - let's say 1 powerplant buffer for 4 patriots, the cost of each patriot increases to 1400. - patriots are static. With rocketeers you can focus on one entry point while with patriots you have to cover a large area...that said you can imagine that the cost very much increases because you have to build much more patriots...at least 2x or even 3x or 4x more - if that wouldn't be enough if you have mass-rocketeers many patriots fire at the same rocketeer, so they lose their effectiveness in not having a coordinated defense. Just think about a base with 8 patriots, 2 patriots each direction, they'll use 400 power = 2 powerplants + buffer of 2 powerplants = 8x1000 + 4x800 = 11200 costs, but you have just 2 patriots each side, means if you attack with 18 rocketeers (10800) you'll face 2 patriots (let's say 3 or 4 if the radius overlaps) and go straight for the power. They will suceed in taking 2 powerplants (needed for the powerdown) out before being killed I'm pretty sure. If you use rocketeers wisely you'll have no problem in outplaying the cost-use-ratio against the patriots. And this is even more true for veteran rocketeers (spied lab).
  11. Its about gamedesign and balancing. You are free to use rocketeers to defend rocketeers if that's your prefered way @CCCP84 . And no it's not more costly to teh attacker per se - it depends. And if you have spied barracks it's even more questionable.
  12. However the buff is made, I think we all agree that it needs a buff (and no the argument is not that you can deal with rocketeers without patriot, the argumentation should be that this building loses it's intention and you rarely see it used in the game..)
  13. In terms of gamedesign base structure defense should always be better in their focus-area than their mobile unit-counterparts. Especially when you have to consider, that they - besides being static - need power. Your argumentation sounds like the patriot missile is useless and basically strengthens the need for a rework/rebalance.
  14. Another bug : When the game is finished it freezes
  15. Just try my changes, they work and make the game more balanced - everyone felt so I played with (regarding the patriot changes). It's not about Splash damage btw. I think we all agree, that the patriot missile in the unedited status needs a buff.
  16. 1. If you host a game, leave it as the only one and restart it (everyone else still in the first game, but in the lobby they seem to be still ready, maybe its due to the auto-ready feature?) all others will kicked out of the current running game 2. When I select TTS-Draw renderer most times it works fine, but sometimes I get a message right before the loading screen (sth like choose another renderer) and when the game starts my mouse is moving top-left all the time (when I click escape I can move the mouse normally)
  17. @Ezer_2000 I know you can counter mass rockies with mass rockies, but that's no good game design IMHO. If you have anti-air missiles, which cost 1000 credits, is dependant on power and is static, many of them should be a good defense against mass rocketeers....that's the way new players are thinking and veterans should have no problem with that too, it's basic rock-scissor-paper principle.
  18. They are a bad concepted unit, they might be useful vs. AI yeah...in multiplayer they are probably useful as a defense when mass rhinos try to conquer a small path f.e.., but I'd still prefer BF+GGI. On my balanced edit I replaced them with chrono-tanks.
  19. @burg93 I'm not sure, but the accuracy of patriots might improve their capability of dealing with mass rocketeer enough...I'd guess they are still too slow and focussing on the same target (thats one of the main problems - several patriots seem to fire at one rocketeer)....anyone? I've made pretty good experiences with these changes - they are not IMBA, please try it out think about implementing it: [RedEye2] ROF=30 Range=12 Speed=100 Damage=75 Report=PatriotAttack Warhead=SAMWH Projectile=MedusaProjectile TurboBoost=yes
  20. Ok i will break down my change-wishes to one : Please think about giving Patriot missle weakened agais shots, to make them good against mass-rocketeer @burg93 @Ezer_2000
  21. well at first I thought this ability is a bit OP or breaks some core-concepts about spys & submarine units, but now it turns out it's a papertiger
  22. I think they'll probably also detect underwater units...
  23. changes sound good. I made a rebalance in my maps too. There are two changes which I think should be applied here : Patriot missle has weakened agais shots, which make them good against mass-rocketeer (must have IMHO) Grand Cannon build limit 2 ( if possible, let Crazy-Ivan swim) I also have some alternative unique units which are pretty good IMHO, but I think not for everyone : Russia has russian paradrop instead of tesla-tank Libya has Slave Miner Cuba has Vehicle-Hijacker Germany has Chronotank (build limit 5)
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