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  1. cypher

    Map Concept, Good idea or bad?

    I like the idea, but there has to be something more to it. Maybe like extra small - everyone starts in the same center and there are 4 "areas" right next to it, so when you see 3 ppl are drivin in the same direction you choose the other etc. Then you can think about expanding the map with a timer or sth like this. Because if you do it like you said the one with the noob at start has a huge advantage and this could be fun killing. You could also think about some "neutral" units between both, so this will delay a too simple and early rush a bit (and help noobs a little). To me FFA is always about the interplay with everyone, so it's a bit like a diplomacy game. You have to worry about pulling aggro and stuff. Because of that I like to keep the terrain always open to everyone. Or at a certain point the barriers to all others are opened ( like 8 ppl on the corners in 4 seperated areas with very low ressources and after a certain time the central area gets accessible with gems and stuff). Just thinking loud 😉
  2. cypher

    [6] EURASIA FFA Balanced 1.4

    Here comes a new map variant of Eurasia FFA 6 Players. I tried to balance the factions (first version). I also added two new units for cuba and germany, so the factions get hopefully interesting again. Changes Balance Changes Soviet changes *Added Spy (T3) *Ivan can swim, throw his bombs in little range and is as fast as a seal *Cuba has desolator (terrorist replaced) Ally changes *Patriot Missile has slower Ägais shots (so it's finally useful against mass rocketeer, but hopefully not imba, time will tell) *weakened Ägais dmg a littlebit *pillbox has now an anti tank cannon, but reduced hitpoints (to be a littlebit better prepared against soviet rushes) *Blackhawk makes more dmg against infantry (needs two shots for 1 soldier, so you can catch ivan if he tries to flee over sea f.e.) *France Grand Cannon has build limit of 3 *Germany has a new unit - the chronotank. It has missles similiar to the original and needs time to reload them. They have a build limit of 3 (Tank Destroyer replaced) Yuri changes *Virus is T3 *Mastermind has very high hitpoints now, but has a built limit of 1 *Disks can not drain and are a little weaker *Mind control range a little decreased *Boomer sub is T3 Each player has 2 ore fields with 2 Tibs each and 4 oils/cities in the colored areas. Yellow color : Contested Ore fields (3 Tibs) New Units Chrono Tank (Germany , T3) Soviet Spy (Soviet, T3) [6] eurasia ffa balanced 1-4.map Version History: *1.3 Cuban truck removed (12-2018) *1.4 Chrono tank armor reduced, little terrain updates (01-2019) known issues : the chrono tank cannot teleport to islands
  3. cypher

    [6] EURASIA FFA Balanced 1.4

    *1.4 update
  4. Hey there, First of all - I wish everyone a happy new year. I made a poll with a wishlist / feature request for the next patch (or even the next patches). Unfortunately I can't make a poll where everyone can add options. So I will add them manually, when you type them in this thread. Best wishes, cy
  5. The thing is I want to have different variants, f.e. not all players want to have balances. It is easier with the method you mentioned, but I don't want two versions of each map. The other thing is : When QM comes, custom maps won't be playable I suggest. Can you edit crate rates etc in a map file?
  6. cypher

    [4] Storm

    I just talked to CCP84 - he was fine with an edit with no tech buildings. [4] storm(cccp84 no tech buldings edit).map
  7. cypher

    troll games and wasted matches

    The vast majority of games I play are FFA's. I have to say - I host them myself. It didn't happen to me a single time that two players are obviously allied. It often comes to 2v1 situations, which is normal in FFA. But then it switches again. I know that many players can't deal with 2v1 and start flaming. But I also know that there are some trolls who open their room and do the nasty tactics you mentioned. Can't confirm, that they are the majority.
  8. cypher

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    What about a fundraising campaign for the programmers with different goals for the money raised. I would spend some money. I'm sure many players would. To give something back to the hard work necessary to make things happen.
  9. Especially the spy topic is a common one in FFA setups. I did maps with a balance (gave soviets spy's too). But I still think it's a good thing, you can't have several variants of each map f.e.. Regarding to crates - can you adjust them in a map file? Didn't know that. But again it's a common topic many ppl like to adjust on each map. With patriot SAM balance I'm kind of with you, but I still think it's a good thing to think about how to prevent rocketeer imbalance (especially in FFA setups, not in 1v1 etc.) Yuri BF is considered imba in every setup IMHO.
  10. I know @mustache. But it's still an issue for a patch IMHO.
  11. cypher

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    I like the points you make. We are different kinds of players, you are more pro/competetive player so you care more about ladders n stuff. I think the first seven point are important for many players, but not me personally. For me point 8 and 10 are most important. I opened a similiar thread where I prefered the variant, that a spy can't infiltrate barracks and war factory . Because money stealing, gap scouting, radar sabotage and power sabotage are fine for me. Super units like chrono commando are a matter of taste IMHO. I also feel like there's a need for a ping icon next to the player because as a host I don't always watch the incoming players ping and it's messy to look it up when a lot of chat happens. Also an icon for players with different game files is important IMHO.
  12. Thanks for your answer ! I also got crashes from your files which I downloaded with no final alert in between and tried it with the latest YR Client in skirmish mode. I will get back to this on a later time.
  13. cypher

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Ty, did so. Maybe it would be a nice feature in the sound settings of a future patch.
  14. cypher

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Is it possible to deactivate the player-voices on the F buttons?
  15. cypher

    Geo Mappack [YR,RR]

    Greetings, my map career for cnc comes to an end. Finally I will sum up my geomaps to a mappack. I also added one of awarnoob/kissmysedonapass. I hope you enjoy playing on "real" ground as much as I do. 1. EURASIA (8 Players, preferred mode 4vs4) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=45000 2. EUROPE (4 Players, preferred mode 2vs2) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=45262 2.2 EUROPE FFA (4 PLayers, preferred mode FFA) nearly the same map, but different start locations. Each player has 4 oils and there are tech outposts instead of machine shops. [4] europe ffa.map 2.3 EUROPE FFA BALANCED EUROPE FFA Balanced (added little balances and a map preview) Major Balances : Added soviet spy Ivan can swim Better patriot SAM against mass rocketeer Minor Balances : France Grand Cannon Build Limit 5 Boomer Tech 3 Cuba has desolator (terrorist removed to add spy) [4] europe ffa.map 3. EUROPE+ (6 Players, preferred mode 3vs3) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=45286 4. AFRICA / Blooddiamonds (8 Players, preferred mode FFA) BY https://forums.cncnet.org/profile/36660-kissmysedonapass/ https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=44734 5. TRANSATLANTIC : US-EAST COAST + EUROPE + AFRICA (8 players, preferred mode 2vs2vs2vs2) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=44727 6. TRANSATLANTIC IMPERIALISM (6 players, preferred mode 2vs2vs2) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=44817 7. SOUTH EAST ASIA (4 Players, preferred mode 2vs2) https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=45043 I hope you enjoy this. If you have any other geomaps please add to this thread. TY! Fare well.
  16. cypher

    Geo Mappack [YR,RR]

    EUROPE FFA Balanced (added little balances and a map preview) Major Balances : Added soviet spy Ivan can swim Better patriot SAM against mass rocketeer Minor Balances : France Grand Cannon Build Limit 5 Boomer Tech 3 Cuba has desolator (terrorist removed to add spy) [4] europe ffa.map Edit: Disabled Grinders ability to sell units to prevent players from clone cheating
  17. ty. I don't know why it is saved as .mpr. Now I tried : -"Save as..." -"Reinf test 5.yrm" -Rename to "*.map" - keep getting crashes in skirmish mode -then I tried to download the files from @YosefAnan (http://www.mediafire.com/file/9y3yznh7skkav1u/reinforcement_passengers.rar/file) - where I also get crashes (from both files) ??? 😕
  18. Well thanks a lot, I tried to add the things you mentioned and also did an exact copy of the reinforcement tutorial you added - I keep getting crashes as soon as the game begins. Maybe it has something to do with the map type : When I save it it is saved as .mpr (when usually I get .yrm, maybe because the map is very small?). Would appreciate another feedback. (new file is attached) reinf test 4.map
  19. dunno why but I get a criitcal error? reinf test.map
  20. cypher

    [6] EURASIA FFA Balanced 1.4

    Little updates : Cuban truck removed, cuba has also desolator [6] eurasia ffa balanced 2.map
  21. cypher

    How to beat yuri?

    Well sounds reasonable. I thought about nerfing disks and mastermind. But if it's a "normal" map without balancing changes, it's pretty bad if you face yuri's army on a skilled hand. It might be a good choice to force the yuri player to stay in his base or - if me moves out, try to counter attack his base...yeah...didn't thought about it that much. What do you mean by larger maps aren't really balanced? Can't imagine you talk about ore amount. Is there something special to balance a map for yuri?
  22. cypher

    How to beat yuri?

    My question to you - @Andy. and @XXxPrePxX : How to beat Yuri in FFA and what specific aspects maybe need to be nerfed in a FFA game? Most times you can't aggressively focus on the early ecnomic pressure.
  23. cypher

    Unlimited money with an oil derrick?

    u can edit the map file with texteditor and change the amount of money an oil derrick generates f.e. add above the map preview text