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Is playing non-major countries trolling?


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Hi, I’m playing this game for a long time—more than 10 years— and I sometimes got kicked from multiplay game due to playing non-major countries—especially my favorites cuba and germany— so... I’m just wondering... do most players not want teammates who play non-major countries?

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all I'm going to tell you is you can never know what sort of room you're walking into or what you can do to get kicked. people aren't required to tell you why they do so or have an argument with you once they do

that said, I never care what my teammate picks as long as he gives the impression that he's trying to win

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Hello :)


do most players not want teammates who play non-major countries?

Short answer: Yes. unless the teammate in question is known to be a good player.

Choosing less popular options such as Germany and Cuba does make you look like a noob in the eyes of those who consider themselves to be "pros", and some of those prefer not to play with noobs, so they may kick on suspicion. and that's only one of the many reasons why you may get kicked. Some people might kick you out of their rooms because they want to play alone against bots or only with their friends and don't know how to make the room private. It happened to me.

Choosing France or Yuri would deem you as "noob" too. not because they're bad choices, but because they're considered OP. and so, if you choose them. "pros" would think you're noob, because you don't know that France and Yuri are usually banned.

So, to look "pro", you need to pick Iraq, America, or Britain. Korea would be fine as well. The rest are thought to be "noobs' choices", unfortunately.
I'm not saying you can't choose them. but if you do, you risk being regarded as a noob.

Even though Iraq is the most popular Soviet choice. I personally think Russia is the best among Soviets, because in my opinion, Tesla tank is a better unit than the Desolator for several reasons. something I got mocked, and been labeled "noob" for saying. although I've been playing this game for idk how many years. so, I'm in no way "noob".
With that said, I often choose Iraq, to prove that I'm not noob according to their standards :D

That's why you see most people go with the crowd and favor Iraq over Russia for example. Not necessarily because it's a better choice, but because it's the favorite choice of "pros", so to avoid the suspicion, in many cases.

Anyway, if you want to have a good experience on CnCNet, my advice to you is:
Take it easy. Don't make a big deal out of anything, and IGNORE (trolls, bullies, sore losers... etc).

You may find yourself being dragged into verbal fights and pointless arguments by frustrated people and sore losers. Don't go there. you don't want to, and you don't have to reply to anyone. Ignore, move on, and continue to enjoy yourself.

Remember why you're here: to have fun. so have fun and move on. Don't even stop to ask the guy who kicked you why he did it. just laugh about it and find another room. or host your own, where you could set the rules and choose whatever you want :)

To have fun, you need less talk and more action ;)

Good Luck & Have Fun! ;D

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