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  1. Excuse me, how could that tool help in RA2? I mean, it's not an FPS game where you could fire a single bullet or multiple bullets in a second. In RA2 you can't fire multiple shots at the same time. Is it about ordering new units? like instead of clicking 30 times for 30 units, they could click just 3 times to get the same amount? Is that it? If so, I don't think that makes much of a difference. It may be useful saving you some time and effort, but I don't think it affects the outcome of the game in play. Anyway, you can use it as well ☺️
  2. The same client lets you play both.
  3. The owner of the subs already can see his subs any time he wants. They're always visible to him (even when submerged).
  4. That is still the case. Subs and dolphins appear to everyone while they're engaged in combat with other units or under attack, and sometimes you see them blinking while moving. Similarly to Mirage tanks. Not a glitch.
  5. Beating Yuri won't be that easy anyway. Magnetron alone is a nightmare for the other two factions. In my opinion, it's the best and most effective ground defense unit to counter surface naval units of all factions (+ surfaced Boomers), even without the Mastermind. I thought about that, but perhaps it won't be fair to strip them from their main defense capability, given that Yuri navy doesn't have anti-air units, and because they rely heavily on the hit-and-run tactic, especially that they have less firepower compared to their counterparts. Making them visible all the time would make them almost useless. My suggestion is based on the fact that most people complain about Yuri naval rush, and frankly, I'm not a fan of mods. I prefer leaving the original settings untouched, but I would accept that because it's a slight change that doesn't involve changing any significant values.
  6. How about requiring battle lab for building Yuri naval yard? It's not that the submarine missiles are so powerful, it's that Yuri can easily rush enemies with them when they don't have enough defenses. I think that little change would be enough to balance things up.
  7. There are tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands or even millions) of people around the world who loved playing RA2 when it first came out that don't know about CnCNet. They just need some guidance. Thailand is just one example. There are many other Thailands. I see it in people's posts on Fb. Whenever someone posts something about the game outside the community, you see lots and lots of positive comments, love and nostalgia. People are eager to play it again, and they don't know that it is still popular (and playable) today!
  8. There is no difference between an abandoned island and an occupied one when it comes to the accumulation of unmined gold. if it grows on an occupied island, it grows on an abandoned one as well. wherever there is a drill. So yesterday the problem was keeping an eye on the gold, which does accumulate, but needs to be looked-at every 2 minutes (as you suggested), and now the problem is that it never accumulates?? Perfect contradiction? Is there really any problem? and if so, what exactly is it? Get your story straight, mate Which of your previous comments is the correct one? Does the gold accumulate slowly or not at all? so, it does accumulate but slowly, which contradicts what you said about abandoned spots. I guess you're talking about the years when you used to play offline before you were introduced to CnCNet. Well, game speed is significantly faster when playing offline, and that affects all aspects of the game, including the accumulation of gold, of course. So, you'd be right to think that you used to get more amounts in less time, but that's because the speed online is slower, not because something is broken.
  9. I don't think so. It still does. I like everything about the game, including that. and I have no problem with it. I'm not the one who wrote this topic which is titled "Big problem", you did so if there is a problem, it's yours, not mine. By the way, miners stop working only after ALL accessible gold in the map runs out. If there's still some in other spots, they'll go for it, even if it's far away from home, to keep providing you with constant income without you interfering. Although that sounds good, and I assume it suits you well, I've seen other players complain about how their "stupid miners" are endangering themselves by going to other spots to bring more gold. Which is another thing that can be exploited by one player against another. Which makes the game even more interesting. It's impossible to please everyone, right? There will always be people that will complain. But you know that things are all right when you see that the vast majority are pleased, and only a few people are complaining.
  10. Thank god you don't have to prompt every unit to fire at nearby enemy units :D Do not keep an eye on BFs = lose BFs = lose in game. Keep an eye on everything = beat your enemies = win the game.
  11. Which applies to all players, not just some of them, right? Well, that's your problem, mate. and I'm sorry that you consider that a problem Miners stop working after they collect all the available gold. That's normal. Nothing new. It's part of the game. Meant to be that way. Keeping an eye on your miners can be crucial. I've played thousands of games and watched many, and sometimes, that particular thing does give an advantage, which is fair in my opinion. I've seen many players set on tons of accumulated gold, leaving their miners idle, at a time when they needed money so badly, while others kept their miners working and gained the benefit of that. The one who pays more attention gets rewarded. Totally fair. You need to do more to get more. Players who check to see if their miners are working deserve the extra money they get, and those who don't, are naive to say the least and have no right to complain. Especially if they know what to do. Generally speaking. No offense. Nothing personal. There are many things to care about while playing. Collecting gold being one of them. Taking a look at your miners every now and then is a very trivial, simple thing to do anyway. Something that's not even worth talking about. Good Luck.
  12. Can someone explain these results? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7a94019e768343bb31ef1d30debc8a462d70104657eb041a712b9de32ae4e81a/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2c5029648585fa52f94df0d236ce38106462dae446900cd9d7750e71c5a4718f/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2c5029648585fa52f94df0d236ce38106462dae446900cd9d7750e71c5a4718f/detection I'm using AVG antivirus and it keeps moving clientxna.exe to quarantine. I made an exception for it, but I'm a little concerned. @Grant @Rampastring
  13. Why does it even matter? as long as the same thing applies to all players... I mean, it's not like you're getting less gold than the others, so why is it a problem that the process has become slower? (assuming that that's the case) players are gonna have to fight with less units, and so what?! You want more money to make a massive army but you don't like crates because of the luck factor? well then increase credits! problem solved.
  14. It just seems to me that nothing has ever changed. Latest version. no mods. no alterations. Yep. same thing. Even when the gold stops spreading around. it keeps accumulating.
  15. What's the time frame for that gif anyway? 15 seconds? It takes minutes to grow bulky. OP mentioned Tsunami, well I tested it on Tsunami and everything seemed to go normal. It kept growing bit by bit as usual over a continuously expanding radius. Same with Sedona. True. Which is still the case. I disagree. They do increase and spread, and the layer gets thickened over time. But let me tell you, once a field is totally mined, it'll never grow back to its original size. not in any case.
  16. I see no problem. you just have to wait longer for it to increase more and more. totally normal. If you want to see it spread over a larger distance, stop your miners aside and wait for a few minutes. The more you wait, the more ore/gold you'll see. But as long as your miners are working, you won't see much of it accumulate.
  17. Anyone else see the resemblance? 😸
  18. I will always keep the original, but the pics are a nice touch. haha πŸ˜„
  19. Hello Short answer: Yes. unless the teammate in question is known to be a good player. Choosing less popular options such as Germany and Cuba does make you look like a noob in the eyes of those who consider themselves to be "pros", and some of those prefer not to play with noobs, so they may kick on suspicion. and that's only one of the many reasons why you may get kicked. Some people might kick you out of their rooms because they want to play alone against bots or only with their friends and don't know how to make the room private. It happened to me. Choosing France or Yuri would deem you as "noob" too. not because they're bad choices, but because they're considered OP. and so, if you choose them. "pros" would think you're noob, because you don't know that France and Yuri are usually banned. So, to look "pro", you need to pick Iraq, America, or Britain. Korea would be fine as well. The rest are thought to be "noobs' choices", unfortunately. I'm not saying you can't choose them. but if you do, you risk being regarded as a noob. Even though Iraq is the most popular Soviet choice. I personally think Russia is the best among Soviets, because in my opinion, Tesla tank is a better unit than the Desolator for several reasons. something I got mocked, and been labeled "noob" for saying. although I've been playing this game for idk how many years. so, I'm in no way "noob". With that said, I often choose Iraq, to prove that I'm not noob according to their standards That's why you see most people go with the crowd and favor Iraq over Russia for example. Not necessarily because it's a better choice, but because it's the favorite choice of "pros", so to avoid the suspicion, in many cases. Anyway, if you want to have a good experience on CnCNet, my advice to you is: Take it easy. Don't make a big deal out of anything, and IGNORE (trolls, bullies, sore losers... etc). You may find yourself being dragged into verbal fights and pointless arguments by frustrated people and sore losers. Don't go there. you don't want to, and you don't have to reply to anyone. Ignore, move on, and continue to enjoy yourself. Remember why you're here: to have fun. so have fun and move on. Don't even stop to ask the guy who kicked you why he did it. just laugh about it and find another room. or host your own, where you could set the rules and choose whatever you want To have fun, you need less talk and more action Good Luck & Have Fun! ;D
  20. ZiGZaG was truly one of nicest people I've ever played with or met online. A real big brother to everyone he knew. He was kind, polite, a role model and a very good team-player. The kinda guy who carries the whole team Never bullied people like most other players do, especially easy ones or "noobs" as they call them, instead he worked with them to improve their skills, which is something everyone should learn from. A true gentleman.
  21. Yeah, Blue is better than Orange I love it too. Good job
  22. Sam-I-am

    Battle log issue.

    Thank you very much for your interest @Grant
  23. Sam-I-am

    Battle log issue.

    Aw , I hope they fix it soon
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